Manchester United Match Report

I went to Old Trafford in 2001 when we won with a Jermaine Defoe goal. I vowed never to go back, as I didn;t think that day could ever be matched. How wrong was I? Just as wrong about my predicition in March that we were dead and buried. That’s what being a West Ham fan is all about. Fortunes always hiding. Whatever the next few weeks might bring in terms of legal action, no one can take away from the team what they have achieved over the last nine games. It’s championship winning form – seven wins in nine. Now, to the game.

Lest anyone forget, we have become the first team in thirty years to do the double over Man U and Arsenal in the same season. An Amazing achievement. It is very rare that I have confidence West Ham will get the result that they need, but I sat at home watching Sky Sports and I was much calmer than I expected to be. As the game went on, my confidence never wavered. Even when the three super subs came on for Man U I still thought we would do it. In fact, it was at that point that Man U seemed to get weaker.

Every single player today played a blinder. Robert Green and James Collins were immense in defence. The midfield were stalwart. Even Boa Morte put in some good tackles. He could also have had a couple of goals too. Tevez was all over the pitch. His industry symobolised what a great team performance this was.

Green – 10 Simply outstanding. Saved two dead cert goals
Collins – 10 Best game of the season. Never put a foot wrong. Dealt with everything thrown at him
Ferdinand – 8 Solid – has learnt to hoof the ball when needed
McCartney – 6 Had to go off which was a shame
Spector – 7 Replaced McCartney and did everything asked of him
Neill – 8 An immense player. Should be captain next season
Noble – 8 My favourtie West Ham player – his commitment inspired the others
Reo Coker – 8 Tough tackling and som esurging runs
Tevez – 9 Need I say anymore? I hope he stays, but I suspect he won’t
Zamora – 8 A hero on the right of midfield
Boa Morte – 8 Best game so far. Should have had two goals
Harewood – 7 Came on as sub for 20 minutes and held the ball up well.
Benayoun – 8 All over the pitch



8 Responses to Manchester United Match Report

  1. Ian the Hammers says:

    I dont like swearing (in writing) for no reason…. but ………… FUCK off Warnock… bitter wanker. Beat Wigan shit & stay up, easy as that. We should now go where we’ve never gone before, with or without Tevez. As a Argie at heart (12 years old & will never forget World Cup 78 or maradonna – best player EVER on planet) dispite going to war over falklands (not even sure if I’ve spelt it right). if we can get Mascarano back & add to team, out the wankers, we all know who they are …. better than losing FA Cup final. Good day at work on Monday……….. & rest of summer

    PS got Tevez sig on my old argie top – supplied both him & mascharano with ther BMW’s

    Pride of place on hall wall


    Cant believe it

    Cant believe it

    Cant believe it

    Cant believe it

    Cant believe it

    Cant believe it

    Cant believe it

  2. Spooky says:

    Football is sometimes much like every day life with its ups and downs. But you sometimes feel that destiny and fate are guided towards their conclusions by some kind of magical formula that makes certain what will happen will happen because its meant to be.

    You look back at the ‘ammers, when they were doing ok and then shocked the world by signing two Argies – only for them to go on a miserable run, lose their manager and appoint another and still struggle to progress upwards and forwards. Both Argies are warming up the bench, one leaves the other finally gets his chance. Along the way they suffer the indignity of a Prem inquiry over the registration (where everyone expects a points deduction). They lost 4-0 and 4-3, and everyone – fans and manager – agree they are dead and buried. The Dream is over. Done and dusted.

    You look at their fixture list, and you laugh out loud. No chance. Hardest run-in of all the bottom clubs. But then that magic happens.

    The footballing God looks down and says, “Mmmm….. West Ham United are doomed. Let me give them a helping hand”. And the slice of luck kick-starts the whole thing. A goal that wasn’t a goal. Then, Tevez (a conductor of inspiration and hope) pulls them through – claiming 7 wins out of 10 including one at Arsenal and finally one at Old Trafford (double double)….and the miracle is complete.

    West Ham can thank the Premiership for the £5.5M fine. They can thank the linesman who gave the goal at Blackburn. They can thank the ‘couldn’t score in a brothel’ forward play of Arsenal. But theses slices of luck would not have been enough to save them had the rest of the players not started to believe it could happen. Incredible still is the fact they got dicked by all the bottom clubs and yet still they stay up.

    Well done WHU.

    Greatest Escape Ever.

  3. Ewan Watt says:

    I agree with you about ‘luck’ with Blackburn. But remember the goal at Newcastle and the 7+ injury time against Fulham. It’s not luck, it just balanced out.

  4. Croydonian says:

    Been a good day, hasn’t it?

  5. Spooky says:

    Ewan – good point. But another way to look at it is – you lot deserved it. The other clubs ‘crying’ about no point deduction should have concentrated on taking points while the battled for survival.

    You make your own luck, right 😉

  6. ny hammer says:

    7 wins from 9. how you left now, all you pricks who kept slagging us off and abusing us 2 months ago? if you spent more more time supporting your own team instead of insulting teams fighting relegation, maybe your team woul do the double over arsenal and man utd. not likely this lifetime if u support spurs or liverpool.

  7. phil fenton says:

    You’ve forgotten Yossi on your list – he was immense yesterday as he has been for the last few games. Another player we must keep at all costs (especially as it means I get to see all the Hammers games over here in Israel).

  8. ny hammer says:

    yes in the last 10 games yossi turned it it around- he was briliant in the key stretch. it s just a mystery why for the first half of the season he underperformed.

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