The Quiet Rise of George McCartney

I suspct I wasn’t alone in questioning the signing of George McCartney from a relegated Sunderland team. It took him a long time to get into the team and his first few games were distinctly average. But in the last ten games McCartney has developed into quite a player. He’s never going to be a headline grabber, but his quiet efficiency hasn’t gone unnoticed. A couple of nightmare performances earlier in the season have been forgotten after a series of quality showings in which he has been excellent defensively and far more confident going forward. In short, he’s now made the position his own. His run down the left in the game against Wigan exemplified how far he has come. He just would not have had the confidence to make that run earlier in the season.

George McCartney, we salute you.


7 Responses to The Quiet Rise of George McCartney

  1. Mac says:

    Absolutely – but let’s not forget Konchesks. When you’re first choice left-back and your ex-manager, who never played you, as well as never got on with you, turns up as the new one, you know you’re screwed. One minute you’re scoring in the Cup Final, the next you’re getting splinters knowing you’re on your way out (presumably). That’s one bitter pill to swallow.

  2. Mash says:

    But Konchesky has gone way down hill. He’s not got the same quality as when he first signed.

  3. Keith R says:

    Is Konch:

    a) Playing down because he is sulky?
    b) Lumbered by an association with the Baby Bentley culture?
    c) Dead-meat because Curb’s doesn’t like him?
    d) A permanent second string to Macca?
    e) Likely to be with us 2007-8?

    That FA Cup goal was a pearler though, eh …and as club supporters we should always give him the benefit of any doubt because he’s ours.

  4. Ian the Hammer says:

    Can I also big up James Collins. I feel that since he’s come back into the side we’ve looked far more solid. Lucas Neil is also showing why Liverpool wanted him & is looking a class act.

  5. Bobby Z says:

    Why are all you lot bleating on about Paul Konchesky, the blokes a complete waster one of the worst left backs we’ve had the pleasure of watching. He cant cross to save his life, he cant defend and he gets outpaced quite regualrly. He scored the flukiest of goals in the cup final. The bloke is utter shite.

  6. Stephen says:

    Collins and McCartney performences have been really good. Another two good buys from Pardew. I remember Pardew saying he felt in time Collins could prove to be the best out of all our centre backs i.e Gabbs and Anton. Best of luck to Curbs and the team on saturday we have to go for it and it would be fitting if McCartney or Collins could get the winner for us!

  7. Mac says:

    Bobby Z: you’re all heart!

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