Terence Brown Should be Kacking Himself

If I were Terry Brown (perish the thought) I’d not have had a good night’s sleep. Surely Eggert Magnusson will be trying to get the £5.5 million fine back from the former chairman. It’s quite clear now that the club didn’t just keep documents from the Premier League, they actually lied. Paul Alridge and Scott Duxbury seem to be the guilty parties. Mr Duxbury ought now to be fearing for his job.

I was expecting a three point deduction yesterday and we’re bloody lucky we didn’t get it. There are plenty of other examples of clubs who have had points deducted for far, far less serious matters. If I were a Fulham, Charlton or Wigan supporter I would be fuming. But I’m not, so I’m counting our lucky stars.

This afternoon is the latest must-win game for the Hammers. Thank God Tevez is allowed to play. I shall be glued to Radio 5, as it’s the live commentary.

I doubt whether there will be many changes from the Everton game. However, I do think Curbs will be putting a reserve goalkeeper on the bench this time!


3 Responses to Terence Brown Should be Kacking Himself

  1. clive says:

    come on you irons 1 0 up as i type

  2. Bliss….hope L’Arse thrash Fulham Sunday, worry about Bolton Monday…

  3. Connor says:

    Your favourite player scored!!!

    Everyone played fucking brilliant, Mcartney was excellent, Tevez is a god, Collins was sick.. Noble and Reo-Coker played like Alan Ball did in the World cup final..

    And dare I say it..! Boa Morte played fairly well.. !

    Harewood is shit, i hate him lol

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