Matty is on his Way

Matthew Etherington has confirmed he wants to leave West Ham. He told the Evening Standard: “I’ve had four great seasons at West Ham but perhaps I need a change.”

On his day Matty can be electric but this season he just hasn’t lived up to the standards he set himself last season when he and Konchesky combined so well down the left. I suspect his off-field gambling problems haven’t helped. He is rumoured to have owed Teddy Sheringham £30,000 at one point. Sheringham has a lot to answer for in my view.


6 Responses to Matty is on his Way

  1. mac says:

    That’s a shame, but probably a good move. On his game he was quite brilliant. Will always be remembered for his cracker against Ipswich in the Play Off. How many others did Tedders have in his little black book I wonder? Definitely time for him to move on.

  2. ny hammer says:

    if it s true that Sheringham was at the root of all this gambling rubbish, then it s a disgrace. it s hard to imagine it being a coincidence that Sheringham never played a part in 2007. As for Etherington,the club needs better in terms of both ability and character. Although Sheringham s influence may not have helped, what was Etherington doing gambling that sort of money anyway? Certainly wasn t focused on the task at hand- moving his career forward and getting points for West Ham. He took his eye of the ball- we don t need that at West Ham.

  3. Rapidhammer says:

    Sir Ted the leader of the gambling gang? Very disappointing.

  4. As a resident of the Dr Marten’s Lower, you might like these pictures.

    The Year Of Tevez

  5. Slowjoe says:

    The whole thing with Teddy is, that is what was owed, not what was lost.

    He could easily have taken a couple of hundred k off some of the players.

    Any ideas how much he won total?

  6. The Headmaster says:

    see yer, matty. thanks for the memories

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