He Came From Shite Hart Lane…

He’s better than Jermaine, Zamora!

How on earth we are in the lead, Christ only knows. Arsenal coukd have been three up in eight minutes and had at least eight scoring opportunities during the first half. The Hammers defence looked very shaky at first but gradually improved. We barely entered the Arsenal half in the first 20 minutes but as the half wore on the confidence grew. Tevez has been quite quiet but showed a couple of flashes. Bowyer and Reo Coker have been busy but Mark Noble has been largely anonymous. Collins and McCartney have slipped a few times – the surface seems very slippery.

Now the big question is; can we defend a lead for 45 minutes? I just can’t see Arsenal not scoring in the second half. I hope I am wrong.


3 Responses to He Came From Shite Hart Lane…

  1. US Hammer says:

    The Dream is ALive. Could this have been a more important win? Robert Green for PM!!

  2. Ed Thomas says:

    Yup, obviously now’s the time to take back any bad words I may’ve had for Robert Green. Great win!

  3. Al Dee says:

    We can do it, guys and gals. WE CAN DO IT!!

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