Interview with the Eggmeister

My respect for Eggert Magnusson grows by the day. There’s a great interview with him in today’s Telegraph HERE.


5 Responses to Interview with the Eggmeister

  1. ny hammer says:

    good article- thx vm for providing it

  2. Pepper says:

    You’ve gotta love the man. Dont want to speak to soon but finally a chairman that seems to actually care about the club

  3. The Headmaster says:

    so far, the dude’s a legend.

  4. David King says:

    All I can say to Eggert is he had better get used to it. Thats what West Ham is all about isn’t it? The highs, the lows the swings? Personally, after all the years I’ve supported the Hammers, I must say this has been the season of all seasons with just about every factor thrown in. Can I have an average, mid table no excitement year next season please. Dont think the old ticker could take another year like this one.
    Ps. Do whatever it takes to get Tevez

  5. Brad says:

    I feel so ashamed now. While I didn’t think the season was entirely over after the nightmare against Spurs I did think we were gonners after the Charlton game.

    I should have had more faith and I am sorry.

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