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I don’t know how many of you look at the KUMB forums or are onthe West Ham Mailing List. For those that don’t, there is a chap called Brownfatwa on KUMB who is apparently quite reliable in his predictions. So I thought you’d be interested…

Right chaps and chapesses am now back from a rather splendid luncheon not too wankered to get to tonights shin-dig avec messrs Bonds, Cottee and Gayle.I’ll do my best to recount tales of matters claret (lots of it) and blue (no need to be). As I’ve said before the source is genuine but obviously he needs to keep some decorum as do i on certain matters.
but here’s the gist of things.

1. The Icemen are mustard. very ambitious, very committed and apparently absolutely loving it, Eggy big-time. Was saddened by the prospect of relegation but remained confident to all staff throughout and never flinched from the ‘just a setback’ line.
2. Backing for Curbs is very resolute and £30m gross (of sales) is not am unrealistic assessment of our fire-power if required. However…
3. it seems that the investment in the team is being prioritised for this year. The new ground will become priority from next year – big committemnt to this. So team overhaul this term then more of a ‘one or two here one or two there’ therefater.
4. Impression was that Curbs (and Day) were tough cookies and had very principled views on what the players should do, behave and be responsible for. Not keen on ‘individuals’ and ‘flash types’.
5. Transfer activity this summer will attempt to build the nucleus of a top 6 side for the next 2-3 years.
6. very positive feel about all aspects of the club and staff now. investment to be made in the academy and to broaden the overseas scouting resource.

Nothing to really add on the door marked exit and has been well trawled on this site already. The priority is to slim down the overall size of the squad and only bring in quality. Curbs believes that there are too many ‘Ok only’ players. maybe worth saying that Baby Rio has got a stay of execution until January at least. This is due to a) improivement in form at tail end and b) unable to get maximum value due to court case c) wants to stay. my man still gets the impression that Gabbs is the odd
one out of the 5 CBs. Pards loved him but Curbs sees him more as a RB – not big or striong enough for CB. expendable.
Dont be surprised to see a net reduction of about 7-8 this summer.

Tevez – could not really enmlighten us. Kia i sense holds the cards and its probably all in the hands of barca/real mad. We will fight damn hard to hold him but if we do then probably just for anither year on effectively a loan-fee basis.

Northern Monkeys etc – no worries. Eggy seems to have assurances fron FIFA itself that we are fine. Coulnt be arsed to debate this at length just kept saying ‘don’t worry your cotton socks’.

Transfer strategy &n targets – do i have your attention now?? Priority is midfield. NRC out and want 2 CMs plus a RM or one that can play either flank as a wing-man.

PARKER was Curbs #1 choice and that uis a done deal. terms agreed with both Newc and player in principle. Will sign after medical this weekend in early part of next week.
BARTON – not to my mans knowledge. if we have approached then it is via agent, no contact with City over fee etc. he did not see barton as Curbs sort of player i.e. trouble with a capital T for Tit – a complete one. And Curbs does not like to gamble on miscreants.
TOURE – name has been mentioned in-house but this one would be down to Eggy first and foremost. Interest could have well been registered but felt was likely to stay in europe with a top Spanish or Italian club .
MAKELE – possible. Are asking to be kept informed shopuld Chelski giove the green light. Fee is nop more than £1m wages high.
?? – also loooking at a Scandi kid (u-21s) to be brought in and grounded for 1-2 years time. cant recall the name i’m afraid but playing in sweden.
CAHILL – there is some fire to the smoke i detect. our stance here seems to revolve around NRC. we seem to be hoping the scouse want him and if so a px deal for cahill could well be a runner. Is on Curbs list and Lucas is desperate for a team mate to join us.

the wide player RM was hoped to be Giles Barnes buit now unlikely sionce Derby made it up. ( Poss go again in Jan if Derby struggling). Had dismissed koumas and offered Eagles and dismissed him. the names still on the list are Barnetta (agent informed), Routledge (as a back-stop) and surprisingly Young (Villa) still crops up. Looking outside Uk for this slot too.

LB – want a first choice over george macca. No surprise here SHOREY has been approached and i Reading contacted. Mullins may be bait here. fee is £4-5m. Will talk with player & agent within the next 10 days. Not imminent but hopeful. If that fails there is a target in germany – no name given. Baines is a no-no due to Wigan stand-ofv and Curbs not a bifg fan.
Robinson of WBA also on the list.

Strikers. Situation muddled by tevez and Ashton – should be ready fro August but hinted all is not yet 100% with him. Boobby stays, Cole goes and Hare is dispensible. No ineterst in Bellamy at all. Viduka wont shift family from NE though we were very keen.
thjere is clearly business to be donme with Charlton. bent is Curbs #1 choice and this is regardless of whether tevez stays or not. trying to tie up a deal before the Tevez situation clears so as not to be held to ransom. dDelegations meeting next week from clubs to discuss formal offers. Agent and player are aware and behind the scenes terms have been discussd alreadfy. Think its Tuesday. we would offer PX from Mullins, hare, gabbs, walker, davenport i.e.all players known to be liked by pards. Bent comes even if tevez stays. We are in poll position on bent but Charlton may play hard ball. Liverpool thought to have bigger targets
annd Yids only interested if defoe goes. Fee for cash is £12m minimum. very hopeful.
YAKUBU – is the second choice and he is thought to be gettable. No go on Gudjohnnson – he has no ineterst, we did.

Phew I need a drink.


14 Responses to Informed Gossip

  1. Connor says:

    Cheers for that Iain, we need more posts like that 🙂

  2. Trickywhu1 says:

    That was cool info it gets to over hyped around this time o year and is always good to know some reliable info thank you mate.

  3. […] Informed Gossip I don’t know how many of you look at the KUMB forums or are onthe West Ham Mailing List. For those that […] […]

  4. Frank McAvennie says:

    I wouldn’t worry about all this too much. We are about to be relegated. I can confirm this from a reliable source. FIFA have already confirmed to the Premier League that they should have docked points and the Premier League officials realise they have made a balls up and were generous in their decision to only fine WHU. They lost sight because of the prestige of having Tevez playing in what they consider the best football product in the world – the Premiership. Short sighted and now West Ham are doomed.

  5. ny hammer says:

    in response to frank s comment, reading the morning papers on today,monday,june 4th has been a bit unsettling. were the arbitration decision to go against westham,or for that matter ,were fifa to rule against us, does anyone have an opinion on what our recourse would be? is it realistic that we would then sue the Premier League,Fifa ,Sheffield United and the other clubs who lobbied against us ,or any or all of the above? Somehow i can t imagine it being an open and shut case regrdless of the outcome of the arbitration panel. Could this conceivably go into the courts and drag on for months?

  6. Trickywhu1 says:

    I agree wit ny hammer if the worst was to happen we would sue everyone and anything for a long time to come.If all those italian clubs can get the match fixin penaltys overturned then our simple case should be as well. You never know we might even end up makin a profit out of it lol.

  7. Danny A says:

    I do think Alan should look more harder for talent!i heard i the News of the World dat if Totenham sighn Bent we will be going to bring Defoe back but the thing is I dont want him here and i bet yous don’t he shited on use when we went down.

  8. Icelandic Hammer says:

    First of all, it wasn’t PL officials that decided to fine us and not dock points. It was an independent commission. Note the word “independent”.

    Second, the Sheffield U. arbitration panel can’t overturn our decision, they can at worst (for us) say the PL did not follow protocols and force the original decision to be revisited. So the independent commission would probably have to rule again. If that resulted in a points deduction (we’d probably be in August by now), we could appeal that decision.

    In short, this matter is very, very, very unlikely to be resolved with a final relegation for us before next season starts. I think the worst that could happen is that they try to mediate by allowing SU to join a 21-team Premier League, but even that would cause a lot of problems with fixtures (PL would need two more matchdays).

  9. Thanks for the info. Why doesn’t this guy write for the papers. informed for once!

  10. Trickywhu1 says:

    I did not see defoe as that goog a player the first time round but then i never have liked goal poachers i can see why alan wants to stay with what he knows if the money is to dry up for the new stadium we should have proven prem players even if it is at stupid prices.

  11. ny hammer says:

    thx for response icelandic hammer- that was my sense as well, that in the event a ruling went against us ,that what cud happen is a 21 team league. otherwise it s a lentgly legal battle that will never be sreolved before august.

  12. Jay says:

    You really know your stuff, does your work feature anywhere else?

  13. Jeff Cardy says:

    I see from one of the Sunday’s that Man Poo are interested in having Tevez on loan.
    Well,I’d just like to say who the hell do they think they are?
    Damn cheek,can’t afford him outright so think they can muscle their way in even though he is under a contract with the Hammers,but hey,what the heck,they are the mighty reds!!
    Teams such as these make me very angry as they wouldn’t like it done to them.
    Go away Man Poo and bother some other team and see what reply you get. Why not ask Chelsea for Drogba on loan? As if!!

  14. BF-WHUFC says:

    I have it on very good grounds that we have made an approach to sign a youngster from Norway?? Any truth to this rumour?? I think a youngster maybe what we
    need to take us to the next level. Look at the way Mark Noble ended the season for us. Played with his heart on his sleeve and deserved to be called up to the England Under 21’s. I think he will be a big player for us next season.

    Just to comment on this Defoe garbage. He won’t be coming back!! He would rather sit on the bench at Spurs! I think the team for next season will be good enough to compete for europe.

    Here is how I have it with the confirmed signings included:
    GK: Robert Green
    RB:Lucas Neill
    CB: Anton Ferdinand
    CB:Matt Upson
    LB: George McCartney (the only shady area)
    RM: Yossi Benayoun
    CM: Mark Noble
    CM: Scott Parker
    LM: Louis Boa Morte
    ST: Carlos Tevez (if he stays)
    ST: Dean Ashton

    Anyone think this is the team for next season?? Please make any changes if you feel there are any.

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