Why we May Have to Thank Charlton…

THIS blog post on Charlton Life may well be of massive importance to West Ham. It basically says there is a legal precedent set by Charlton which could prevent legal action being taken against West Ham. It’s quite complicated and quite long, but in law precedent is everything.


6 Responses to Why we May Have to Thank Charlton…

  1. ny hammer says:

    well spotted . thanks.

    and to all those who were reveling in our misery earlier in the season, get stuffed.you weren t complaining about Tevez when were in 19th place, without a win in 10 games were you. Where were you then Kevin Mccabe,Dave Whelan and the rest of the ragtag moangers. to all the “where were you, when you were shit ” supporters of other clubs who ve beeen taking cheap shots at us all season, we shoved it right down your throat.and next time, we ll make sure you choke on it.

  2. You’re totally missing the point. Curbishley has galvanised WHU into a remarkable team over the past few weeks. But his efforts and those of his playing staff has nothing to do with the alleged “cover-up” of the West Ham board.

    If West Ham sought an advantage by extending the window in order to allow Tevez to be registered and then to play, then a three-point deduction should have been considered. Middlesboro’ were once deducted 3 points for a similar infringement of the rules as were AFC Wimbledon earlier this season. The £5.5M fine West Ham face is, in my opinion, a worthless gesture. It sends out the wrong signals. It’s almost a cheats charter. ( Mind you, where were Sheff United and Wigan when Accrington Stanley were fined £15000, instead of a points deduction)

    Hiding behind the phrase “the independent commission are happy with West Ham’s fine” does not make it right.

  3. ny hammer says:

    get stuffed. if anyome had a problem with any aspect of the Tevez signing , teh time to have dealt with it was WHEN THE TRANSACTION WAS DONE, in august 2006, not some time in 2007. If the league really thought it had a case to deduct points,it would have been mor ethan happy to do so , to make an example of someone, in particular one of the bigger clubs in the country. Obviously ,the league knew its case wasn t strong enough. Clearly there s a large gulf between what “allegedly” happened and what actually happened.

  4. Oggyflute says:

    From the Charlton blog:
    “Premier League Rules are structured much like the FA’s. Specifically, this means that all parties agree to abide by the disciplinary procedures of the governing bodies and agree not to go to law if decisions do not go their way.”

    That little piece there is it in a nutshell, and as Ian has pointed out, a precedent has been set with Charlton. The only isssue is can we keep Tevez for next season.

  5. […] Why we May Have to Thank Charlton… THIS blog post on Charlton Life may well be of massive importance to West Ham. It basically says there is a legal […] […]

  6. Dave King says:

    I personally feel it is sour grapes with hindsight. The fact is we looked dead and buried at the time the fine was handed out. To have been deducted points at the time would have been tantamount to saying that we had “got away with it”. I don’t actually recall anyone disputing the penalty received until we started our revival. And I also seem to recall that Sheffield Utd looked pretty safe at the time the fine was dished out. If only they had had a team capable of winning a few more games, culminating in their home defeat at the hands of Wigan then they could have stayed up. Football wise they just weren’t good enough and it is about time they accepted that. Where are they now? Fighting for promotion?

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