Charlton Preview

When the Hammers are playing Charlton this afternon I am afraid I shall be a couple of thousand miles away, flying over the Atlantic as I am spending a week in Washington DC. So you can imagine how frantic I will be as when we land to get my Blackberry working! I doubt whether the pilot will keep me informed of the score, especially as I’m languishing in the cheap seats.

I’ll avoid all the ‘six pointer’ cliches, but no player on either side can be unaware of the importance of this game. Pardew will have Charlton fired up and they have Bent and Young back in the side. After the two week break I am unsure how we will line up with Reo Coker and Spector both suspended. I expect Dailly to play at right back. As regular readers will know, I’m a big fan of Mark Noble and I think he would give us the fire in midfield that we need. This is the side I’d like to see…

Konchesky (fat chance)

However, I suspect Boa Morte will play instead of Etherington and Dailly instead of Paintsil. However, if Upson is fit, Ferdinand could return to right back. Come on you Irons!


23 Responses to Charlton Preview

  1. Connor says:

    This is disgraceful.. Theres no team spirit at all.. No one came up and tapped Tevez on the back for a close freekick.. Were everywhere..

    Worst West Ham side we’ve ever had.

  2. Mac says:

    Ho hum. 3-0 down. 20 minutes left. Miserable. Cue Francis Rossi: ‘Down, down, deeper and down, Get down deeper and down, Down down deeper and down, Down down deeper and down, Get down deeper and down…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wish I was on the other side of the fucking world tonight.

  4. peter from putney says:


  5. Anonymous says:

    As a Leicester City fan may I be the first to welcome you to the championship, plenty of room, friendly atmosphere and the trips to Burnley and Preston will light up even the dullest winter afternoon while the night home games against the mighty QPR will be a treat… you see, isnt all bad!

  6. Jon says:

    Enjoy the Championship, from a happy Reading fan

  7. MOORO says:

    Disgraceful situation that we’re in…the players have no heart or belief, the manager is out of his depth, clueless. The club needs to sort itself out & the players should forefit their wages for the rest of the season….Bobby Moore is looking down & shaking his head in disbelief at the utter shambles of his beloved Hammers. The season can’t come quick enough for me.

  8. Ewan Watt says:

    Oh Lord have mercy. I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  9. alanalandevonshire says:

    Is there any law that says you can divorce your football team, I thinking of having an affair with cricket or basketball or anything. i’m so depressed i could cry. roll on the end of the season and put me out of misery.

  10. stewart1hammer says:


  11. mac says:

    In a macabre way it’s actually become laughable. The whole Argie, Eggert, Pards, Curbo mess has been like some rubbish Eastenders plotline. Listening to Curbs after the game it’s quite clear he’s no clue whatsoever how to get us out of this. Holy cow, how bad can this get? The tight unit that began the season has been forced apart, there’s now no central team spirit, no guile, no semblance of anyone knowing what to do. We’re a shambles. A complete and utter shambles, nose-diving to relegation. I see us finishing bottom with the run in we’ve got. Maybe it’s just what we deserve.

  12. RMR says:

    The game was on live here in the US. “West Ham ’til I die”, well I’ve been a hammers fan all my life (at least since I was 4, and no Man Utd or other dalliances before or after I started supporting the claret & blue), 42 years. And its become like a very bad marriage. A very bad one that I no longer want to be part of. So I’m trying very very hard to give it up. I don’t know what went wrong this season, I loathed Pardew and Curbishley looks so out of his depth it ain’t true. And the thought keeps on coming back, why go through this. For this pile of s***. So I’m going to do my best and stop following them and get a divorce. This “til I die stuff ain’t worth this.

  13. RMR says:

    Oh, and I’m going to watch the Liverpool – Sheff Utd game now and cheer for Javier Mascherano. WTF was the true story there?

  14. mac says:

    RMR, why did you ‘loathe Pardew’? As someone else said on this site, he ‘got us’, He understood what we stood for and was dignified and enthusiastic in his efforts to take us places. He could have been our manager for a very long time. Having been brought up on Greenwood and Lyall I thought he was cut from the same cloth.

  15. RMR says:

    mac – I did have very strong anti-Pardew thoughts. I certainly didn’t see him as anything like Greenwood. Last season was a massive surprise to me. Before then I’d seen him as mediocre and too-full-of-himself compared to what he’d acheived and how his teams played. If you remember the Crystal Palace play off, it amazed me how berefit of ideas he was and we ended up with no strikers on the pitch! The promotion season was one of horrid football, a 6th place finish and Bobby Z hitting a hot streak at just the right time.

    This season, well I don’t know what the true stories have been, but this is Pardews team that has played some of the most mediocre football I have ever witnessed with some of the most passionless players ever seen playing for us.

    And yes I do think Pardew bears the blame for a lot of that. It cannot just be Pardews Claret & Blue Army when they win……..

    And if the rumors are true, well he needed sacking no matter what happened to us. Note to self; stop calling West Ham us before the divorce becomes final.

  16. Alan Douglas says:

    Dear Iain,

    West Ham til you die ? I thought the same until Pardew was fired, nowI am “dead.

    Alan Hanson said on TV last night that West Ham should never have fired Alan Pardew. I agree, and think back to Harry redknapp, who should not have been fired either.

    So now I am an Alan Pardew and Harry Redknapp fan. I can’t quite stretch to being a Carlton fan, cuz I know nothing about them, but I could well be a Portsmouth fan.

    One too many Exec-managerial decisions which boil down to insanity, not the West Ham I have been following since the Ron Greenwood.Billy Bonds era.

    There was only ONE team on the pitch -again Alan Hanson. It takes real exec and managerial talent to turn the best-ever cup final team of last year into the present rabble, I cannot concieve of that being Pardew’s fault.

  17. Rapidhammer says:

    Yesterday 8 of Pardew’s 05/06-men were on the pitch (including the substitutes coming in). It’s still unbelieveable what happened to the team that was so close to winning the F.A. cup. I think that Pardew is to blame for that misery, because it was him and his team who scuttled this season!

  18. John says:

    I have always had a soft spot for West Ham since the days of Bobby Moore et al. They always represented good football and sportsmanship. However I must admit that since the sickening personal attack on Glen Roeder by the pondlife section of fans I have changed my opinion, and will not be disappointed if they are relegated.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I supspect being several thousand miles away isn’t enough.

    Interesting that you are still championing Paul Konchesky – he didn’t have the positional sense to play at left back when he was at Charlton, and on the evidence of yesterday’s game he still doesn’t. The Charlton fans’ chant of “Britney Britney whats the score” was very cruel (and highly amusing!)

    Up the Addicks

  20. West Ham says:

    Such a poor team full of very average players who think they’re top shit.

    We need a foriegn manager, a good one and no more British bluffers.

    Arsène Wenger’s previous club was Nagoya Grampus Eight, so not all managers have to be pinched from AC Milan or Barcelona.

    We have money, so spend it in the right place. Why would anyone give transfer funds to Alan Curbishley?

  21. mac says:

    So, Wigan now nine points clear from us. Given the form we’ve shown across the whole season, the run-in we’ve got and unless we can amazingly turn back into the side we once were not so very long ago, that really has to be that. Relegation. Let’s get used to the word.

  22. ny hammer says:

    in terms of where we are in the table, we ve got nothing less than what we deserved .
    this west ham side has no character . end of. but in terms of not having character, the ultimate lowlife scum are fans of clubs like charlton,reading and others who have nothing better to do than take the mick on websites that aren t even their own. what a pethetic bunch of unpemployable ,no- hoper losers . do u really have nothing better to do with your time than boo paul konchesky all game long? is that what you call “supporting” your team? see you in the championship, charlton, as as wigan just put the nail in your coffin. your support is inferior. 4-0 and u still don t song. as for reading? we ll see how your second season is ,and how happy you are come christmas.
    at least the lad from leicester has a sense of humor.

  23. The Headmaster says:

    As one of John’s pondlife, I wish him and his team (whomsoever they might be) the same but with bells on.
    Roeder’s spineless and clueless capitulation as our manager is legend in its ineptitude. Had he remained well, our demise in 2003 would have been every it as ignominious as our current plight. Brooking performed miracles to attempt the great escape. Once better, the Rat-meister displayed an equally weak stomach at the start of our championship season. I am only gutted that he appears to have got it together with the Geordies.

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