No Way Back

It’s scant consolation that we saw probably the most exciting game of the season today. In the first half we looked awesome with Noble and Tevez in great form. Tottenham didn’t really look in it. They had a couple of good chances but just didn’t seem to be at the races. Jol must have given them some half time team talk because they emerged a different team in the second half. Somehow you just knew that they were going to get a couple, but when Zamora scored with his first touch even I was optimistic that we’d do it. But Anton Ferdinand made a needless challenge on the edge of the area and Berbatov’s quality showed. Konchesky didn’t get back on the line quickly enough and the shot went in over his head. But the fourthg oal should never have been. It came after 5 minutes 50 second of injury time, when the fourth official had only indictaed there shoul dbe 4 minutes. Such things happen when the Gods are against you.

We are down. No two ways about it. But we have to take heart from this performance. If the players had put in that amount of effort all season we wouldn’t be where we are. We now have another two weeks before a game (trip to America, Anton?). It had better be used wisely.

The two big plus points to come out of the game were the performances of Tevez and Noble. Tevez was fantastic in the first half and his goal was so well deserved. His celebration showed what it meant to him. Noble was in tears at the end of the game. He should now play in every remaining game as he is going to be a key player for us in the Championship.

And to cap it all, we’re fined £25,000 for getting six bookings in what was never a dirty game. Sometimes you just know things are not meant to be. And so to the marks…

Green 8 – made several crucial saves, shame about the spill at the end.
Ferdinand – 6 – crucial error led to Spurs third goal
Upson – 5 – only managed ten minutes
Davenport – 6
Konchesky – 7 returning to his old form
Neill – 8 – a leader of men
Noble – 8 excellent, committed first half and took his goal brilliantly
Quashie – 6 – gave the ball away too often
Etherington – 7 – returning to his old form
Bowyer – 6 – bad tackle for the pen
Tevez – 9 -outstanding in every respect
Harewood – 5 – was he playing?


29 Responses to No Way Back

  1. David King says:

    Why didn’t Konch take Stalteri out?

  2. BenR says:

    Agree with most of that, apart from the bit about Spuds not really being in it first half. No two ways about it, they had the better chances in the first half, and only the fact we had a quality keeper, whereas they had a lardy pie-man who can’t jump, gave us hope. Will be gutting to see Carlitos go. Platypus should never play for the club again.

  3. Damn Yankee says:

    Konchesky was fucking trash. He gave the ball up several times, he’s terrible.

  4. ian says:

    Did the spurs fans sing the song that the Arsenal fans have been teaching them recently….? “two nil, and you fucked it up”

  5. Dott Cotton says:

    Neil 8? Surely you’re kidding

  6. Marlon says:

    money welll spent in January, chaps? Upson’s more lame than Robert Green’s goalkeeping. Money can’t buy you spirit or soul.

  7. Croydonian says:

    My first jaunt to the Boleyn in living memory, and yes, Tevez and Noble were immense. I thought Ethers disappointed – or at least he did when I had a clear view of him.

  8. Ian the Hammers says:

    Agree with most, thought Bowyer worked hard all game but made 1 bad decision – crazy challange. My only anger towards the club left in me after the game is why are we still playing Ferdinand. If it was down to me he’d never play for us again, after all the talk about another bust up with Curbs & the trip to the states I’d have thought he’d done his time. But no, he still gets picked & has now cost us 6 points, Watford & today. The bloke is a wanker & obviously has no respect for the boss or us.

  9. Mac says:

    Curbs says we were let down by ‘naivety’. Don’t buy that. Sure, we haven’t won in a while and we would have been nervous, but he’s hardly got a team of guys straight out of the Conference.

    What it comes down to is a lack of skill and judgement at key moments by players that should know and can do better. And that’s the difference, the cigarette paper’s width between winning and losing and ultimately between just good and excellent sides.

    Moment one: lack of judgement: Bowyer needlessly tackles Lennon and gives away pen when he could have just have easiy ushered him out of harms way by simply staying on his feet. Bowyer’s an experienced pro.

    Moment two: lack of judgement: Anton gives away needless free-kick in the most dangerous of areas instead of thinking where he was and what stage of the game we were at. (remember him giving away pen in same style in the last minute v Sheff Utd few seasons back, but at least he had inexperience on his side then).

    Moment three: Lack of skill: Ball’s played into Zamora’s feet. Heavy first touch gives ball away, Spurs score on the counter.

    These are experienced pros and we have to face it that at the key times today they let us down. Take those errors out and it was a game we would have won.

  10. ny hammer says:

    teams get relegated for not being able to hold a 2-0 lead at home, or hold a 3-2 lead after 88 minutes. the points dropped home to Spurs and Fulham ,and away to Newcastle ,represent the difference between being down as we are now, and what we could have been,which is still alive. 27 points at this stage, and you have to admit ,with the previously metnioned results,it should have been 27 points , would have given us every chance despite the shambles at bolton,reading and charlton. so ultimately ,we sealed our own fate ,despite being given many ,many lifelines. and that is what relegated clubs do- they waste precious lifelines. Ferdinand s error in judgement cost us big time, as it did against watford. and although bowyer conceded the penalty, his work rate was very good and his passing and movement were good, so i m not going to hold the penalty against him too much. Yes ,zamora conceded possession cheaply , leading to the the matchwinner, but he also scored what should have been our matchwinner so i can t be too hard on him either . i also have to say that ,much to my surprise, neill had a pretty good game. far from perfect, but certainly good , and i thought he looked more of a captain than NRC does. as soul destroying as it was to see us waste what was our final lifeline for survival with Bervatov s free kick, there were signs that we can have an excellent campaign in the championship to get promoted next season. Noble s performance in particular makes me optimistic for next season, despite the disaster this one has been. my optimism would grow if we brought in a manager who was a proper motivator, with real man -management skills.

  11. Peter from Putney says:

    Watching on TV last night, I thought Curbs’ wry grin as Upson left the pitch told a thousand words which could have been uttered by every single WHU supporter.

  12. E7 Spur says:

    Re: the time of the 4th goal – it isn’t “4 minutes of added time”, it’s “a minimum of 4 minutes added time.”

    So you’ve no grounds for complaint there.

    Anyway, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you for the rest of the season. Hope you stay up, if only to stop Jol buying Anton Ferdinand 😉

  13. Mac says:

    Anton’s little schlep to North Carolina via the Isle of Wight somehow neatly encapsulates all that’s been bad at West Ham this season. It was nothing less than a middle-fingered gesture to everyone concerned at the club, fans included. Let’s get rid of these arrogant, pampered, under achievers and start building again from a nucleus where professionalism, integrity and honesty are once again values part and parcel of the club. And if that all sounds like some pie in the sky Corinthian ideal, then maybe it is. Hey, and while we’re at it why not bring back the minimum wage. I for one would love the sight of Anton cruising into training in his Ford Focus…

  14. […] II: Not on are Iain’s beloved West Ham almost certain to go down but no their crowd is in trouble for racist […]

  15. So DOdgeblogium and Leon on the basis of your logic (the West Ham crowd is racist because a handful of twats sing racist songs, the whole of the country including yourselves must be racist because a handful of Brits sang racists songs, or all men, or all white people, or all 25 year olds, etc, etc.

    Plenty of West Ham fans who are not – a fan for 33 years and a mixed race marriage.

    Don’t generalise, you end up sounding like a Guardian journalist…

  16. ny hammer says:

    yes, it s a disgrace that elements of our supporters are racist scum. they ve been found out and they will be prosecuted,banned, and fined, which is nothing less than these lowlifes deserve. stopping the rot at west ham not only includes getting rid of overpaid prima donnas, getting rid of a manager that can t motivate,but also getting rid of certain fans who arent fit to wear the shirt, and who arent fit to remain in civilized society.

  17. leon says:

    Madrid Hammer, you’re bonkers mate, I never said every WH fan was racist scum. My comment was with regard to the fans mentioned. I think WH bloggers should vocally denounce this crap.

  18. Keith R says:

    Hey, Leon …how can bloggers ‘…vocally denounce…crap…’?
    It’s an electronic medium, mate: It doesn’t transmit voice.
    The nation is governed by law – let the law sort it out or else I’d have to get arsey about poor driving standards, litter-louts, chavs, as well as no-life bigots, etc, etc

  19. ronny67 says:

    Our defense sucks! Konch is terrible, Championship here we come!

  20. Mac says:

    Weekend off for the players. Lovely. Wonder how they’ll be spending it? Pouring over tactics and strategy at NRC’s house obviously…

  21. Keith R says:

    Their w/e off? Maybe spent squabbling outside a chavvy night-club, smashing up a Bugger King, on the lash in the US and A (cheers, Borat) , having a flutter at a roulette wheel/on-line, whingeing about a scratch on the Bentley? Maybe.
    Cosolidating behind the leadership of NRC? I can’t imagine that in my wildest of dreams.
    Meanwhile, fortune is always hiding…

  22. bedd gelert says:

    Rumours that Sven is heading to an English Premiership club next season – might it be West Ham United ?

  23. Jonathan Moore says:

    no mate, we’re a championship club already

  24. Gordon McBroon says:

    As I am afraid to be a ‘non-aligned’ person, the only benefit I can see of WHU being in the Championship next season is if Bristol City get promoted, so that I may potentially get to see WHU when they visit there.

  25. Gordon McBroon says:

    Guess Sven is going to Chelsea. Shame, since if WHU could have stayed up the WHU thing is not as daft as it might sound, as Magnusson could, in theory, afford SGE.

  26. Rapidhammer says:

    West Ham Till I Die

    “We are going to die. I will die, Alan Curbishley will die, Alan Pardew will die, Anton Ferdinand will die but through West Ham we get a shot at eternal life. The Claret and Blue army will march on, infantry will come and go generals will depart but the colour and the aim will remain. They are more constant than life, bigger than death. So Shankley’s famous maxim ain’t so glib – football is more important than life and death – it transcends both.”

    from Russell Brand’s column in The Guardian, written after the Charlton game

  27. Rapidhammer says:

    Come on, sign the DON’T LET TEVEZ LEAVE! – petition:
    Russell Brand wrote about Carlos debut back in September: “I saw Tévez march on to the pitch against Aston Villa and he played with a commitment and dedication of a man who will be there for decades. I predict he’ll be an Argentinian Billy Bonds. I’m confident that Tévez will remain at West Ham into his dotage …”
    I know it’s unlikely, but ‘impossible is nothing’. Actually Lucas Neill said in an interview with Sky Sports he wanted to be at the club “long-term”…

  28. 9lives says:

    “We are down. No two ways about it. ”

    Ye of little faith.

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