Good Luck Marlon!

Marlon Harewood is on his way. He’s been told he is surplus to requirements at Upton Park by Alan Curbishley. I’ll be quite sad to see him go in many ways. On his day he could be frightening, but when he wasn’t on his day he could also be frightening… His reaction to the news spoke volumes about the man…

“I think it’s time for me to leave West Ham. I’ve had four good years at the club but now it’s time for me to find a new challenge. I’ve had a chat with the new manager and he obviously wants to bring his own players in — it happens everywhere. I want to be playing football, I love it. I had a great season before last for West Ham playing 43 games and scoring 16 goals but last season wasn’t the best for me. I’m so up for next season. I just can’t wait to be scoring again and winning games for a team — that’s what I want to be doing.”

No bitterness, no recriminations. Good luck Marlon, we’ll miss you.


13 Responses to Good Luck Marlon!

  1. Connor says:

    Yeh good luck to him, probably go to like Wigan or Man city..

  2. Russ B says:

    On his day he was a hell of a player – and we’ll never forget the team that got us back in the Prem in the first place!

    I’ll never forget how hard he tried to make that shot on goal in the dying minutes of the FA Cup Final… and quite how far it went wide.

    All the best to you Marlon. My bet is on Sunderland

  3. ny hammer says:

    in some ways i m sorry to see him go, in that i think he s got ability ,and i think he can get better. my problem with him has been his work rate. when u look at the way someone like Tevez runs up and down the pitch, and then compare that to the relative laziness of Harewood ,it s intolerable. Or even compare Harewood to a less heralded, but in my estimation very good player in Brian McBride. McBride chases everything down- Marlon doesn t. if the workrate was consistently reliable i cud forgive marlon the periodic mistakes . if we can get 3 million for him that wud be very good business in my estimation.

    more worrying is the talk that we are considering buying Barton. Why? the guy is nothing but trouble. do we need to be a last chance saloon for quasi-criminal no hopers?

  4. mac says:

    One minute he seemed to have it all and his goal against Boro in the Semi typified his qualities as he held off a challenge to smash the ball home. But then he would play with all the grace of a weightlifter in the 100 metre hurdles.

    In many ways he summed all that was good about the Pards era the season before last: muscular, bullish & confident. He seems like a genuine guy too and his comments in the face of being told he’s not wanted, which at any level and in any profession is not pleasant, does say a huge amount about him when he could so easily have bad-mouthed Curbs on his way out of the door.

  5. Andy says:

    I agree he’s being a gentleman on the way out. Nigel needs some lessons from him. His work rate was very poor last season and it showed. As one commentator pointed out, he never seemed passionately upset when he’d miss a shot on goal, just mildy disappointed. Godd luck Marlene.

  6. Mike says:

    Firstly guys, his agent would have told him what to say. Thats if he actually even said it, probs just a written statement more like. But I’m one of Marlon’s biggest fans for sure, loved him last year. But I think unless he’s your main man, he’s never guna be the hero. Hasnt got it in him to do anythin off the bench, the character. Bobby is no doubt much better, a goalscorer, but Marlon has undoubted qualities and will bode well in most other premiership teams as he’s always guna be surplus to requirements now as the new hammers take shape. Would be great for someone like Blackburn with Benni as partner. best of luck, give em hell.

  7. KiwiHammer says:

    Thanks for the memories Marlon. The goal against Boro and my euphoria after it will never be forgotten.

  8. Keith R says:

    Marlon, you are a proper gent: I’ll miss you shed-loads and toast your future on and off the park. May you continue to mentor your brand of faultless dipomacy to your less able colleagues …though fans are often knob-ends too.

  9. Rapidhammer says:

    Good luck for the future! Hope you will be scoring again as you did in our FA Cup run 2006! Thank you for memorable claret & blue moments! All the best, Marlon!

  10. Danny A says:

    Just woard off warning how buy’s him,
    Please Raise your Goal post anogher foot that is if you want him to score the best place he can go is in a rugby team done well the first season then played sh” as he did not wanted to play for us any more.

    PS Good luck for the future please prove me wrong!!

    And consertrate next season you never now you might make it as an England player!

  11. Pel says:

    Wow… Danny A that was the hardest thing i’ve ever had to read!

  12. Hammerithome says:

    My son will definately miss Marlon. On his day a real match winner but last year he just wasn’t the player he can be for whatever reason?
    Cheers Marlon,good luck to you.

  13. Nose says:

    Who would wanna buy him for 5 mil have they ever watched him play,
    Vice head you’re shite I would have bit my arm off for 11 mil last year from newcastle,
    Infact i would have probably said that 11 mil to much, why reject a 3 mil bid from brum,
    And as for darren bent 17 mil,AJ 20 mil,Bellamy please no, I would rather have tevez for 50 mil plus he is only 23 you would get the money back for him in 2 or 3 years he is god.

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