Has Reo Coker Done a Defoe?

Radio 5 Live is reporting that Nigel Reo Coker has told BBC TV News that he “doesn’t know” if he will be at West Ham next season. Why on earth do footballers make these kind of elementary PR mistakes. My own view is that if we can sell him for more than £8 million we should cash in. If his heart’s not with us he might as well go. But what a bloody stupid thing for a team captain to say only a few minutes after one of West Ham’s greatest ever victories.


7 Responses to Has Reo Coker Done a Defoe?

  1. Ian the Hammers says:

    Good, I hope the waster fucks off… Sorry had a bit to drink!!


  2. Gordon McBroon says:

    And Tevez has stopped having English lessons…

  3. Mac says:

    He’s obviously feeling a bit bitter and bullish now they’re safe. He’ll calm down though and reflect on what went on this season. He’s no fool NRC, but he’s a proud boy and was stung by the criticism he felt was unjust. I think Curbs will talk him round and get him leading us again come August.

  4. MOORO says:

    Theres’ no doubting his ability, i think during the last 9 games he’s shown the form of last season. However, like 1 or 2 other young players at the club, he became a big time charlie after 1 season in the premier. I think he will have learn’t a big lesson from this season and personally, i hope he stays.
    Just relieved we managed to stay up…in some style too, raming the tabloids headlines down their throats in the process.

  5. Ewan Watt says:

    Agreed. Since the FA Cup final Reo-Coker has rarely looked interested. I suspect he was one of the ‘Baby Bentleys’ that the boss was referring to.

    £8m would be a great deal. Stick Quashie in. If he stays fit, he could be very useful.

  6. ny hammer says:

    in one sentence he just undid whatever good will he may have built up over the last 8 weeks. Tactless. Perhaps the worst of all was his describing the season as a disaster. not what u say when u have just completed one of the greatest escapes in professional sport. At least we know where we stand with him- he s laid his stall out , so now we know to buy a quality central midfielder and a quality striker,as even if we re lucky enuf to hold on to carlos for another year, what if he gets injured?

  7. uiscebot says:

    I remember him on football focus quoting ‘the art of war’ and just gone 20. The bloke has too many ideas about hiself, hence the unappreciated air of late, let him go, good riddance.

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