Carlos to Sign Permanent Deal on Saturday?

What would you like for Christmas? Well, according to someone who has just posted a comment Carlos Tevez has signed a permanent deal at Upton Park and it will be formally announced on the pitch after the Bolton game. The realist in me can already see flying pigs in front of my eyes, but on the offchance it might be true I thought I’d repeat the gossip here. It’s just the sort of stunt Eggie would love to pull, isn’t it?! I’m now starting to convince myself… Lol


9 Responses to Carlos to Sign Permanent Deal on Saturday?

  1. Gordon McBroon says:

    So what are the odds on Bolton ? Can Eggert pull off one of his ‘do the impossible’ achievements ? Go on, Iain, you must have a couple of quid on them staying up ?!!

  2. Maureen says:

    Dare I start to hope again…….. Yes Absolutely. as they say in the USA, Bring It On!!

  3. Oggyflute says:

    Carlos to sign!!?? Come on Iain, your toying with my emotions……

  4. Big D says:

    all my christmasses and b’days in 1…. the little argie will batter bolton single handed. we wont need anything against the mancs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Martin B says:

    never in all my years of following the irons have I been so nervous about an up and coming game.
    we need to focus purely on ourselves—focus on technique, ball possesion, solid and sensible defence and scoring goals—all the rest is a one huge RED HERRING—do it on the pitch and forget all of the other matters–they are only peoples opinions that you cannot change. The Hammers are a fantastic club with great people attached to it and whatever the outcome we will still support them!—Go you Irons!

  6. Mac says:

    OK, this is where the boys really earn their big money, where they demonstrate they ARE worthy of the shirt and make us all fall in love with them all over again. Hell, I may even buy Anton an ice-cream on the Isle of Wight if he’s lucky.

    Come on West Ham – step up one and all and do us proud tomorrow.

    Horrible dream last night where game was damp squib and we lost 1-0, but then the opposition in it was Wigan not Bolton so we might be alright. My main worry now though is that Boro won’t turn up against Wigan and Fulham. If any team is likely to be thinking of the beach it’s them.

    We just must not concede first against Bolton. We need to follow Everton game and score early then consolidate. And whatever we do don’t leave Kevin bloody Davies on his own. For someone who seems so intrinsically slow, he has a horrible knack of getting into the right place and scoring, then wheeling away with that irritating cherubic face of his all lit up. Anelka’s a worry too. Can we counter his pace? We surely need to double up on him to keep him quiet and stop him cutting inside.

    Come on you Irons!!!

  7. Daz says:

    Tevez for me has sparked the team into action,and we now have one of those siege mentalities that makes us almost dangerous!!!!!

    great site Ian

  8. Daz says:

    Sorry i got your firt name wrong___________________________,

  9. Anonymous says:


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