Blackburn Team News

It seems an age since the Tottenham game. It seems that Nigel Reo Coker and James Collins will be playing, but Upson is still unfit. The one thing I am most interested to see is whether Mark Noble retains his place. If he doesn’t, there really is no justice in this world, but I can’t quite see Noble, Quashie and Reo Coker playing together. It only leaves a space for one wide player, presumably Yossi Benayoun. I suppse with the lack of form of Boa Morte and to a lesser extent Matty Etherington you could do that. We should remember that Balckburn are a dirty team and will look to win the midfield battles. An interesting dilemma for Curbishley.

Another thing I would like to see tried is Tevez playing on the wings. It’s where he seems to spend most of his time anyway and seems to be most effective. It might mean playing 4-3-3 sometimes but has got to be worth a try.


7 Responses to Blackburn Team News

  1. Ian the Hammer says:

    Bit harsh with the Blackburn are a dirty team Iain, yes very competitive/hard but maybe if we showed a bit more of that we wouldn’t be going down!?

  2. Danny says:

    I do agree i would love to see the midfiled against Blackburn we have to win at lease every game now to be clear so they have to pull there fingers out

  3. Singapore Hammer says:

    4,4,2 for me. Mark Noble should be a dead cert to play along side NRC with Bowyer and Benayoun making the 4 in the midfield. Tevez and Blanco should start upfront, Blanco’s heading ability hasn’t be put to good use yet, I’d like to think Tevez might be able to feed off the high balls won in and around the box by Blanco. As for defence; Collins and Davenport with Neil and Konchesky right and left respectively and then of course Green. On the bench, Walker, Harewood, Zamora, Dailly and Etherington. That would be my bunch for Blackburn, the first of a series of must wins.

  4. ny hammer says:

    i don t think its too far off the mark decribing Blackburn as a bit dirty ,although perhaps more relevant last year ,when Savage was not injured ,and when Neill was still there . i think on the flip side ,they do pass the ball well these days ,with players like Gamst ,Bentley and McCarthy , so they re not a case of just pure brutes like Watford or Sheffield. Agree on Noble i he deserves to start, even if that means out wide .He may be better suited to central midfield,but when i look at the underperformance of Boa Morte ,Etherington and Benayoun in wide poistions i can t see how it wud hurt playing Noble out wide ,with Bowyer in the other wide spot ,and NRC and Quashie central. I know Quashie isn t some people s favorite ,but against a tough tackling team like Rovers ,I think he needs to be in there, at the expense of a bit of flair. Flair ,what little there has been this term, has gotten us one thing only: 20 th place.

  5. mac says:

    A win, any type will do, just a single scrappy one goal win, achieved with an ugly swinging left foot Marlon special, I don’t care. We can then start putting the pressure on City, and who knows, maybe we can rescue this mess of a season. It’s a long shot and perhaps more than we would deserve.

    Have been having wild dreams where we’ve been winning handsomely, (admittedly it’s been me doing the scoring), but tomorrow, please Curbs, anything but a regulation Rovers 2-0 win.

    Come on you Irons, you can do it.

  6. Lord Palmerston says:

    “Blackburn are a dirty team…” – fewer cards than your lot this season – “…and will look to win the midfield battles” – no sher Shitlock.

  7. ny hammer says:

    not loking so clever now ,numbnut palmerston are u? get stuffed

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