Should They Stay Or Should They Go?

Well, now we are safe we can indulge in three months of wonderful transfer gossip. Here is my list of Upton Park INs and OUTs this summer.

1. Roy Carroll SELL £1 million
2. Lucas Neill KEEP
3. Paul Konchesky SELL £1 million
4. Danny Gabbidon KEEP
5. Anton Ferdinand SELL £6 million
6. George McCartney KEEP
7. Christian Dailly SELL Free
8. Teddy Sheringham SELL Free
9. Dean Ashton KEEP
10. Marlon Harewood SELL £3 million
11. Matthew Etherington SELL £1 million
12. Carlton Cole SELL £2 million
13. Luis Boa Morte SELL £3 million
14. John Paintsil SELL £50,000
15. Yossi Benayoun KEEP
17. Hayden Mullins SELL £1.5 million
18. Jonathan Spector KEEP
19. James Collins KEEP
20. Nigel Reo-Coker SELL £8 million
21. Robert Green KEEP
23. Jimy Walker KEEP
24. Mark Noble KEEP
25. Bobby Zamora KEEP
26. Shaun Newton SELL Free
27. Calum Davenport KEEP
28. Kyel Reid KEEP
29. Lee Bowyer SELL £1 million
32. Carlos Tevez KEEP!
33. Nigel Quashie SELL £1 million
35. Matthew Upson KEEP
37. Kepa Blanco SELL

So we get £29 million from that little fire sale! I would like to see us sign three world class players this summer. No more Mr Averages.

We need to buy a half decent replacement for Roy Carroll – someone like Dean Kiely.

I don’t think we need to buy any central defenders. Upson, Collins, Davenport and Gabbidon are all quality. We also have James Tomkins coming through. I’m also not sure that we need to replace Konchesky. Spector is capable of filling in at right or left back. It is midfield where we need to buy, and buy big. Reo-Coker will surely be on his way, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Yossi joined him. I also do not see Etherington or Boa Morte as long term players for us. We should build the midfield around Mark Noble. So we need a top class left winger, and probably a right winger too, if Yossi goes.

Up front, we have to assume Ashton will be back firing on all cylinders and that Bobby Zamora should stay. I’d like to think that Carlos Tevez would also stay, but I suspect not. I think it’s also to say bye bye to Marlon. We should try to get Darren Bent but if Carlos goes we also need another top quality striker in addition to Bent.

What worries me is that Alan Curbishley has a track record of signing players who don’t exactly set the world alight. At Charlton that was fine, but at West Ham it isn’t. We don’t want players like Danny Shittu, for no other reason than he’s average. We’ve got to set our sights higher than that.


11 Responses to Should They Stay Or Should They Go?

  1. ny hammer says:

    agree on virtually all teh suggestions here. only one i feel differently on is Marlon,partly because we may lose Tevez, and partly because it may take Ashton awhile to get back to his best. i think Marlon is capable of contributing.mainly as a substitute , but i think he represents a bit of insurance for us in case things with Tevez and Ashton don t come off as we hope initially. Given the unwillingness of Coker to commit himself to the club, it looks essential to get very high quality midfielder , and of course ,it s essential we get a an excelelnt striker, with Bent perhaps being an obvious ,but good choice nonetheless. I think Earnshaw from Norwich would be a good addition,as i don t think he was given a fair shot by Bryan Robson teh last time he was in the Prem -not necesarily the real solution, but a better sub than Cole,Blanco or Sheringham were this year. Part of me thinks Nugent is worth a look, but part of me asks why Preston failed to make the playoffs if Nugent is really Premiership standard.

  2. Paul Satchwell says:

    This is the list I compiled yesterday – uncanny resemblance to yours. Only I included a “kill” category to avoid the hassle of trying to sell dead ducks.

    0. Tyrone Mears (Defender – on loan) SELL
    0. Hogan Ephraim (Striker – on loan) KEEP
    1. Roy Carroll (Goalkeeper) KILL
    2. Lucas Neill (Defender) KEEP
    3. Paul Konchesky (Defender) SELL
    4. Danny Gabbidon (Defender) KEEP
    5. Anton Ferdinand (Defender) SELL
    6. George McCartney (Defender) KEEP
    7. Christian Dailly (Defender) SELL
    8. Teddy Sheringham (Striker) SELL
    9. Dean Ashton (Striker) KEEP
    10. Marlon Harewood (Striker) SELL
    11. Matthew Etherington (Midfielder) KILL
    12. Carlton Cole (Striker) KILL
    13. Luis Boa Morte (Midfielder) KEEP
    14. John Paintsil (Defender) SELL
    15. Yossi Benayoun (Midfielder) KEEP
    17. Hayden Mullins (Midfielder) SELL
    18. Jonathan Spector (Defender) KEEP
    19. James Collins (Defender) KEEP
    20. Nigel Reo-Coker (Midfieder) SELL
    21. Robert Green (Goalkeeper) KEEP
    22. Tony Stokes (Midfielder – on loan) KEEP
    23. Jimmy Walker (Goalkeeper) KEEP
    24. Mark Noble (Midfielder) KEEP
    25. Bobby Zamora (Striker) KEEP
    26. Shaun Newton (Midfielder – on loanKILL
    27. Calum Davenport (Defender) KEEP
    28. Kyel Reid (Midfielder – on loan) KEEP
    29. Lee Bowyer (Midfielder) SELL
    30. James Tomkins (Defender) KEEP
    32. Carlos Tevez (Striker) KEEP
    33. Nigel Quashie (Midfielder) KILL
    35. Matthew Upson (Defender) KILL
    37. Kepa Blanco (Striker) RETURN TO SENDER

    First Team:
    GK – Green
    RB – Neil
    LB – McCartney/BUY
    CB – Collins
    CB – Gabbidon
    RMF – Benayoun
    CMF – Noble
    CMF – BUY
    LMF – Boa Morte
    F – Tevez
    F – Ashton
    Sub Def – Spector
    Sub Def – Davenport
    Sub GK – Walker
    Sub F – Zamora

    F, F

    Major difference – Upson. I don´t think hes ever going to stay fit and should be unloaded back to his Chum at Brum (or just killed!). Need a new CB because Collins and Gabs are not going to stay fit and Davenport is a muppet.

    This is the Optimists view, that Tevez stays. Either way need two new strikers and hopefully not in the Carlton Cole class…. Need an experienced ball-winner type midfielder to replace NRC and to tutor Noble.

    Very much enjoy your site – keep it up!

  3. NunheadHammer says:

    Keep MULLINS – also, what about Paintsil, not really given a chance but thought he was okay early on.

  4. ny hammer says:

    pau l s suggestions all make sense ,although of the 3, perhaps one of bowyer,quashie or mullins needs to stay simply because we lack depth now with Coker seemingly leaving. I d like to think that of the 3 mentioned, Mullins would be the one most likely to make a real contribution, even if mainly as a sub. Mullins is capable of far better then he produced this season,although clearly is never going to be outstanding. Paintsil didn t seem to be strong enough in defense for the premiership, although he did offer a bit going forward. Now that we have Lucas Neill though, Paintsil seems surplus to requirements. we need better ,even for players who would just be defensive substitutes.

  5. DavidC says:

    £1million for Bowyer, hahahahahaha!!!

    Don’t make me laugh. He’s been terrible all year. Anyone who pays that much for him had more money than sense. He’s never been the same since he left Leeds. Shame, he was pretty good at one point even if he is a wally.

    Otherwise, pretty good ork if a tad optimistic. Still your biscuit-man might just spend the cash if you’re lucky.


  6. ny hammer says:

    although i ve never cared for his off -field antics ,Bowyer doesn t strike me as “washed up.” he hasn t ever been the same since Leeds ,but having watched him this season i still think he has talent. unfortunately, he also still has a temper which leads to yellow cards etc. he created chances this year ,both for himself and for others. what was puzzling was that he couldn t actually score a goal. His work rate certainly seemed to be there ,overall, but perhaps it s time to give someone else a chance. he s had 2 stints with the club now , and hans t made the most of either one. shame really, but not entirely surprising looking at the personality behind the player. not that woodgate or alan smith have done a whole lot better either…

  7. Andy C says:

    6m for Anton Ferdinand??!?!!!! Stoppit……LOL

  8. Mac says:

    Blimey Iain. We’re looking a bit thin on the ground if we offload that lot. And yes, worryingly Curbs track record of signings is not his best asset.

    Despite my earlier misgivings about him, I would probably keep LBM. Keep him off the pies pre-season, get him fit and he could be an asset. Everyone else I pretty much agree with.

    BTW, NRC needs to develop a thicker skin. He’ll forever be on his way if he’s off every time he takes some (deserved) flak. Grow up Nige. You can’t be liked all the time.

  9. pr0lix says:

    Errr? Who in their right mind would pay £6m for Ferdinand?!

  10. T-jay says:

    what a laugh what makes you think we could replace that many players without taking aother season for the team to start to gell ie: same as this season. we should by kewell, bent/gudjohnson, keep kepa sell cole and harewood, keep nrc and anton, by a right winger as a first priority maluda or wateva his name is from lyon coz he wants to leave them or even swp but i doubt he would leave chelski. there is also barnetta from leverkusen (berbatovs old club need i say more) and why not make a cheeky bid for our fav son joe cole or guily from barca. all are in our reach with eggys plans and tevez will stay.

  11. stefanmkd says:

    most od the sells and the keeps are right but i would sell Tevez because he did not do as well as we all thought we do for being the best player in Argentina he didn’t show much in West Ham.And i have to agree with pr0lix here who in the hell will give away 6mil for Anton Ferdinad there are some top class players who are still young and yet they show better talent than Anton Ferdinand

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