Newcastle Sack Roeder

Good. I will never forgive him for his disgraceful behaviour at Upton Park earlier in the season.


13 Responses to Newcastle Sack Roeder

  1. KeithR says:

    He’s down and lost his job, mate …and had a rough time from a huge majority of us in the past. We put his house windows through while he had a flippin’ brain tumour.

    Let’s show our sporting spirit and give him a break …or are we anxious in case Big Sam finally picks up the Bar-codes from their relative obscurity?

  2. Maciej says:

    What did he do earlier this year?

  3. mac says:

    Serves him right for always talking about himself in the third person. Definitely a sackable offence in my book.

  4. Connor says:

    He resigned.. they didnt sack him

  5. Dave King says:

    He’s clever I’ll give him that. He got a twelve month payoff and I beleive West Ham had to pay out two years of his contract. Where else can you be such a failure and make so much money? Sporting spirit and give him a break? sod off

  6. richlocke says:

    Roeder had a year and 15million pound to give the loyal magpie fans a sniff of a trophy.
    Couldn’t really see any progress and think he has lost the respect of the players.
    Newcastle needs to compete at the top level but will have to find the right manager and give him 3 years to build a team that will win something.
    Sven Goran Erriksen will be given the job with Alan Shearer at some stage in the background.

  7. hammermolder says:

    I think newcastle need to look at the chairman and the board,it’s all well and good changeing managers every 15 months,but when sheperd and his board ,look like a duck ,sound like a duck and act like a duck,their a f##KING DUCK.

  8. mac says:

    Connor: So he wasn’t likely to get sacked then?

    Roeder’s resignation was definitely offered to him by Shepard. Feel a bit sorry for him but the guy’s patently not a top level manager. Plus he lacks the aura of a winner. Would maybe do better at First division club. Seen the last of him in the Premiership.

  9. osgood says:

    As a right-wing West Ham fan I believe you are the bastard son of Alf Granett. No?

  10. Rapidhammer says:

    MARK NOBLE celebrates his 20th birthday today. He’s one of the key figures who sparked the great West Ham revival. Scoring the 3:0 against Bolton he’s made himself the best birthday present (certainly the goal of the month!).
    An even greater present for him and for us all would be scoring at Old Trafford on sunday.
    Congratulations, Nobes!
    C’mon the Hammers! The miracle is on the way!

  11. KeithR says:

    Dave King:
    You’re maybe jealous of Rodent as a failure because he’s loaded? We terrace proles willingly line their pockets whilst, as a nation, we have seemed to have lost all idea of the definition of what ‘sport’ once meant.
    Agree that he’s probably best finished with in the Prem.

  12. Gordon McBroon says:

    Surely Roeder ‘has resigned’ ?

  13. ny hammer says:

    glenn roeder =failure

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