Chris Riggott, No Thanks

This morning’s Sun speculates that Alan Curbishley wants to sign Middlesbrough’s Chris Riggott. He’s actually a player I quite like, but just the sort of player we should be ignoring. We have got to set our sights higher than a player who only managed 7 games for Middlesbrough last season. We already have several top quality centre halves – why do we need another just above average one? He’ll cost £ 2,million apparently. Curbishley has got to get out of the Charlton mindset. He would have been a good signing for Charlton, but West Ham are moving onto a different plane now.


6 Responses to Chris Riggott, No Thanks

  1. ny hammer says:

    fully agreed. we re at the point now where we re better off with fewer ,higher quality signings ,rather than a cartload of mediocre ones. the “throw at the dartboard” approach and see what sticks may have been rite for the emrgency of last january ,but not now. what s the rush? however long it takes ,it takes . mears and paintsil were hit and hope purchases . as iain says we re not short of center halves in any case…put the 2 million towards the 8 to 10 million that will be required to get someone to share duty with ashton and zamora.

  2. Danny says:

    I think we should go for Stuart Downing ( Middlesbrough ) to cover Reo Coker

    I also think we should Leonardo Vitor Santiago from (Ajax) great Finsher on the ball for Cover for Hairwood

    Wesley Sneijder midfield (Ajaxs)

    I dont know why they dont just go for it this Season as we have proved we can beat the Champoions so why not try to be champoins

  3. mac says:

    Oh dear. What next, Darren Ambrose?

    Does Curbs know something we don’t? Perhaps we’re going to get that points deduction after all, which is why he’s obviously buying with the Championship in mind.

  4. mac says:

    …just seen Chris Powell is free again. Hold the back page.

  5. Danny says:

    I realy do think we should start looking for these players that are high rated and are the dog’s and not these As beens.We use to say that westham cant aford hight Talented players cos we an got the money now we have, let’s start looking for a bright future not a team withReject and as beens.

  6. David King says:

    With a manager like Curbishley I am not going to hold my breath on any good signings. This the man who preferred Quashie to Mascherano dont forget and bought that ahole Boa Morte. I’d still like to see Curbishley out.

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