Neil Wants Nigel

Several papers are carrying rumours that Sheffield United Manager Neil Warnock wants to sign Nigel Reo Coker. Don’t make me laugh. He’d never go to a team like them. Mind you, I’d quite like to see how he would react to a Warnock hairdryer.


7 Responses to Neil Wants Nigel

  1. Connor says:


    They are a division 1 team, along with Watford and Wigan..

    Why the **** would he think about going there, LOL.

    Those teams should be relegated and us n Charlton should be safe..

    Sheffield United

  2. Keith R says:

    Re comment above: Teams get relegated on their lack of points and, thus, merit, not on how fashionable they may or may not be. If that wasn’t the case we’d be staying up with Leeds, Nott’s Forest, Preston North End, etc.

  3. Keith R says:

    I’m glad to see, hear and read that NRC is back to good form as captain having clearly worked hard. Nice one, Nigel …and thanks

  4. Aitch says:

    It looked to me like Nigel was putting in a good performance in front of a prospective manager last Saturday – sorry to be so cynical.

  5. Rapidhammer says:

    Reply to Aitch: And maybe the Warnock rumour is Curbs’ new trick to get the best out of Nigel against Sheffield…

  6. Connor says:

    Lol ^^ Wouldn’t be suprised if that was true..

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