West Ham Stars Give Generously… Unlike Wigan!

Noreena Hertz has spent the last 2-3 months touring football clubs trying to get as many players as possible to give a day’s pay to maydayfornurses.com. Needless to say, West Ham’s entire squad coughed up – the only one I think to do so man for man. Needless to say the tightfisted gits at Wigan refused to contribute, bar one solitary member of their first team. Anyway, she’s raised £750,000. Rumour has it that the party leaders are making time to see her personally about this.

There’s an Early Day Motion (1422) which about 85 MPs have signed congratulating the Mayday For Nurses campaign on their efforts. Noreena Hertz has made a documentary for Channel 4 to be broadcast on 7 June about her tours round the football grounds of Britain. Here’s a message I had from Noreena Hertz…

from Noreena: Please tell Iain i thought westham were wonderful and that the first team all came on board and that nigel reo coker was one of the first to support the campaign and has been a real support all way through. tell him also that westham feature as heros in the channel 4 film coming out june 7th chronicling my adventures in world of football trying to pull this all off… x


5 Responses to West Ham Stars Give Generously… Unlike Wigan!

  1. pel says:

    i hear Dave Whelan was trying to sue Noreena for fielding inelligible nurses during this campaign…

  2. mac says:

    I find it ludicrous that anyone involved in football could turn this one down. I think we need an explanation from Whelan. Let’s all call the Wigan PR office to find out if this is true. I’m sure they’d give us all a credible answer… No number listed for PR; main tel for Wigan FC is 01942 774 00

  3. mac says:

    …er, make that 01942 774 000

  4. mac says:

    Just had a look at maydayfornurses.com.

    Reading, Watford and Fulham also have their entire first-team on board. Man Utd a bit thin on the ground though with only two… hmmm. Would also have put my house on Ajan de Zeeuw being the only Wigan player involved.

    All very revealing.

  5. ny hammer says:

    nice to see us get a good bit of press. also given the stick that coker took in the first half of the season ,good to see him doing the right thing,regardless of whether he stays at upton park or not.

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