He’s Better Than Jermaine

Well Bobby Zamora’s on song at the moment isn’t he? At he beginning of the season he got 5 in 5 and now he’s done it again. If only he could have got the same ratio in the other games, we’d be top of the league! Seriously, yesterday’s game was one that gave us a chance again. I know I keep writing us off, and as it seems to bring us luck, I’d better continue to do it. But if we win our next two games, it really does look as though that might be enough. I just can’t see Fulham and Charlton getting any more points. Sheffield United are safe, I reckon so it’s two out of four – the other one being Wigan.


13 Responses to He’s Better Than Jermaine

  1. phil fenton says:

    So many “if only’s” thisseason.
    if only Yossi had turned up earlier (finally gets back to last year’s form-probably because he’s looking to get in the shop window)
    if only Collins hadn’t been injured half the season
    if only Marlon had played half as well as Zamora
    if only Noble had been included earlier
    not to mention the obvious ones – Ashton etc

  2. Andy says:

    I think since Curbishly has finally got the west ham team back to how they can play you have a big chance of staying up I am probably the only millwall fan who will say that but having seen Charlton Fulham and Wigan you look by far the better team out of those 3 and as fulham have appointed reid who couldn’t buy a win for charlton it looks like fulham will join Watford down and hopefully Sheffield will drop letting Charlton and West Ham keep the London teams in the premiership. As for Zamora he has done brilliant ……………Just don’t tell the other millwall fans i posted this good luck Iain

  3. Singapore Hammer says:

    We have a nasty habit of losing to Wigan. Get past them next week and I think we could stay up. But, it will go down to the last game of the season though. Prediction: West Ham will have to beat Manchester United to stay up and Manchester United need a result against us to win the Premier League. Now that will be a game, probably the richest game in the world of soccer.

  4. Ian the Hammers says:

    I’ve bet the wife if we win our next 2 games we’ll stay up. The only trouble is that knowing West ham like I do we’ll beat Wigan & then lose or draw at home to Bolton. We most definatly areb not getting anything up at Man U except a hammering.

  5. Rapidhammer says:

    Re Ian the Hammers: Knowing West Ham like I do we could lose to Wigan away next saturday yet … Remember, we assumed we were going to do the Blades and climb out of the bottom 3 and look what happened. – Well, I hope it won’t happen again and eventually only your first predicition will turn out to be true.
    We need no more than two and a half miracles! C’mon Hammers and earn them!

  6. NunheadHammer says:

    We have to beat Wigan next week to realistically stay up – and pick up at least a point against Bolton and Man U. That would mean, if results went our way, that either Fulham or Wigan would go down.

  7. Mike says:

    Wigan and Sheff both have quite nice run-ins, with the fact that they play each other on the last day of the season, giving them both a last lifeline, plus Wigan have Middlesbrough at home, and they can turn it on at the JJB, so I fancy them to deffo win that. Also they’ll more than fancy their chances at home to us next week, so lets not in the slightest go there thinkin they’re guna roll over. I don’t ava good feeling about next week. Don’t go there trying to weather the storm in the first 20, as you never get into a rhythm, get into your pace from the off. Please! Lol. Plus Sheff United also have a quality run in, cos when they beat Watford at home next week, they’ll be on 38 pts, then they have Villa away, who love to draw, and then Wigan at home, a draw to be sure of safety. Charlton don’t have a great run in, what with Blackburn away, who are still deluded and think they may get into Europe. They then have Spurs at home which’ll be must win, before Anfield on the last day. So they’re not gettin many more points, but the team I can really see going down is Fulham. I don’t think, even with their pointless new manager, that they’ll take another point. They have ARSENAL away, then LIVERPOOL at home, before their last chance saloon on the final day away at Middlesbrough. The Hammers game against Wigan next week is must win, but we really dont travel all that well. It now seems that for Curbishley’s West Ham, the first goal is very important. When scoring it, we have closed out several 1-0’s, and a few clean sheets in the last 4 or 5 games. So we need to go there and attack for 20 mins.. still think hmmmm though. And then Bolton at home will definitely not roll over as they just don’t. But they are both must win. If we do win them both, I think we’ll stay up, but so many ifs and buts this season, that only time now will tell.

  8. Keith R says:

    The Yossi to Z-man goal against Everton was a pure peach …cheers fellas

  9. Jim says:

    Even if we beat Wigan on saturday, Bolton are the last team outside Man U/Chelsea that I’d want to be getting 3 points out of. Their defensive nature means that we wont get many chances and we’ve not exactly been clinical this season. I hate Bolton and I think that fire will be doused in a couple of weeks.

    But then the horror of being a hammer means I never give up the tease of hope until the final nail has been hit. Aghhhhhh!!!!!

  10. Mac says:

    Bobby’s obviously scoring again because he’s focusing on his game and not on his myspace page which is no longer there.

    Seriously though, ‘well done Bobby’. He’s (finally) turning into a bit of a player. Never going to have the quickest football feet, but he plays to his strengths and is always trying. Love his obvious passion for WHU and how we’ve lacked that in certain departments this season.

    Can we do it against Wigan? If we score first, as Mike says, I believe we can. Go one down though and it could be curtains. But I think we’ve finally got the fire in our belly and hopefully learnt a lesson at Sheff Utd we won’t repeat.

    Come on Curbo – get ’em fired up. If ever we needed you to deliver on your man management skills it’s this Saturday.

  11. Sorry guys, you’ve had it for this season.

  12. Mike says:

    And you are?…..!

  13. Rapidhammer says:

    “West Ham receive Tevez clearance
    Carlos Tevez has been cleared to play for West Ham.”
    That’s a huge boost ahead of today’s vital game against Wigan.
    C’mon you Hammers!
    All we need is a miracle – and the miracle is on the way!

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