Carlos Tevez’s Best Position

Has anyone noticed that despite being a striker, Carlos Tevez seems to play very deep? Indeed, he seems to be more comfortable on one of the wings than playing through the middle. I’d like to see him play on the left hand side of midfield or playing in the hole behind two strikers possibly. There’s little doubt that he has huge talent – it’s a case of where it is best deployed.

Whatever happens, we have to change the team for the Charlton game as Spector and Reo Coker are suspended and Neill is injured. Upson will hopefully be fit. I’d like Paintsil to come in rather than Dailly at right back and Noble should come in for Reo Coker. Bet he doesn’t though.


20 Responses to Carlos Tevez’s Best Position

  1. Warren says:

    Spot on !!

  2. Howard R says:

    According to the Beeb, he is returning to the Corinthians. Other rumours about other players too. Rats leaping from the sinking ship, syndrome, already.

  3. Keith R says:

    Makes sense to me …because I’m otherwise almost at the edge of ‘disengaging’ from caring for the Club in order to stop me from being a total misery. It’s embarrassingly hard to wear my shirt/colours around town too. Anyone got a survival technique for parrying-off the sniggering?

  4. Warren says:

    To Keith R, This is want I do when people snigger at me for loving our club, i take a deep breath, puff out my chest, hold my head up high and ask them whats their problem and then make a rude snigger back at them. It shut’s them up.

  5. Russ B says:

    Last weekend was unbearable and, combined with my house being burgled (which I unfortunately can’t blame on any of our useless players), played a major part in being one of my worst weekends ever.

    I can’t see us playing well unless changes like those above are made ASAP. I went to the Villa game and am still recovering from the realisation that Boa Morte is the biggest waste of money in the Premiership. That and the fact that our strikers can’t score to save their lives at the moment.

    Will things ever get better? Will Pards make Eggy pay for the outrageous decision to sack him only a couple of months ago? Will Darren Bent play and teach Bobby and Marlon a thing or two about finding the back of the net? And will we be left with anyone other than Christian Dailly when we finally do get what’s coming to us?

    Apologies for the negativity. But each week I get my hopes up and will, no doubt, have them shattered again very soon.

    Come on you Irons….

  6. Keith R says:

    Cheers for that, Warren …life and The Irons together in equal measure, eh!

  7. Wet Spam cock suckers says:

    You Wet Spam cock suckers are fucked, The quicker you cunts go back to the championship the better.

  8. Ian the Hammer says:

    I live & work in Watford……………………nuff said

    PS very intelligent Mr wet spam **** sucker, poss Tottscum or plastic blue fan?

    PPS the only trouble with playing Tevez deeper is that we then have to play Harewood or Cole up front

  9. alanalandevonshire says:

    F.A. cup final, qualify for Europe, stop the spuds in their champions league stride, bring on next season. Played 2 games, 4 points, top of the league, sign 2 world class argies, champions league here we come. Beat blackburn then arsenal, this is where we kick on for the rest of the season. Dodgy Iranian used car salesman tries to buy club in steps Eggy the icelandic with millions to chuck around. Get Rid of Pards but bring in what I then thought to be the only choice and we go and beat Man U, this must be where we kick on for the rest of the season. Terrible Christmas period but hey its nearly the transfer window and we got cash burning a hole in the biscuit barons pocket, things can now surely only get better. 1st day of the window……Reading 6-0 West Ham!!!!!!! Sign Boa Morte (and to quote my Fulham season ticket holding mate “he’s a lazy, petulant, over rated back to front, you’re welcome to him and we’ve mugged you for £5m”) and Quashie????? but look at the solid back 4 now we’ve signed Davenport Neill and Upson and then the debut injuries. For me this is the season of the false new dawn, just when you think things can only get better, fate and more importantly the players and managment team selections ask you to spread your legs wide and give you an almighty kick in the knackers. But theres still 33 points to play for and a 2 weeks break to get the players motivated, surely now things can only get better……………………………PLEASE

  10. Rapidhammer says:

    West Ham fans keep upbeat and optimistic:
    On monday afternoon after saturday’s Watford defeat the Middlesborough game was almost sold out, although the Watford game had been declared as a “must-win” and the media reports after the match had stated West Ham was doomed.
    I’m also getting optimistic again: it’s not over yet, there are still 33 points to play for and Curbs and the squad will grow together within the 2 weeks break.
    The Charlton game will be like a cup final, and West Ham are going to win it!

    PS: In the Independent
    Reo-Coker hit out at reports of discontent in the Hammers camp. “We just have to say to the fans: ‘don’t believe everything you read’,” he said. “The papers are speculating and they want to write negative stuff. They want negativity to spread, not just around the dressing room, but out on to the terraces. That’s not the case. The lads are trying very hard, it’s been a difficult time for us and it still is a difficult time for us.”

  11. clack says:

    “Not even Carlos Tevez knows what his best position is. In the end we realised that the best thing to do was just to put him on the pitch and let him go where he wants”

    Carlos BIanchi, Boca Juniors manager, with whom Tevez won the Argentinian Leaguem La Copa de LIbertadores and the World Club Championship (beating Real Madrd in the final).

    Personally, I think the problem WHU have with Tevez is that he is not suited to 4 4 2. Certainly I don’t see him as a left midfileder – you would never get him to stay out wide.

    Neither do I see him as the creator, playing behind the front two, as he is not a great passer or creator of chances for others.

    Tevez is a striker, but a drifting, roaming striker, who likes to pull out to the left wing when he can and beging his runs frim there.

    That’s why he’s not suited to 4 4 2 – because ideally you don’t want to have a left midfielder in the team when Tevez is up fron as Tevez likes to take up that position himself (similar in a way Di Canio used to do).

    The best way to use Tevez is how Bianchi at BOca, and the Argentinian national team do – with Tevez as the second striker, but with a creative midfileder playing in the hole behind the two strikers, but with no left midfielder.

    I do believe WHU could play this way eg. Tevez and Harewood up front, with Benayoun behind them.

    It’s sad really, cos playing Tevez as a striker in a 4 4 2, or even getting him to play left midfield as suggested, is restricting a huge talent. In the end, I think he really is a player, who you have to give freedom to and build the team around him.

    Providing you have two good holding midfielders and the rest of the team is disciplined then I believe players like Tevez and Benayouin should be allowed to play as they wasnt and gop where they want to get the best out of them.

  12. Johnny B says:

    Is that my old mate the “Clack” on the dog? How are you mate? You haven’t written for some time now mate! But, It’s good to read you! U’r right about little legs Tevez though… It’s a shame nobody has an appreciation of little legs as you do… They tell me it’s going to go pear shape at the Boleyn, what do yoyu think? Keep drinking loads of that Quilmes, especially in the morning before you go to work..Take care mate!!

  13. The Headmaster says:

    It’s turning into an olas reunion site here, chaps! keepign the faith, a la dave c, but only just…

  14. Warren says:

    Did anyone read The Sun today, Eggert Magnusson has admitted that Alan Curbishley is under huge pressure to rescue us. Fast forward five paragraph’s, and this is what he had to say, ” Alan has my 100 per cent backing and always will have. He is the right man for the job and will take us to the next stage”.
    Where have we heard this before, I do believe he said that just before sacking Mr Pardew, the writing is clearly on the wall for Curbishley.

  15. ny hammer says:

    it s clear that curbishley is on borrowed time. he s not the man to get the club back up to the premiership from the championship. if by some miracle we don t get relegated ,curbishley will still be fired. magnusson has shown himself to be ruthless,and curbishley s results are worse than pardew s . hia man management skills have also proved to be worse, and given that the supposed breakdown in player/manager relations had something to do with pardew s exit, curbishley deservedly will be binned come May ,wherever we lie in teh table.

  16. Rapidhammer says:

    The “Don’t let Tevez leave”-petition
    is a much better idea than the “no hammer of the Year”-petition.
    Just found an old comment by Russell Brand on Carlos Tevez’ first game at Upton Park – have a look at it:
    9/16/2006: ” I saw Tevez march on the to the pitch against Aston Villa and he played with a commitment and dedication of a man who will be there for decades …”,,1873953,00.html
    Best of luck for the petition!!!

  17. ricky says:

    tevez is our best player and is the best player we have got

  18. ricky says:

    plez don’t go tevez your our only chance

  19. wyatt says:

    plz dnt go tevez u may be 1 of the best things to happen to us

  20. Apache X3 says:

    I’m from Argentina and I think Carlos Tevez is a great player and I love him so GO WEST HAM!!
    And other thing, I wear the colors of my team even though we descended (sp?) once and I’m very proud of it.
    Besides, Carlitos wont leave WHU coz he declared in a national magazine that he liked the way things were going and that he “wasnt too much sure about doing a brazilian team”. Stay optimistic.

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