Sheffield United – Anton Lets the Side Down

Gutted, not just by the result but by the performance – or at least what I have seen of it. There’s no doubt that Anton Ferdinand is being made the villain of the peace, and porbably rightly. He got booked, gave away the free kick that led to the first goal and was at fault for the third. I suspect his place might be under threat on Wednesday. Tevez could have had a couple of goals which would have made it a very different game indeed.

I’ve had a look at the remaining games for all the clubs involved in the relegation battle and I am sorry to say that I think it will be ourselves and Charlton that will go down with 36 points. Unless of course, we can pull something out of the bag against Chelsea or Man U. And you wouldn’t be surprised if we beat one of those two, would you… and then lost against Wigan… That’s the West Ham way.

The News of the World has a story today about Carlton Cole and Anton Ferdinand shagging the same woman … and she’s now pregnant. She thinks it’s Carlton’s, but she’s not sure. Sounds like more hope than expectation to me…


2 Responses to Sheffield United – Anton Lets the Side Down

  1. Dave King says:

    Well at least one of em scored

  2. Bedd Gelert says:

    Sounds like a case for Jeremy Kyle..

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