The Chelsea Aftermath

The first thirty five minutes of last night’s game were as good as you’d find anywhere in the Premiership. We held our own and looked dangerous when attacking and solid in defence. Tevez’s goal seemed set to spark the type of display which could even have led to West Ham winning. But it was not to be. Within thirty second we had fallen behind due toi a terrible defensive error by James Collins and some neat finishing by Shaun Wright-Phillips. From then on it was just a question how how many Chelsea would score. Carlos Tevez seemed to be playing in his own at times, appearing at left back, right back, central midfield. You certainly couldn’t fault his effort. We just went through the motions in the second half. Our only chance now is to win our next three games, and we’d end up on 38 points. That could – just could, be enough, but our goal difference is so horrendous that we’d probably need a point at Old Trafford. Not likely, is it?


10 Responses to The Chelsea Aftermath

  1. Ben Surtees says:

    Look on the bright side… like Brum you’ll have a massive wod of cash to rebuild your team in the summer and at least your not a Leicester supporter, we’re currently doing a very good impression of wanting to go down to division one for the first time in our history!, the worst part of it being that if we stay up we’ll be able to effectivley rebuild our team for the first time in years… so as i say could be a lot worse, the Championship is a laugh anyway… just hope I’ll have the oportunity to visit Upton Park next season and not Northampton Town!

  2. NunheadHammer says:

    I agree with above comments. I tale of two halfs. last night’s performance was. What I boringly noticed in the second half was just how much the groundsmen had watered the grass – players slipping everywhere…

  3. Gordon McBroon says:

    As the saying goes ‘Tis the hope that kills you..’ – Give up now, and concentrate on avoiding the fate that has befallen Leeds..

  4. Mac says:

    As you say Iain, boy did we play well in those first 35 minutes. But once again we stopped playing at a crucial time. If only we could have held on for at least 15 minutes. No-one picked up Wayne Bridge as he ran like a man possessed before crossing for SWP to score. We were all still basking in the equaliser. Isn’t it one of the most basic lesson taught in football: concentrate for the first 5 minutes after you’ve scored. That one mistake effectively cost us the game.

  5. Rapidhammer says:

    The squad and the fans put their all in against Chelsea and the first half was really tremendous. It was great to watch how the players upped the tempo from the beginning and created a lot of chances. Chelseas’s goals were heart-breaking, especially the 1-2 and the 1-3 which killed the game off. I think we cannot fault the effort, but there was a lack of concentration in defensive play which proved costly. I think even Lucas Neill was to blame: Lucas was near SWP when he scored the second and slipped before the 1-4.
    The customs officer who saw my bag from the West Ham fan shop on my journey back home to Vienna said “West Ham are going down” and that’s what everybody thinks. But as long as it is mathematically possible the miracle still is doable.
    All we need are three and a half miracles…

  6. Keith R says:

    Who was the sharp-shooting sniper that bravely hurled a ‘brick’ at the chelski charabanc? That wouldn’t have irritated them and inspired them to bury us, would it?

  7. nobby says:

    I guess you know that ‘ski’ as a suffix is of Polish, not Russian origin. Hence using ‘Chelski’ as a substitute for ‘Chelsea’ is neither big nor clever.

  8. Rapidhammer says:

    Re to nobby (abot ‘Chelski’): It’s correct that ‘ski’ is frequently-used in Polish surnames, but names with this suffix are also common in Russia, e.g. Michail Chodorkowskij and Boris Beresowski. A football’ski’ is Igor Iwanowitsch Dobrovolski who played for Olympique de Marseille, Fortuna Dusseldorf in the 90’s and has been coaching the Moldowa national team since December 2006.

  9. Mike says:

    I was there last weds, taking the misses along, and it was a great game. The atmosphere was electric, and we completely and utterly dominated them for the first half. completely and utterly. there’s only ourselves, united, arsenal and spurs at times that can play that sorta one touch football for all that time. Bolton and Everton, go home now. And there were some great performances, even if the result wasnt quite what we were hoping when the equaliser went in. Tevez and Noble were outstanding once again, but my MOTM vote has to go to George McCartney. I’ve never seen him perform better, looked very solid at the back, and also looked lethal goin forward! Skinnin down that left hand side on countless occasions, when in every other game he always seems to go back home. Crackin effort lad, keep it up.

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