Waiting for the Game

I’m now in my seat at the Emirates, just behind one of the goals. I’d be telling a porky if I said I wasn’t impressed by the stadium. Huge seats and plenty of legroom, which if you’re 6’2 and a bit of a fat bastard like me you appreciate. It feels very much like an American sports arena and I wonder if it is easy to generate much of an atmosphere.

I reckon the average salary of the people in the bit I am in can’t be far short of £100k. There are plenty of the nouveau football ‘fans’ as portrayed in the Fast Show sketch. In fact I think the guy in the wore an Arsenal shirt. As I am in with the gooners I thought I wouldn’t wear my shirt with DICKS on the back, so I have gone for my white shirt with subtle claret and blue checks on it. V stylish. Not.

I can’t believe it is almost 2.30 and they still haven’t announced the teams yet. The West Ham players are warming up at the other end so I can’t see who they are.

But I can tell you that the referee is Graham Poll. Oh dear.


2 Responses to Waiting for the Game

  1. Aitch says:

    I’d agree – it is an impressive stadium – came in on time and in budget as well! But there was no atmosphere other than in the West Ham corner – where the atmosphere was brilliant as always. I was a little disappointed that having a padded comfortable seat and loads of legroom for the first time ever at a football match – we didn’t sit down once!!

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