Lady Luck Shines Her Light

Well no one can say we weren’t lucky in this game. A dubious penalty and a blatant goal that wasn’t, on at least two if not three accounts. But who cares? Perhaps this is the start of the big turnaround. We didn’t actually play that well, with the defence creaking badly, the midfield out of sorts and Harewood largely anonymous. But again, who cares. It’s the three points that count. Just a pity that Man City won. We’re 8 points behind Sheffield United and 10 points behind Wigan and Man City. I guess it’s still do-able but if you look at the games we have ahead it still looks bad.

Carlos Tevez is becoming a cult hero. His effort and skill today were tremendous and he deservedly got Man of the Match from Sky. Not that there was much competition. And not another game for two weeks. The Middlesbrough game will tell us how far we have come and if there is indeed a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel.


15 Responses to Lady Luck Shines Her Light

  1. Peter from Putney says:

    “I guess its still do-able”

    Sorry Iain, but it simply isn’t.

  2. phil fenton says:

    Some things to come out of the game:
    Collins is much better than Davenport.
    Mullins is better than Quashie.
    Zamora is in much better form than Harewood (poor old Marlon – what a mare of a game).
    Etherington doesn’t deserve a place in the team – hope Yossi is fit for next game.
    Tevez as you rightly say is a hero.
    Its too late.

  3. Rapidhammer says:

    All we need is a miracle.

  4. Croydonian says:

    Even sweeter having had money on 1 – 2 at 22 on Betfair…

    Don’t fancy our chances, but better to go down fighting.

  5. Ian the Hammers says:

    Still too little, too late. If we’d seen that kind of performance – I thought we outplayed Rovers in the second half – against Watford & Chalton maybe we’d be staying up.
    Mullins must play instead of Quashie, Collins, I thought had a great game. We delt with many corners better than usuall & if it wasnt for that wan*er Harewood may even have stop there goal. Harewood has been a major problem for us everytime he plays. Crap when he came on for Zamora against Watford, missed pen that would have seen us turn that game around, crap against tottscum & had me screeming abuse at the TV yesterday. Zamora has to play all games now. He may not score enough goals but at least he makes a difference. This is what upsets me with Curbs, always seems to make strange decisions. Why would you pick Harewood. Obviously last season was a 1 off. Even when he scored 22+ goals when we got promoted he was crap.

  6. herbie1958 says:

    its a about time we had a bit of luck !!agree with ian the hammer too late !!!!!

  7. ny hammer says:

    agree with those saying zamora preferable to harewood- the moment zamora came on ,that seemed to make tevez more dangerous. obviously it looks bleak, but were we to get a win vs Boro and close the gap to 5 or 6 points ,then u can t say its over. a 5 or 6 point gap with 7 games left, despite 3 of those being against top 4 sides ,one never knows. as tortuous as it is ,if we win the next game, then all u can do is take it game by game. it cant be denied that in th elast 2 mayches we ve at least showed some fight.

  8. Mac says:

    Watford, Sheff and Man City for the drop as we power our way out of trouble alongside Pards…!

  9. Mac says:

    Looks like the lino mistook Tevez’s white boot, which was behind the line, for the ball… heh, heh..

  10. Connor says:

    Portsmouth did it.. Why can’t we?

  11. Keith R says:

    Oh Iain …have just read that Anton is hoping for an under 21 call-up to play at Wembley. Laugh or cry? Debate.

  12. Mac says:

    Re Anton – that’s presumably for snooker, right?

  13. Keith R says:

    Here’s another Top Giggle …Sir Ted being announced this morning as the HMV Player of the Year, or something equally and superfluously facile, for ‘…his contribution, blah, blah…’ .
    Sir Ted’s card schools have been a Godsend for squad morale, eh? NOT.
    Am wondering if Ether’s could aspire?

  14. Miles says:

    City winning keeps ex-Hammer Pearce from the dole – which can only be a good thing.
    He’s a toal legend.
    Read it here Pearce the punk

  15. Danny says:

    Have some fath in the blody team would use we cam do it!

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