Tevez Will Leave Because of Curbs

THIS article from today’s Observer has the ring of truth about it – especially as it is co-written by Denis Campbell, a West Ham season ticket holder and a journalist with excellent links into the club…

Carlos Tevez, West Ham’s controversial Argentine striker, is keen to leave the club because of differences with manager Alan Curbishley. Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool are all considering a move for Tevez, who scored seven goals in the Hammers’ last 10 Premiership games of the season to help keep them in the top flight.
According to a West Ham insider, Tevez will not consider staying at Upton Park as long as Curbishley is in charge. ‘Tevez likes the club and wants to stay,’ the source said, ‘but he won’t while Alan Curbishley is the manager. He hasn’t forgotten how he was treated when Curbishley first took over from Alan Pardew. He told Tevez he didn’t know what his best position was, treated him indifferently in training, and refused to play him at first.’Curbishley left the 23-year-old on the bench for his first game in charge, a 1-0 win over Manchester United in December, and it was a month before he named Tevez in a starting line-up in the Premiership.
‘If there was a change of manager maybe it would be different,’ the source added, ‘but Tevez does not think Curbishley knows what he is doing and that he’s a bad manager. He wants to play for someone who can further develop his game. Curbishley recognises now that Tevez saved our season, but it’s too late.’

Tevez, who has won 25 caps for Argentina and played for them in last year’s World Cup finals, was the subject of a £31million bid from Inter Milan while at Brazilian club Corinthians in 2005, and it is believed that a similar figure will be demanded for him this summer.


26 Responses to Tevez Will Leave Because of Curbs

  1. Connor says:


    I’d let Curbs go to keep him, although i quite like curbs now.. but i’m in love Tevez..

    I was really happy when Tevez first came, and excited.. and he didn’t get games, then everyone was thinking it was coz of him and mascherano we were losing games, but i still loved Tevez while you all hated him.. then he hit form and you love him lol

  2. David King says:

    I never have, never will, and never wanted Curbishley in the first place. Tevez has more ability in his little finger than Curbs ever had. To admit to not knowing his best position is the sign of ignorance. Get rid of Curbs, keep Tevez

  3. tom r says:

    so why is Tevez directly quoted on Sky Sports as saying he is more than happy at west ham? Theres no quotes from Tevez here just “insiders” dont believe what you read in the papers!!!

  4. herbie1958 says:

    its the summer silly season again i don’t believe a the papers say.i think they make half this stuff up.

  5. MOORO says:

    Hmmmm….not sure what to make of this, but he certainly didn’t appear to be playing like he was unhappy with the manager. I’ve fallen in love with Tevez like most hammers fans, and wasn’t sure about Curbs appointment. However, Tevez will do whats right for himself (or rather his advisors will advise him). If he leaves i shall be gutted, but we move on and no one player is bigger than the club.
    I for one am happy to give Curbs the benefit of a least one season as manager.

  6. Ian the Hammers says:

    I’m a massive Argentina fan (dont hate me, goes wwwaaaayyy back to ’78 when I was a 12yr old & my first memory of the world cup was the Argie one, & then maradona (god) came along) & we are very luck not only to have seen someone of Tevez’s ability in a West ham shirt, but without him, & I know others where involved, I believe we would have been relegated. I seriously do not expect him to be wearing a West ham shirt next season & can only hope he goes abroad so as my memory of him isnt tainted. We also messed up BIG time with Mascherano, possibly a better palyer than Tevez. They only ended up with us so as to go into the shop window & then a big european club would have them from us for 30+ million.

  7. davo says:

    Total rubbish reason for not playing Tevez was because of the FA dispute once they had checked this out Tevez was back in squad

  8. BeBop says:

    I like Tevez, but if he thinks Curbs should leave to make room for him then he must be dreaming. Curbs is one of the best managers out there. He’ll make poffs into men. Tevez is good and he did his best to keep our team up, but lets not forget the rest of the team! What has gotten into people?! Everything I hear about is “Tevez saved West Ham from relegation with his 7 goals in 10 games…” well, what did Zamora, Noble, Neill, Green, Ringo and Collins do for our team? Well, they did just as much as Tevez did for us. Zamora’s goal against Everton.
    Before the Everton game I knew we wouldn’t win. Tevez wouldnt get past Yobo and Lescott. Thats when Zamora apeared, a backheel from Yossi and the thing Zamora knows best, smashing the ball into the goal from outside the 16.
    Neill’s superb passes that led to many of our goals.
    Noble’s fighting spirit and ‘never-giving-up-attitude’ and
    Green’s magic fingers… So, if Tevez happens to leave, we’ll still have a good team with new good players to come. Don’t you think Curbs would want a new striker in if Tevez leave? And their goal would be to find someone maybe even better than Tevez. Curbs is the one to keep !

  9. Singapore Hammer says:

    You have to wonder if a certain NRC is your mates source for this flimsy read. Or anyone from Sheringham, Etherington, Konchesky, Carrol or Newton. Children all of them. As much as I would love Tevez to be in the claret and blue next season, the reason he won’t be is not because Curbishly is a bad manager. It’s what the likes of Real Madrid, Chelsea, Juve. Milan, Manchester United… can offer. Champions League, loads of $$$$ and glory versus West Ham. Besides Tevez, Curbishly managed to fire up Zamora, Green, McCartney, Noble, Collins, Neil, Benayoun even Ferdinand and NRC. If that’s not management what is? Give Curbishly time and $$$ and he will return a team that plays football the way Tevez likes to play, shame his ‘advisors’ don’t have the vision.

  10. ny hammer says:

    although the article may be evidence of the “silly season” being upon us with journos struggling to concoct stories to entertain us,it is a timely reminder in some ways. Yes,credit has to go to Curbishley for pulling off a miracle, but questions still need to be asked about how we ended up so deep in the mire in the first place. what happened to the team from the home portsmouth match through the away charlton match can t be swept under the carpet. it was a disgrace, and although perhaps thats largely down to the players,curbishley can t be absolved of responsibility. Seperately, i agree with the comment by one of the other respondents here that the great escape came about not only because of Tevez, but also because of great work from about 7 or 8 other players. this was not a one man band in the last 10 games- which is why we stayed we up.

  11. Pel says:

    two words for next season… Mark Noble.

  12. Danny says:

    What a load off shit Alan is a great manager if it was not for him and the team he put out we would off been Relagated as we was in the dump. Sorrry to say i do love Tevez but if you dont love this club fuck off and go home if you do like this club stay and be a god that is to all the players as well.

    And for the news paper’s stop giving every player stick as its wankers like you that pressure players out,

    We will be a new and beter Westham next Season,

    So Keep up the good work Alan and also the players how stick with the club next season,

  13. ny hammer says:

    agree on mark noble. it all starts there . he s why we can live without nigel reo-coker.

  14. The Headmaster says:

    Parker in 4 NRC it looks like. Havin that personally.

  15. Bill Compton says:

    Hi Jim. Photos i received. Thanks

  16. jon l.colney says:

    noble,bobby z and green.thats where we can build from.tevez may only be short term and if egg is looking to build then this will be a no no.love the little feller but not short term.any news on quasi going ? cart horse needs to let loose.
    gutted about mullins ,looks like reading but top man .not the gifted one but usefull in the breaking up of attacts and bugger me we needed someone like that last year.
    i like the idea of having a settled team and for me curbs did get that right in the end.remember fergys first season? give the man a chance,remember the last time any of us took a new job!its hard enough let alone taking over a club as big as ours + in deep dogy do dar.
    the papers are full of any team with cash to burn so we will be linked to anyone that has ever kicked a ball in anger!i just wish the club were a bit more forward on the webb site with whats going on.at least we can then know its real.

  17. neil says:

    id like to think tevez would stay but i cant see it he wants trophies curbs in my eyes played a blinder in his managers role got us back as a unit just shows the man is class

  18. Hammerithome says:

    David King says Tevez has more ability in his little finger than Curbs ever had.
    Thing is Dave; They play in different positions. Curbs was a midfielder who passed the ball,and Tevez is a player who puts players under presure and scores goals. They are as different as chalk and cheese mate! Can’t compare them at all,sorry.

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