Lucas Lures His Mate

Lucas Neill has given an INTERVIEW to the Australian Telegraph in which he reveals that he is trying to help Eggert Magnusson sign Mark Viduka. Please God, no. Apart from that it’s a great interview. I think he could become a real West Ham legend and he’ll undoubtedly take over the captaincy from Reo-Croker.


5 Responses to Lucas Lures His Mate

  1. Maureen says:

    I rather hope he doesn’t succeed, but wonder if Yossi will lure his mate Ben Haim…..
    That I think would be a good fit.

  2. MOORO says:

    Not sure on Viduka….cahill yes. Ben Haim maybe if Davenport goes.

  3. ny hammer says:

    viduka is well past his best. not to mention this is the kiss-blowing windbag who taunted us the season we went down when we lost 4-3 at leeds. keep that fat waster away from upton park

  4. Pel says:

    i wonder if Tevez could convince his mate Mascherano…

  5. Maureen says:

    Now you’re talking Pel,
    Ain’t going to happen, but I wish

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