Should We Change Formation?

Sunday’s game could be said to be more important to West Ham than last season’s Cup Final. I don’t think that’s an exaggeration.

So what approach should we take? We need a point to stay up, but to play for that would be madness. Time and again this team has proved it finds it difficult to defend a lead.

Any talk of going 4-5-1 should be banished. We need to score at least once.

I have only been to Old Trafford once. We won 1-0 through a Defoe goal. I vowed never to return on the basis that it just coiuldn’t get any better than that. I was wrong. A draw on Sunday would indeed be better than that.

I’m getting quite moist thinking about it!


7 Responses to Should We Change Formation?

  1. Is it my bad memory or did we beat Utd 3-2 to stay up way back in the mists of the ’80s. I remember being at the game and, although it was at Upton Park, think that we have a chance of repeating the feat again on Sunday. If we play the way we did against Bolton on Saturday – I was perfectly placed to watch Tevez curl the ball into the top corner – we have a real chance at this one.

  2. Ian the Hammers says:

    We beat Man U 3-2, 3rd game into the 86′-87′ season, a poor follow up to the previous season when we finished third. I remember the game very well, Macca with 2, the first after about 40 seconds & Dev with 1 in between. I feel me may have to drop Tevez slightly deeper but agree, we need to go & try & win. I think the only way to get something up there is give them something more to worry about than how to break us down. Got a nasty feeling we’re going to get tonked & Sheff Utd/Wigan doing the dirty!

  3. mac says:

    Let’s go up there in the belief we can get three points. If United are ever going to take their foot off the gas it’s going to be this game. But we can’t get drawn into anything other than playing at the tempo we have been. If we step down a gear, we’re toast. We can’t compete with United technically so let’s do what we know best: chase ’em down. I’m worried we think we’ve done the hard bit; the last three wins and that Sheff will win or draw v Wigan.

    And am I alone in thinking Heskey might just shin one into the top corner with the last kick of the game to send us down on goal difference? Aaaaaaaaaargh…

  4. Oggyflute says:

    Have to agree with Mac, and the old adage ‘If it aint broken, dont fix it’.

    Mac, you have got to stop those bad thoughts man. Heskey is just as likely to swing at the ball, and land on his arse.

  5. Keith R says:

    It’s the game of the flippin’ season, eh!

  6. Andy C says:

    From a Chelsea fan and regular reader of your political blog, I’d like to wish the best of British to West Ham on Sunday, the Premiership would be a poorer place without them. And I mean this sincerely when I say I hope Tevez stay with you next season, much as I’d love to see him in blue. He seems to have found his club in West Ham.


  7. cypeclienue says:

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