Arsenal Away

Well it seems Matthew Upson has done his hamstring again. I’m off for my first visit to the Emirates tomorrow having been lent a season ticket by a friend who’s in India. I don’t know why but I am quite optimistic about our chances. What I wouldn’t give for a repeat of last seaosn’s game at Highbury!

I reckon Curbsihley will field an unchanged side, but then what do I know. Well, what I do know is that if we beat Arsenal and then Sheffield United we’ll be putting a lot of pressure on the teams above us.

What I’m most looking forward to tomorrow is seeing Mark Noble cement his place and also to see the Tevez/Zamora partnership developing further.

Wouldn’t it be great to put one over on Wenger again? I bloody hate Arsenal.


2 Responses to Arsenal Away

  1. Oggyflute says:

    I know what you mean mate. My uncle’s family are all Arsenal. Ours of course are west Ham, as is right coming from Ilford, and yeah, I BLOODY HATE ARSENAL. The Tevez/Zamora is looking good at the moment. I just hope it’s not to late. A bit of belief can go a long way, as have we seen a little bit of luck. So here’s to Fulham’s slide and West Ham’s rise!

  2. Connor says:

    Arsen wanker was the biggest sore loser last time he lost.. wouldn’t even shake pardews hand… sad prick..

    I really hope we beat them and Tevez scores a hat trick =)

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