Robin Burt’s Old Trafford Story

This is from Robin Burt who lives in Los Angeles…

After Sunday, it’s hard not to get emotional and reflect on the decisions that we all make in life – like the decision to follow West Ham. Yesterday was one of those days when all of the emotion and relief came to a head. I can’t remember a season that felt like it would never end – what with the ongoing legal issues and waiting for Saturday to come around (in this case Sunday).

My wife asked me the other day, why I supported West Ham and I responded by saying BECAUSE. Not happy with the fact that I was born near the ground and recounting the story of my first game as an 8 year old lad standing on a milk crate watching WH beat Liverpool 2-0. She came back with, you didn’t have to; you could have supported a big club – Chelsea, Man U or Arsenal. Well that’s a show stopper, right there.

I now live in Los Angeles (which has five West Ham fans at the last count) and without fail, every Saturday at 7am I get my coffee and watch the WH game (if it’s playing). Yesterday was one of those days, the WH game was live and I had my son’s laptop following the Sheffield/Wigan game. What a first half that was! It could not have started any worse with Wigan scoring as early as they did. Watching the onslaught on the WH goal was not for the faint of heart. I didn’t wake my son as having two loonies watching the game would not have been good. So there I am sitting with the dog with all these highs and lows running through my brain. If it wasn’t for Green, we wouldn’t be celebrating our survival. With seconds to go before half time the incredible happens (just like at the Emirates), we bloody SCORED. Now let’s be honest here, a little against the run of play, but who cares. United had a ton of opportunities to score – Advantage WH.

At half time my wife joined the game and asked me how I was. How was I? I was bloody magic, Tevez had given us a life line going in at half time and we had 45 minutes separating us between survival and Championship football. She thought I was high, how could WH possibly be beating MU at Old Trafford and she had a good point. For the next 45 minutes, she was in to the game, referring to Ronaldo as that Nancy boy with the foot thing. It was poetry to hear my wife refer to WH as WE and put down MU in the same sentence. She was so confident that WH were going to win, I on the other hand pointing out that we were still playing the second half at Old Trafford.

Fortune was indeed hiding around the corner on Sunday. What a day for the traveling fans, the Chairman and for everyone associated with WH, even the five of us in Los Angeles. On Sunday, I was really hoping Wigan would go down; they are a poxy club that is poorly supported, a town that could care less about their football, stick to the oval shape thing…please! On the other hand, Sheffield United epitomizes the passion of a true football club, I wish them well and I hope they bounce back next season. As ridiculous as their Greasy Chip Butty song is, it’s not as sad and pathetic as the Wigan song entitled “Mudhuts”, which goes something like this –

“We come from Wigan and we live in Mud Huts;

Ooh Ah Ooh Ooh Ah You should be a Wiganer”

Well there you have it, Wigan supporters are twats.

Even though I’m thousands of miles away from the Boleyn ground, I still get goose bumps every time I watch West Ham and hear our fans sing our song. Outside of Anfield, there is no other team in the country that chokes people by the neck with the emotion and passion that comes out of Upton Park (as well as the other Prem grounds that we travel to). May we always play entertaining football and may each and every West Ham fan be thankful that we were chosen to support this beloved club.

Thank you West Ham

Robin Burt
Los Angeles


19 Responses to Robin Burt’s Old Trafford Story

  1. mac says:

    Very emotive. Love the way he says ‘we SCORED’. There’s still that wonderful sense of disbelief when we score against the big boys, that palpable feeling of incredulaty. And for about 5 minutes afterwards you just keep looking at the score just because you can’t quite believe it (and also because it says ‘Big Club & Hard To Score Agaonst 0 – 1 Our Beloved Boys Who Struggle To Score’.

    There was that moment when Tev slid the ball past der Sar and I watched the ball go into the net. IT WENT OVER THE LINE. It really did. Us. The boys who were meant to get a drubbing. We had scored at Old Trafford! Against The Champions. We were winning!

  2. Andy Foster says:

    Make that one more in L.A. Watched the game in Pasadena with a ManUre fan. He must be a friend as he claimed we should have had a penalty for handball!
    I’m still in shock!

  3. Bob Godbolt says:

    Very nice piece. I have the same emotions being far away from Upton Park (Just Aberdeen though, not LA) Keep blogging away Iain – very enjoyable.

  4. hammermolder says:

    Another hammer in LA,well,thousand oaks,i’m surrounded by,chelski,man poo and micky mousers,makes me even more of a west ham nut,whatched the game sunday,gave me goose bumps hearing the west ham singing,just got over the hangover from hell,great day,really looking forward to next season.

  5. Darren says:

    Im in denmark and managed to lose my voice watching the game on my own and poking my nose into my computer screen trying to watch the game on a crappy streaming site.
    Up the hammers!

  6. Shorty says:

    Make that another (Long Beach) LA area Hammer supporter. And yes, we are surrounded by bandwagon big 4 boneheads. Or a bunch of wannabe skins that wear vintage WHU stuff because it says Dr. Martin on it. After the Tevez goal, I woke the house up! Then, i sweated out the rest of the game! Damn what an escape!
    Up The Hammers!!!

  7. Brad says:

    Great article Robin. Loved it. I was watching the game from home in NZ. I stayed up all night (until 6am) to watch both games (Blades/Wigan followed by ManU/WHam).

    Like yourself I am often asked by my wife “Why do you support West Ham?” Sometimes I have to ask myself the same question. Surely it would be easier to follow Man U or Arsenal (not Chelsea though – never!). Unlike you I don’t have the excuse that I was born in East London. In fact I wasn’t even born in England. I do wish I had claret and blue blood in my veins, and am jealous of those who have.

    So the only answer I can offer my wife is this. Who else should I support? There simply is noone else. Through good times and bad I will always be a Hammer. And what a good time it is right now.

  8. osgood says:

    Why not support Chelsea, Brad? I do. Guess we were all born different.

  9. Hastings says:

    another LA Hammer, living in Venice Beach

    Come on you Irons!

  10. hammermolder says:

    Osgood,thats so funny, really made me laugh,thanks!!!

  11. David King says:

    Osgood. I saw the cup final. Thats why I dont support Chelsea. Who’d want to watch that cr8p every week? Winnings not everything to me you know.

  12. ny hammer says:

    well stated david- had to be the most boring cup final of any sort in recent memory.
    over 200 million pounds chelsea pay annualy in wages to its squad,and over 120 minutes ,it could not even manage a handful of shots on goal . if thats glory, you can have it.

  13. Pel says:

    i’d rather have watched last years final again…
    (with an alternative ending, perhaps ^_^ )

  14. Rob Lewis says:

    Watched in Istanbul. Still getting over it. Had to leave my old Mum (83 years young) who was over visiting, with my mate John. Crossed the Bosphorus by ferry, could have swum really the adrenalin was flowing through the veins, got home – Turkish tv had lied to us again, and the game wasn’t on. Looking at isn’t the same. You feel the team is doing worse than they really are. Wish I could find links to see matches on tv. My son texted me from Cambridge before the game ended: WE DID IT!!!!!
    What a team. What a day. Come on you irons!

  15. Maureen says:

    Great article Robin,
    Read it the other day at work so waasn’t able to reply. I’m in Orange County so that’s one mor fan near LA. It was mother’s day here as you know and my 16 year old got up to watch with me as a gift. Glad she did, we woke the street when Carlito scored. Best Mother’s day gift ever!!!
    This season has been so hard to follow when you are so far away, like you I’ve had to watch from afar, cheer on the team from my laptop, or on TV whenever they are on. Now I can’t wait till next season. Maybe all the LA fans could get together for the first game and live it up!!
    Thanks also to Iain for his great page

  16. Jonny Poynton says:

    Please forward my email address to Rob Lewis in Istanbul. I am currently in Istanbul and havn’t seen Rob in over 16 years

    jonny Poynton

  17. Erick Tabone says:

    Great article indeed. I’m still in Paris and look forwaed hearing from some West Ham fans. Same for some mates in Sydney I know.

  18. Baz says:

    You ARE a ‘poxy’ ignorant tit…you know nothing about Wigan…there has been football played in Wigan since the 1800’s…you should take your smug grin and get down to LA Galaxy with the rest of the Yank possers….Why do you support West Ham? sums it up really…I have no choice to support the Latics (that’s Wigan for all uninformed), I was born in Wigan and I’m proud to support my team….and believe me we ARE passionate about OUR club…it’s idiots like you, who have NOTHING to do with Latics that give us a bad name. Plus I’d sooner be a twat than a Fucking Arrogant Prick like you are you tosspot…post this on your ‘POXY’ fucking web page

  19. Robin Burt says:

    Can’t believe i found someone with the same name as me !!!! sorry did not get a chance to read your article..

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