Bye Bye Nigel

So farewell then Nigel Reo-Coker. He’s handed in a transfer request. According to his shit of an agent “he never felt wanted”. Oh give me a break. He was made Captain for God’s sake! I don’t know how much more of an indication of your worth you could want. On his day Nigel was superb. But too often in the first half of the season he wasn’t.

If we can get £8 million for him I’d let him go. I think he’s seen the writing on the wall that Lucas Neill is much more of a leader than he is, too.

But I’d like to thank him for his three years at the club. But maybe it really is best for him to go.


12 Responses to Bye Bye Nigel

  1. ANDY B says:


  2. Damien says:

    Yeah I saw this coming a long time ago…shame tho he was good at one time then got a big head later on

  3. KeithR says:

    Brown, Aldridge, Pard’s and NRC …to the likes of me they were the ones presiding over the clag that was the 06/07 season & his request to leave us seemingly acknowledges his part in that calamity. However, due to his youth vs. the learning curve that he’s on, I would easily forget about it if he did – but his transfer request indicates that he’s unable to.
    Best wishes Nige (- please don’t do a Lamp’s on us cos that would be ‘Cry Baby Bentley’ and arguably both undeserved & unforgiveable after what we’ve been through).

  4. Mac says:

    Dear Nige

    So what happens the next time you and your team go through a bad patch? Yes you did take some undeserved stick, but what did you expect? You were the Captain and focal point of the team and we were going through the worst spell in living memory.

    It’s a shame ultimately because I think you’re a decent guy with your heart in the right place.

    Can I suggest you spend the summer developing a somewhat thicker skin.

    But thanks, your goal against Arsenal at Highbury is how I will remember you, not as the hurt little boy who says he never felt wanted.

  5. Mac says:

    “Reo-Coker’s advisor Tony Finnigan said: “I can confirm that Nigel has handed in a transfer request. I am surprised as captain he is being allowed to leave.”

    What?! So he would have stayed then would he had Curbs turned his request down? I think not somehow. What are these agents on?

  6. uiscebot says:

    I remember him on football focus quoting ‘the art of war’ and just gone 20. The bloke has too many ideas about hiself, hence the unappreciated air of late, let him go, good riddance.

  7. David King says:

    This has all the ring of Paul Ince about it. He’s a good little player and I think he has been very badly advised and also got above his station a bit too quick. Remember where you came from Nige and be nice to them. In football you WILL meet them on the way back down.

  8. 100% agree…nigel out..lucas in

  9. ny hammer says:

    well miss his tenacity in midfield,but if he doesn t want to stay ,good riddance. Neill will be a better captain anyway.

  10. Stephen says:

    I think it’s a shame he want’s to leave. He is 23, captain of our great club. He has bags of potential, he is already a very good player. Why would he not want to stay? He get’s well paid, has a very ambitious chairman. We have some strong players already and are about to invest in new and better ones. Build a new stadium. I would think being captain whilst this is all happening would be very exciting! despite a lot of supporters not always liking him there are large number who do! That will be the same at any club!

  11. ny hammer says:

    begs the question. well paid, at a club with an ambitious chairman, why the need to leave? or was his ego too fragile to cope with losing the captaincy to neill?and toi fragile to cope with criticism that comes your way as captain when you and your side underperform?

  12. jon l.colney says:

    how does he think he is going to improve as a player thats sitting on the bench in a rotation system?
    come on its easy to see the likes of swp and co ruining there careers why does he think hes abouve all that?
    lamps and the like are guaranteed a start at these so called big clubs because theyve proved it .he will regret what hes done and never make it big in life its all about attitude and its plain to see nrc has a lot to learn.
    parker ? maybe curbs knows him best but he has a lot to prove in my book.

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