Read this and Weep for the Club You Love

What a shower. Click HERE.


4 Responses to Read this and Weep for the Club You Love

  1. kris says:

    West Ham (and pardew) lost the plot with their success last year. That team immediately went on cruise control when they should have had a Roy Keane looking to drive them to the next level.

    They are just a bunch of over-paid party boys and Anton Ferdinand looks like he takes after his “forgetful” brother.

    We have a little bit of a similar issue at arsenal. Anelka, Cole, now Adebayor and Fabregas getting too big for their boots. “Convince me why I should stay” these brats cry. Convince me why they should stay. Some of these people need to have a word with themselves and get real.

  2. ny hammer says:

    agree kris. example on west ham is of course Reo Coker, who feels he is good enough to play for Man Utd or Arsenal , and as such feels “underprivileged ” because he is not playing for one of those two clubs. the reality is that Coker would at best be a substitute at your club or at Man Utd.

  3. Keith R says:

    None of the squad is ever likely to starve or be without a roof over their (over-preened?) heads. I agree with kris above that the squad ought to ‘…have a word with themselves and get real…’
    Meanwhile, let us hope that Noble learns from all of this crap and that whilst he has the WH world at his disposal that he uses his position wisely …our ‘boo-boy’ supporters will be accumulating too many player ‘hate-figures’ to see a good West Ham lad join them.

  4. ny hammer says:

    it s a massive lesson for Noble to learn- not to make the mistake of ever taking the support he enjoys for granted. and not to let the money and the bling take his eye off the ball. changing the failed selling culture of the club means that the owner has to figure out a way of holding on to young talent like Noble and making them want to stay at the club ,instead of seeking greener pastures at the big 4 clubs. that starts with the owner being committed to developing and maintaining a proper football organization, in it for the long haul, and with aspirations of achieveing something , not just yo-yoing up and down leagues as we ve done under terry brown.

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