Robert Green: England’s Number One

There’s little doubt about it who was the hero of the Emirates this afternoon. Robert Green had his best game yet for West Ham and must surely be knocking on the door of the England team. He saved three certain goals in the second half. He was immense. But let’s not forget the rest of the team. They showed dogged determination and ground the result out. Yes, lady luck was with us today, but you don’t get results like this without deserving it.

The second half showed West Ham at their industrious best. Reo Coker and Noble harried in midfield as if their lives depended on it (wonder who Nige was trying to impress). Bowyer continued his excellent first half display and Collins and Ferdinand showed great resilience in the centre of defence. Spector also showed great courage after he came on at half time.

So where does this leave us? Fighting, that’s where. Fighting for our lives. I admit I thought we were down and out, but thus victory was key for us. If we can beat Sheffield United, get something out of the Chlesea game and then beat Everton we’ll surely be out of the bottom three.

It’s good to be a Hammer this evening.

Green 10 – Perfect. Nothing more to say
Ferdinand 8 – Dealt with everything that came his way
Collins 9 – Immense in the air after a dodgy first ten minutes
McCartney 6 – Subbed at half time
Spector 8 – Tough tackling and great in the air
Neill 7 – One great marauding run forward
Noble 8 – Quite in the first half immense in the second
Reo Coker 9 -Held the midfield together and got forward well in the second half
Bowyer 8 – Best game for a long time
Zamora 7 – Took his goal brilliantly and held the ball up well
Tevez 6 – Quietest game for some time but flashes of brilliance
Etherington 7 – Didn’t get forward enough but helped out well defensively
Boa Morte 4 – Anonymous after he replaced Zamora


7 Responses to Robert Green: England’s Number One

  1. Iain, I managed to pop along top the Emirates today. Arsenal lacked confidence in front of goal. A couple of outstanding saves by Green. if West Ham do go down, Arsenal should buy him. But you may stay up.

  2. Connor says:

    When adebayol had that close range header.. i just looked away and was liek fuck.. todays not our day.. then i turned back and green saved it.. im just like WHAT THE FUCK HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE.

    Green is a bloody legend..

    I was pretty annoyed that Tevez didn’t get into the game but we all have our bad days..

    Kepa was very good in the air when he came on, and did you see Nobles tackle in the first 5 minutes near the corner flag? That was fken brilliant.

    If Boa Morte had scored that 1 on 1 that would of kicked aresnal in the face, it would of been so funny .. but no.. he’s shit.. lol

    6 pointer next week, I reckon we’ll beat them 3-0 .. hopefully 🙂

    WE’VE ONLY HAD ONE SHOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. herbie1958 says:

    had a great day yesterday,found a bar in st leonards showing the game on a arab channel with english commentary,then to finish off found a pub with an arsenal landlord,
    looks like we can do it !
    come on you irons !!!!!!!!

  4. Darren says:

    i totaly agree with you on you 4/10 for boa morte, he really is useless for us. how did he miss that sitter which would have put us 2-0 up.

  5. Croydonian says:

    The radio commentary had me on the verge of a heart attack, so heaven only knows how intense it must have been at the ground. Did you sit on your hands when the Z man scored?

  6. Mike says:

    well, can I say that Tevez and McCarthey were both suffering from a virus and Curbs admitted neither should really have been playin, so please lay off them both. Plus, I agree that Green and Collins were immense. Anton did pretty well, needs a stronge ball winner like Ginge or Gabbs with him to be comfortable.

    I gotta be pissed off at Boa-Morte tho, I had a quid on hammers 2-0 with Z-man 1st goalscorer at 261/1. Grrr! Still 3 great points and the relegation battle is game on. 🙂

  7. HOPE says:


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