It’s Days Like These

It’s days like these when I know why I support West Ham. The joy of it. And somehow, just somehow, a little bit of me knew we would do it. If anyone was at the game, pelase let us know your thoughts. From what I could here Tevez, Zamora, Benayoun, McCartney and Noble played out of their skins.

Our goal difference is now only five worse than Wigan’s. I really hope it doesn’t come down to that. We really have to go for it against Bolton, who are no one’s mugs.

I’m doing the newspaper review on News 24 tonight at 11.45pm. Let’s see if I manage to get West Ham into it somehow!

PS Leeds, eh? Couldn’t happen to nicer club.


17 Responses to It’s Days Like These

  1. sammy*b says:

    watched it on t’internet…… all players mentioned did well as did reo-coker too.

  2. Maureen says:

    Hey Sammy,
    How did you find it on the internet, I’m stranded here in California and it’s hard to see my Hammers.
    PS Anyone else out there in California??
    We had a very lonely Cup Final last year!!

  3. Simon Fisher says:

    And you did! Well done…

  4. James Tumbridge says:

    Wow, the chance of survival remains, I was keeping up with the play from Chicago via the BBC. But can we really get enough points from Bolton and Man U to do it? I hope so but beating Bolton seems like a tall order!

  5. Maureen

    Look up and look for the internet streaming thread prior to each game – shows you where to find the game. I watched the same English commentary as ended up on Sky in the evening via ESPN Hong Kong!

    Looks like Chelsea may have waved the white flag (wonder where their blue one is?) and made United’s last game less important for them.

    Come on you Irons!

  6. Rapidhammer says:

    I wonder why Bolton is still 5th in the current Premiership table. They have no more than 2 wins out of their last 10 games (vs. Sheffield and Wigan). They achieved 2 draws recently against Chelsea and Everton (Everton lost to us 1:0 last week!) and lost 6 (Reading, Arsenal, ManU, Blackburn, Tottenham and Arsenal/FA Cup). IT IS DOABLE to beat them. All we need are one and a half miracles – and they are on their way!
    West Ham were great yesterday!!!
    Read on Hammered Blog that “as early as the 70th minute West Ham were playing keep ball, to the accompanying ‘Ole’s’ of the superb West Ham fans. The Wigan fans were shell-shocked into silence and then as soon as West Ham got their third almost to a man deserted the ground.”

  7. Ewan Watt says:

    It goes without saying but Tevez was exceptional. I’m still not totally confident with the defence, but at this late stage in the season I probably never will be!

  8. phil fenton says:

    We get to see almost all the Hammers games live here in Israel because of Yossi who was brilliant yesterday. Everyone played well and I think the main difference recently is a settled defence. Macartney had his best game for us.
    Its going to be hard against Bolton though as they are a bunch of tough bastards.
    Hope Chelsea beat Liverpool so that the Scouse won’t play reserve teams against Charlton and Fulham.

  9. MOORO says:

    What a fantastic performence from the team yesterday. They played with passion, desire & style. I think we’ll manage to beat the drop…just!
    Now looking forward to next weeks game, what an atmosphere at the boelyn!

  10. Roads says:

    I’d agree with that heroic assessment of Tevez.

    And let’s just all hope that Man Utd have duly confirmed the title before the Hammers go to Old Trafford on 13th May …

  11. Dave King says:

    I watched it live on the Internet too ( and do you know what? Even Boa Morte had a good game. Tevez ran his socks off and started two of the goals and Zams deserves a medal. Just out of curiousity. Do we now actually own Tevez? or is he still owned by a third party which started this all off? If we own him then the 5.5 mill fine is a bargain.
    And two, the argument that if we were already relegated that we would have had points deducted. Bit of a pointless punishment then isnt it? So why don Wigan et al all shut the **** up

  12. Dave King – I don’t think we own him, just the paperwork has been organ¡sed along the lines of a loan. I think we will still need to buy him assuming we stay up.

  13. Dave King says:

    So who is loaning him to us? Corinthians or that Jorab geezer? Seeing as how all the guys who were around at the time of the signings have gone or been removed it makes me also wonder if that was the MAIN reason we sacked Pardew. None of the present regime can really be held responsible

  14. hammermolder says:

    HEY maureen,dont know what part off ca you live, but ive watched all the games here in thousand oaks,down the local boozer,the crown and ancher,if your close come on down.

  15. lovely453 says:

    go to my sites:


  16. Randy says:

    Im in Southern California, Venice to be exact, the Cock and Bull on Lincoln in Santa Monica/Venice shows all the matches live… there are some other good pubs around as well that have Setanta/FSC

    feel free to e-mail me for more info

    Come on you Irons!

  17. Maureen says:

    Thanks for all the feedback guys. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch more Hammers action online. This week’s match is on FSC so I’ll be there for that one.

    Randy, I am down in San Juan Capistrano so the Cock and Bull is not local, but not too far. There don’t seem to be any bars round here that show the matches, it’s all those other sports 😦

    Wish I still had my season ticket to the Boleyn……

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