Could Magnusson Sue Terence Brown?

The News of the World reports today that West Ham face being docked six points over the Tevez/Mascherano player registrations. If this is true, apart from being a disaster and consigning us to relegation, it also raises some interesting legal issues. It would not surprise me if Eggert Magnusson sued Terence Brown for non disclosure of the problem. If you think about how much it will cost Magnusson if we’re relegated we could be talking big money here.


16 Responses to Could Magnusson Sue Terence Brown?

  1. Keith R says:

    Eggy might see it as a necessary investment to sue the guilty and clearly unfit chairmanship of TB, who ought to be soiling himself since we could claim loss of (Prem) earnings from him too. I’m glad that I’m not TB. Is all that worth airing in front of the footy world and the largely ineffective FA …it’s their choice.
    Have him Eggy..!

  2. Neville says:

    Sorry, the WHOLE club is at fault. Magnusson should have known about Tevez and Mascherano when he bought the club, and Brown knew the rules about bringing those players to the club. Former manager Alan Pardew accepted them even when they were not in a position to take them, and know it’s all going pear-shaped.

    I also believe that the club will be docked MORE than the six points predicted by Iain, plus be given a MASSIVE fine. As usual we cocked it up, big time.

  3. Peter from Putney says:

    Iain said:

    “…if we’re relegated, we could be talking big money here”

    I suppose that depends on whether you would have been relegated anyway, although this news is bound to knock the stuffing out of the Club and affect morale from top to bottom and therefore, arguably, you will lose points as a result, irrespective of whether or not you are ultimately docked points – it’s important therefore for WHU’ sake that the outcome is known asap.

  4. Peter from Putney says:

    I have just seen the following on Yahoo! Sports News and it really doesn’t sound like such a big deal but we shall see –

    West Ham released this statement on their official webiste: “West Ham United FC is fully co-operating with the FA Premier League in response to their recent letter to all Premier League clubs on player registration.

    The Club is in the process of providing the relevant documentation as requested and is confident that this matter will be settled in the very near future.”

  5. The Headmaster says:

    losing points really would just be the icing on the cake for us this season, wouldnt it? Talk about kick a dog when it’s down…

  6. ny hammer says:

    if anyone required proof ,this is the ultimate evidence that terry brown only ever acted for the benefit of his own pocket. yes, it s ultimately down to the players, but this whole circus of one fiasco after another began because brown just couldn t keep his trousers on when it mattered. if the hapless miserable excuse for a human being had simply decided to only conduct the sale of the club during the close season ,the outcome wud have been miles better .doing it mid-season was simply a recipe for disaster. Pardew can t be blamed for taking the argentines – he wasn t to know that the documentation was not in order. But one wud think eggert wud have done his due diligence and demanded solid proof of the legality of the transfer before buying the club. the depth of stupidity shown by all involved beggars belief. and in the end, it s the supporters who pay the ultimate price. thats the legacy of terry brown. failure after failure

  7. Footblogger says:

    Perhaps Eggy should have done his homework before slapping £80m on the table.

  8. Rapidhammer says:

    I remember Magnusson was denied access to the papers for quite a long time and then the buy-out went through very quickly. Tricky Terence then?

  9. ny hammer says:

    painful as it is for the supporters of the club, if this is what it takes to get rid of the doomed “selling club” culture of failure of terry brown,it may be worth it in the long run. expensive lesson to learn 84 million plus another 18 million later ,that you ve been mugged off by a dishonest selfish lowlife, but the cancer of terry brown has ,at a price, been removed.

  10. Ian the Hammer says:

    Could I sue the Hammers? Some of the crap I seen this season is surley breaking some trading standard or other!!?

  11. Gordon Broon says:

    Can anyone explain why the Football League think they can get away with docking six points – if indeed that is what they indeed to do ??

    Surely the doctrine of ‘estoppel’ applies here ? If someone walks over your front lawn every day for six months, there is little point suing them for trespass in the seventh month. You have implicitly given consent by not complaining about it before.

    The Football League haven’t complained about this up till now – until events have prodded the sleeping bear into life.

    Shades of ‘Bernard Matthews’ here I think – the Government are less worried about the fact that Bird Flu may cross into the human population, than a load of ‘arse-covering’ to do with that old faithful – ‘making sure the paperwork is in order’.

    So that’s all right then…

  12. Mike says:

    “Can anyone explain why the Football League think they can get away with docking six points – if indeed that is what they indeed to do ?? Surely the doctrine of ‘estoppel’ applies here ? If someone walks over your front lawn every day for six months, there is little point suing them for trespass in the seventh month. You have implicitly given consent by not complaining about it before.”

    I sincerely hope you’re right but fear you’re not. AFC Wimbledon, currently top of the Ryman Premier have been thrown out of the FA Trophy and Surrey Senior Cup and will be docked 18 points for playing an “ineligible” player which only came to light when he was booked 15 games after signing on.

    The “ineligibility” itself is bonkers – a player who played for Cardiff in the English league, retired and then joined 9 months later needed international clearance from Wales – but technically correct. However the punishment is proportionate not to the severity of the offence, but to his good discipinary record – they would only lose 3 points if he’d been booked in his first game.

    I’m not intending to hijack your thread with our tale of woe, but the outcome of the your case and our appeal are inevitably going to affect each other as they are both in the public eye at the same time. Wimbledon have been told “rules are rules” – so either you will suffer the same fate of points deduction, or a let-off for West Ham would have to mean a let-off for Wimbledon and vice-versa. Let’s hope it’s the latter.

  13. David King says:

    I see Eggert has just reportedly slagged off Alan Pardew according to that quality newspaper, The News of the World: “The key factor was that something was just not right in the dressing room” says our Biscuitman
    Well thats as maybe. Personally I’d have waited till we had beaten Charlton before opening my big gob like that wouldn’t you? Maybe Eggert will end up with egg on his face?

    And while I’m on the subject, who’s supposed to be in charge here anyway? The manager or the players? I mean….Curbishley is doing really great eh?

  14. Gordon Broon says:

    Hmmm.. I am now seeing that Mascherano has been given clearance to go to Liverpool. No doubt this means that West Ham will trouser some cash for him, but am not certain this will mean they are entirely in the clear and that the ‘Sword Of Damocles’ hanging over them has been lifted.

  15. Gordon Broon says:

    This from ‘Team Talk’…
    Eggert Magnusson has given his “100% backing” to West Ham boss Alan Curbishley and said there is no deadline for him to turn the club around.

    Although this in the ‘Mirror’ appears to be pure speculation…
    [Slaven] Bilic was on Eggert Magnusson’s list of candidates when he hired Curbishley – and the Icelandic owner is considering a change before it is too late.

  16. ny hammer says:

    birds of a feather flock together. now we know why eggert hired curbishley. they both are cursed with inferior man management skills. you couldn t make it up. what kind of a moron, days before a relegation clash,blabs to the papers that he sacked pardew owing to dressing room unrest. he s just done pardew s team talk for him- as if pardew didn t have enough motivation already to shove it up our arse. magnusson s judgement is proving to be subpar in every way ,shape and form. still better than the selling club failed culture of terry brown. just

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