Does Life Get Better Than This????

I’m still in tears as I type this. I can’t believe we did it, yet bizarrely throughoiut the whole game I never doubted we would. And it’s not often I feel that way about West Ham.

I’ll write something proper later when I have calmed down, but in the meantime, let me know in the comments what today means to you!


20 Responses to Does Life Get Better Than This????

  1. Simon Fisher says:

    Speechless, never been so tense, but what a result: doubling ManU! Now bring on the legal action. (I notice that graceless berk, Paul Whelan, is still going on and on and on, even after his win, about the alleged injustice of WHU staying up… just celebrate you f***ing idiot!)

  2. NunheadHammer says:

    This is massive – means that we can start building for next season with the support of a financial backer who has ambition for the club. Clearly many of us thought that Curblishley and team weren’t up to the job. What we have witnessed is an incredible turnaround and a string of very impressive results. A clearout at the Boleyn this summer is in order, but lets hope that Carlitos stays. Come on you Irons!

  3. Simon Fisher says:

    That would be Dave Whelan, of course…

    And now Paul Jewell’s on 5Live. Where’s Curbs? I need to kiss the radio…

  4. Dave says:

    This is why WEST HAM are the greatest club in the world! The drama and passion of the last few weeks, regardless of the press and ignorant northerners has reinforced for me why we all are…WEST HAM ‘TIL WE DIE!!!!!

  5. Gordon McBroon says:

    Anyone would think there wasn’t pending legal action over this result..

  6. Hawaiian Hammer says:

    Survival in the EPL is worth an estimated 60-80 million, spend the 30 million of that for Tevez and make him an offer he can’t refuse, he is worth it.

  7. Rapidhammer says:

    What a crazy season! Doubles against ManU and Arsenal! And we survived after the most amazing escape ever!!! I’m forever blowing bubbles!!

  8. Darren says:

    Today again lets me reflect on why im West ham til i die.. im in denmark, i watched the game on a poxy 3″ screen on the computer, and i still managed to lose my voice.. I’m loving it… What team struggles to stay up after taking 6 points of arsenal and ManU. My doubts were def. with Curbs, but after the last two months i crown him a west ham hero!
    Come on you Irons….. and thankyou to the players… Amongst doubt and controvasy, you came through for the fans…

  9. Mariano says:



  10. Mac says:

    I’ve been proved wrong and I’ve never been so happy. I thought we were dead and buried but here we are alive and kicking still in the Prem. Amazing. I could not be prouder of my West Ham. How releived must Curbs feel?

    This goes to prove: never, ever give up. Keep fighting and little by little a seemingly impossible situation CAN be rectified.

    Come on you Irons!!!!!!

  11. Although I was tense all game, we always looked disciplined at the back and with Tevez & Zamora likely to pull something out of the hat, so I was relieved but strangely unsurprised when we stayed up. I suspect Sheff Utd were focusing too much on the West Ham result and the expectation/hope that we would get stuffed. Tough!

  12. Mac says:

    How fitting in the week the sculptiure of Mooro was unveiled that we saved our skins with a polished display he would have been proud of.

  13. Mac says:

    (er, that’s ‘sculpture’ btw. Can’t type when I’ve had a few…)

    The sense of relief is just incredible. After all season staring relegation in the face to have avoided it is just amazing.

    Think how Curbs and the boys must be feeling?

  14. Nagle says:

    Wow, the joys of being a West Ham fan, I can’t believe it;
    In the past few weeks I have found myself daring to dream that we would do the impossible and win at Old Trafford, before quickly stopping myself from getting carried away. I thought that we were doing a typical West Ham, getting so close you could taste ecaping relegation, before falling at the last hurdle. But this time we’ve done it and it’s all down to the hard work of the players and management, Noble, Collins, Zamora and Tevez are all heros and Curbs, you have won me over. Eggert is a legend and as if it couldn’t get any better, Warnock failed miserably, back where you belong Sheffield Utd …. Whelan, Wigan have stayed up so shut up!

  15. PJ says:

    Well done Hammers!
    Determination and ability – sticking with it to the bitter end.
    Now next season the only way is further up the Premier League.
    We’ve backed the winner at last- if not in the political sense Iain!

  16. Ed Thomas says:

    I was just about to board a plane when I saw the news on Sky. Truly fantastic, and straight out of the West Ham story-book.

  17. […] Does Life Get Better Than This???? I’m still in tears as I type this. I can’t believe we did it, yet bizarrely throughoiut the whole game I […] […]

  18. ny hammer says:

    to all the larry lowpants and harry highpants who d written us off- get stuffed.
    we shoved it so far up your backside you need a hoover to get it out.

  19. phil fenton says:

    My nerves are shot to pieces. I need to go on tranquilizers.
    Please let Carlos stay – I’m willing to donate my overdraft.

  20. Oggyflute says:

    Fantastic. Brilliant. Pure West Ham spirit.
    Now if only we can hang on to Tevez……..

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