Peter Mandelson Should be West Ham’s Inspiration!

Picture the scene. My plane lands at Washington. I’m tired and irritable after seemingly endless queues at Heathrow and then an 8 hour flight in which I couldn’t listen to my iPod because I had lost it. I finally get a signal on my Blackberry while standing up in one of those terrible buses on stilts which Washington airport uses. The emails alerts start coming through thick and fast. I whisper a quiet “fuck me gently” to myself as I see the score. Not exactly the thing to perk me up and rid me of jetlag.

It’s now Sunday morning in Washington and I have just listended to Curbishley’s Match of the Day interview. If I wasn;t already convinced that he isn;t the manager for us, that interview did it. He said at the end “I haven’t enjoyed a single minute of this job, not a single minute.” Well fuck right off then. What we need is someone who can motivate not just the players but the fans too. At least Pardew did the latter, if not the former.

I can see no way out for us now. We have a bunch of players who are not playing for each other. I’m reading a season diary by Iwan Roberts, the former Norwich striker at the moment. A very good way of wiling away 8 hours on a plane. He describes the team spirit in the Norwich team in their championship winning season of 2003-4. That’s what we need now. Trouble is we have too many big time Charlies.

On the West Ham mailing list someone has identified 18 players who they reckon will be off if we go down. Half of them I’d happily despatch. We now need to build a time of fighters. I never thought I would write about Peter Mandelson on this blog, but do you remember his 2001 victory speech on General Election night when he screamed (in more ways than one) “I’m a fighter, not a quitter”. Well we need a few of those now, and there don’t seem to be many around.


16 Responses to Peter Mandelson Should be West Ham’s Inspiration!

  1. Johnny B says:

    Peter F…Who? If you look to that reactionary idiot for inspiration then you are more sadder than I originally thought……

  2. ny hammer says:

    totally agree- curbishley is inferior and if he s not axed ,we have no chance of bouncing back from the championship. secondly many players clearly can t be bothered because they know they will be playing elsewhere next season, on equally fat contracts. that s what happens when u give long contract extensions to players based on just one good premiership season. most of those who will go are of no use to the team. i d rather watch noble ,ephraim and reid than the overpaid ,sulking prima donnas we ve seen this year.

  3. Ian the Hammer says:

    If this is what Curbs does to them after having 2 weeks with them, imagine how fu*ked we’re going to be after he’s had them all summer! Get him out now or we are truly up shit street.

  4. Rapidhammer says:

    “..has been the best 2 weeks we have had to work together since I came here.” (Curbs before the Charlton-game). So what has he done within these 2 weeks then? It was an inept and very sad performance on saturday, and I can’t see us getting out of the mire. Although I think Pardew has to be blamed as much as Curbs: because he brought the club into this situation (losing 8 games on a row, not strenghtening the squad before the season, not being able to integrate the Argies, the “unrest in the dressing room” …!).

  5. Mike says:

    Listen to you all. There’s no 2 ways about it, that if we still had Pards as manager, we would have more points on the board than we do right now. And that is a fact. Yes, Pards was finding it hard to with barely a centre half all the time, and more low in confidence strikers than you could shake a stick at, but when its all said and done, games like Fulham at home, Man City at home, Watford at f**kin home! Grr! When it really mattered and became do or die, he would have got us the 3pts. Of that I am certain, and I’m also certain that if Egg-head hadnt thrown his toys outta the pram and bought in the transfer-trauma Curbs, that we would be, at worst, equal on points with Man City and Sheffield United now, wanting to forget this mediocre season and concentrate on the next. You cant fault Pards signings, even just as makin money for the club, a businessman. And it would have been mouth-watering to see what he would have done with Eggy’s wadge of cash in Jan and the summer. He is a top class, dignified manager, who has always gone about his jobs in the right way. A true gent, and will continue to be sorely missed by the bubble blowin West Ham terrace faithful.

  6. Greezy Pimp says:

    I just read that Curbs Blames his inability to field a consistent side on our lack of form and whilst it’s true we have been missing some key players, there have been good players overlooked in favour of underachievers. Seem to me he is not a man manager, Mervin Day doesn’t inspire confidence and neither have a clear idea of the direction we should go in.

  7. ny hammer says:

    agreed that pardew wud have done better than 2 points out of the last 30. for curbishley to go the route of referring to being unable to field a consistent side due to injuries is excatly why he s the wrong man. every team has injuries, and even if we ve had a few more than most teams ,when premiership survival is on the line, a manager and his players can t be looking for excuses. that s when people are meant to step up to the plate ,and theoretically big name players simply haven t done it over the last 2 critical months . what s scary is that many west ham players don t even look at all concerned about the prospect of relegation ,because most of them beleive they ll be snapped up by other Premiership clubs come May,with nice signing bonuses.

  8. Greezy Pimp says:

    Spot on NY Hammer, whilst people are hiding in the treatment room we’ll not get out of this mire. Look at Last season when we were on a roll and the FA cup loomed large Players were busting a gut to get fit and play. And Mike couldn’t agree more with your comments on Pards a real gent and a big lose to the club. I think Charlton will struggle to hold on to him if that clown McClaren loses his job.

  9. Howard R says:

    Curbishley is so far out of his depth he must go quickly. But we are well and truly f****d as any decent manager would need his head examining to get involved in this shambles right now, no matter how much money Eggie throws at him. Now the rumour is that Souness is being lined up – ANOTHER loser! In 2003 Trev was brought in at this point and didn’t lose a game, ending the season with a comparatively creditable 42 points, enough for safety any other time. What price is Trev right now?

  10. Neville says:

    Let’s put this in perspective. Pardew had problems with the current squad, that was why he got sacked. The same thing will certainly happen to Curbishley when we go down- it’s not rocket science. For a team that was good on paper, they have performed so woefully this season. Most of those SAME players are DESPERATE to leave the moment relegation is assured. Let’s see how many players are bought by other clubs, then the new manager can start to rebuild the team again in the Championship.

  11. Gordon Broon says:

    But surely we have yet to see the next instalment in this saga, which is Eggert Magnusson convincing himself that football is not different to business, and that ‘one more heave’ with a different manager will do the trick ?

    I can see him being naive enough to fall for the ‘Blarney’ of someone like ‘Big Ron’ Atkinson who will ask a million up front with another million if he keeps them up.

    Of course, said manager [you may have your own ideas who would have the ‘chutzpah’ to put themselves forward] will not be that worried whether they stay up or not.

    He will have banked the million quid and just count the games until the end of the season.

  12. ny hammer says:

    if u look at the skill level of charlton and west ham there s little to choose between the 2 clubs. yet one manager has succeeded iun rallying his troops since december whilst the other hasn t. if pardew s man management and motivational skills were lacking ,or if he wasn t capable of maintaining the support of a dressing room, how do u explain the way in which he has brought charlton back from the brink, despite injuries to bent and young? it wasn t long ago that charlton were demolished by league one forest in the fa cup, yet look what pardew has achieved since, without the aid of bif transfer money. the evidence points in several directions. to begin ,at terry brown who got the ball of negativity rolling initially. then at maggot ,for continued bad business decision -making. then at curbishley for failing to motivate ,and being incapable of bonding with his players. and finally ,at the players. charlton players aren t any better skill wise than west ham players. but they re light years ahead of west ham players in terms of character,integrity, desire and sense of pride. when west ham players are given the security blanket of long term contracts with significant pay rises after just one season in the premiership ,of course their hunger is going to be lacking. and when west ham players are treated like royalty to prevent them from being tempted to go liverpool and other big clubs ,what message does that send? the club has allowed itself to be blackmailed by caving into the demands of some young ,still unproven talents at the top level . if the club had taken an attitude that any player who wants to leave for a so -called bigger club, can just bugger off ,then the team spirit would be miles better. but by trying to placate players who ultimately looked at west ham as just a springboard to a bigger club, like coker, benayoun and ferdinand , what kind of team spirit and loyalty did that create ? none. the bottom line is that the club needs players who want a career at west ham ,such as mark noble, not players who merely want to use west ham as a route to joining arsenal or man utd.

  13. David King says:

    Bring in Georege Graham

  14. NunheadHammer says:

    We’ve got to get used to life next season in the Championship. After the last set of results, its evident that we are going down. Questions to ask are when will Curblishley get the sack and what talent will we lose (will Eggert hang on to them?) Personally I’d be happy to see the back of Curblishley, especially Merv Day – they don’t strike me as the dynamic duo. What Harry did with Portsmouth last season proves that if you buy big and inject the right ingredients, then you can build a team that want to play for you. Whats missing at West Ham at the moment is the team.

  15. Gordon Slater says:


    Please consider putting a link up to the petition to abandon Hammer of the Year for this season.

    Best regards


  16. Mark says:

    Once we get relegated, the question will be one of who we can keep rather than who will go. I’ll especially miss Benayoun.

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