I’m About to Eat My Words

A few weeks ago I said we were down. I just couldn’t see a way out. I can now. All we need is a draw at Old Traffdord. After the way we played today it’s by no means beyond the realms of possibility. So I eat my words.

In 2001 I made my only trip to Man U. We won with a goal from Jermaine Defoe. It was one of the greatest days of my life. I vowed never to back as nothing could be as good as that. I hope I will be able to eat my words again.

And so to today. The first half made me feel like I was watching the West Ham of last season. Attack after attack after attack. Three superb goals. Carlos Tevez was on fire. I can’t remember the last time I remember being confident of us getting a goal from a free kick outside the area. I was today. And Mark Noble’s goal would have been one Paolo di Canio himself would have been proud of. He will never hit a sweeter volley. Mark was one of my men of the match today. Shame he gave away possession which led to the Bolton goal.

The second half was a bit of a nail biter. I just had that niggle in the back of my mind that we would contrive to throw it all away again. And we nearly did. But the defence, especially James Collins, played well and held out. And finally, two more mentions – Bobby Zamora and George McCartney. George is making the left back position his own through a string of excellent performances. This was another of them. And Zamora held the ball up better than I have ever seen him do before. He was great in the air and full of commitment. All in all, an inspirational performance. One more is needed…

Green – 8 Dealt with everything that came his way apart from the goal
Collins – 9 Simply immense in the air
Ferdinand – 8 Solid and at times creative
McCartney – 8 Superb
Neill – 8 Love his forward rampaging runs
Reo Coker – 8 Commitment personified
Benayoun – 7 Good attacking overlaps and total commitment. Even good tackles
Boa Morte – 6 Too fat still, but showing much improvement in attack
Tevez – 9 Superb first 45, faded a bit in the second half
Zamora – 9 Fantastic at getting the ball and holding it up
Noble – 9 The lynch pin of the team and a wonderful goal


12 Responses to I’m About to Eat My Words

  1. the dúnadan says:

    As well as they played today, I think West Ham will only stand a chance at Old Trafford if United have won the title by next week. If they have, maybe they will relax and let their guard down. If they haven’t, I would suggest that West Ham could be in for a rough ride (& if they still win, scandals notwithstanding, they will thoroughly deserve to stay up).

    Well done on the win today tho’; the goals sounded terrific.

  2. Tevez is a Hammer says:

    Great win!

    Goals here: http://www.101greatgoals.com/

  3. Sammy*b says:

    iain, you have to admit boa morte was bloody good today, he made you eat yours and all of our words.

  4. Oggyflute says:

    I tend to agree in that the task will be easier if ManU have already won the title, but certainly not impossible. (my breathing is better now after the Bolton game)

  5. Connor says:

    Boa morte and benayoun deserve 8.. benyoun played really good.. 2nd bess on the pitch..

    The man himself obviously 1st

  6. Rapidhammer says:

    Great! Great! Great!!! And now bring on ManU! (Hopefully they will have beaten Chelsea on wednesday and will be a little tired afterwards.)
    Just once more: All we need is a miracle! And West Ham going to earn it!

  7. Dave King says:

    I’ll eat my words after next week. As I see it Wigan need to beat Sheff Utd 1-0 and we lose next week and we are down. Its not unfeasible!
    But on to the game, a truly memorable day out. I dont know what Noble was playing at for the giveaway and I still say get rid of Boa Morte. He did a couple of good things true, but he was lazy and threw an obvious sulk in the second half culminating in his substitution. Whilst others were running their socks off he was strolling around like a prima donna.
    Its probably too much to hope that Man Utd go to the wire with Chelsea for the top spot against us as I think that scenario would make everything so much easier for us and stretch the nerves of Utd.

  8. mac says:

    So, it all comes down to Wigan needing a win and Charlton needing two. Antyhing less and we’re safe. The good thing is that Sheff Utd aren’t safe. If they had been I could have seen them folding against Wigan, but it’s a different story now. Can’t see Charlton getting six points, but a Wigan victory is the one result we don’t want.

  9. Rob Lewis says:

    Just discovered your site here in Istanbul. I won’t be there on Sunday, obviously, but please scream your guts out, you Irons supporters. Just one thing worries me: if we are losing to the Mancs, might Sheffield let Wigan win, thus condemning us? How much are we currently hated because of the Tevez thing? Are those Lancashire and Yorkshire teams more united in their hatred of us?
    Keep up your good work!

  10. Down to Bare Bones says:

    Main worry now is if we are losing at Man U will Sheff. Utd throw the game against Wigan in an attempt to send us down. The FA and premier ship need to watch this match very very closely for signs of collusion and if there is evidence then both clubs should be relegated.

  11. Dave King says:

    You dont mean………you CAN’T mean………deduct points?

  12. Jessie says:


    I\’m not sure I agree with you.

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