Yossi Stays

The Daily Mail reports that Yossi Benayoun has signed a new five year contract, putting an end to speculation that he wanted to leave. I’m really pleased as he adds a lot to the team wherever he plays. I still think we need to sign a top class winger, whether on the left or right – preferably both.


7 Responses to Yossi Stays

  1. jamie says:

    i heard a that joe cole wants to sign for west ham
    any one no about that?

  2. ChrisG says:

    He is a real talent in our team and does not stop trying all match long, and works for the others around him, which has sometimes been lacking this season in some of the others this season

  3. Pel says:

    that christiano ronaldo’s all right… think we should try for him…

  4. Roads says:

    That’s excellent news, Iain. Benayoun has been just outstanding for the Hammers – ambition, work rate, class. If you have read his life story, then you’ll know that it hasn’t been easy, and that he has worked enormously hard for what he has achieved.

    Yossi could certainly give a lesson in motivation to one or two other Hammers I could mention … and let’s hope he does.

  5. mac says:

    Great news. Yossi now just needs some steel around him. Sorry Nigel Q, that doesn’t include you…

  6. ny hammer says:

    there s no questioned that when he s fit and motivated Benayoun adds a lot to the side,as was very obvious in our run of 7 wins from 9. what concerns me is why for the first half of last season he seemed less than committed. the work rate that some people praise him for seemed to be absent in teh first half of the season. in fact ,i would argue that he was one of the under-peformers in the first half of the season that caused us to end up in a spot of bother. i apprreciate what he s capable of- i justhave questions about his consistency and desire. questions that i don t have about someone like mark noble for example.

  7. Danny says:

    Iv heard that we are sighning Larson to cover Tevez

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