Has Tevez Played His Last Game?

The Sun is reporting this morning that Carlos Tevez may not be eligible to play West Ham’s last two games due to a dispute with his “owners” MSI. This is quite extraordinary. After all, what can have changed since the Wigan game? I hope this is just The Sun going over the top, but you never know. I am worried.


4 Responses to Has Tevez Played His Last Game?

  1. Simon Fisher says:

    Sounds like a Bolton fan at The Current Bun trying to stir things up! The finding of the tribunal was that Tevez was eligible and was correctly signed, just that WHU had not shown all of the paperwork to the FA. So there can’t be any prospect of MSI not letting us play their player. They may, of course, reclaim him when the transfer window opens, but that’s another story.

  2. Connor says:

    I will cry if he isnt allowed to.. Literally..

    I will also cry if we lose to Bolton..

    But if Tevez isnt allowed to play.. The players will win it for him..

  3. Krisbo says:

    Thankfully Sky Sports have confirmed he will be allowed to play despite the MSI disagreement. He is such a key player for us! Every game I have seen he has been our best player. Definitely one to hold on to!

  4. ndnnd says:

    im here to break the news westham now own all rigths to carlos tevez and this will be confirmed after the home game to bolton ao sat

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