Transfer Gossip from the Sundays

Well, we seem to be linked with every player in the Premier League. The News of the World says we are after Andy Johnson, Tim Cahill, Giles Barnes (Derby) and Scott Parker. They also say we have been offered Tevez for £30 million or £9 million a year loan!


11 Responses to Transfer Gossip from the Sundays

  1. Connor says:

    We offered Tevez 30m or someone offered for Tevez for 30m??

    Andy Johnson and Tim Cahill sounds nice.. haven’t seen scott parker play..

    Is Giles Barnes good?

  2. Iron Trigz says:

    we can buy tevez for £30 million outright or loan him for £9 million, buying him outright sounds the best option because lets face it 9 mil a year for a player, Thats a lot of cash! Come on Eggy Get Ya Wallet Out!

  3. David King says:

    Tevez has been quoted as saying he enjoyed his time at West Ham but would like to play for a bigger club. For my part I say good luck to him and thanks very much. Been a pleasure to see you here. Better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. Who said that anyway?

  4. Prolix says:

    What makes you think that Johnson or cahill would want to go to West Ham? Everton finished 6th and are headed to Europe where as West Ham stayed up on the last day and may still go down depending on the registrations situation. You couldn’t afford them and if you could, they wouldn’t leave. Still, I believe that Christian Nade is looking for a move.

  5. BeBop says:

    Parker, Cahill and Tevez – Yes Please!

  6. mac says:

    Sunday Mirror has Zamora on his way for £5m. Given his performances this season is that a bit rash, or is Curbs set on an Ashton/Bent combination?

  7. Pel says:

    am i the only one who doesn’t want to see Darren bent at west ham?? i think he’s overrated, and wouldn’t fit in. As for £30m for Tevez – if he did an ashton and broke his foot early in the season we’d be screwed! even more so if we’d forked out £9m for the loan!

  8. ny hammer says:

    as for tevez, as brilliant as it was having him for a season ,it just doesn t make any economic sense to keep him either by loan or outright purchase. as for bent, i agree with the comment that he s probably not the right choice, especially given the figure Charlton appear to want for him.

    everton aren t are an ok club ,but they re never going to be anything better than just ok. on their day ,they can compete with the stronger clubs , but they re also capable of putting in very average performances, as they did at upton park this past season. we could more than afford johnson and cahill, but i m not sure we d want either. the former simply doesn t live up to his reputation ,and the latter appears to have ongoing fitness issues. no thanks. everton in europe? that ll last long. and that ll me everton struggling to reach 50 points next season as well in the premiership,because they can t fight more than one battle at a time. go back to your own club s blog, where you belong prolix,mired in mediocrity

  9. ny hammer says:

    i hope the mirror s got it wrong on zamora- he s gotten better and will improve firther still, and he certainly plays for teh shirt. May not be thierry henry but wud be a shame to lose him

  10. hammermolder says:

    loved Tevez,but 30 million is to much,Darren Bent,say what you like but the boy scores goals.

  11. me mate dave says:

    lol you lot are jokers thinking johnson and cahill are gonna join


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