Defoe About to Sign?

Rumour is that West Ham have agreed a fee with Spurs for Jermain Defoe. He’s worried about the fans’ reaction, though. Views? Personally, I’d take him back like a shot, as long as the fee isn’t higher than what Spurs paid us for him originally.


41 Responses to Defoe About to Sign?

  1. Trickywhu1 says:

    I never thought that he was a true west ham player saying that there is something to be said for a good goal poacher. he did say he wanted to join a bigger club the first time round then went to spurs! That is unforgivable for me i just hope that if he comes back its on the real cheap

  2. Danny A says:

    I have to say, I realy do hate the geaser ! but if he is going to help score the Goals let him come back. He would have to work hard to get how forgivenes but when he stats scoring goals againg Spurs and the rest I WOULD LOVE HIM!!

  3. Mike says:


  4. Oliver says:

    Tevez: Sublime skill, flair, creativity and tenacity
    Defoe: Speed, poaching ability
    Ashton: Strength, heading ability, great finishing, vision

    What a strike force!

  5. Deano says:

    Sign him up, never badmouthed us, doesnt seem to be wanted at WHL.

  6. Danny A says:

    why is it, not a lot of f westham fans go on Knees up mother brown no more.

    Iv just been told that Tevez have all ready agred to stay.
    But i bet it’s a lie.

    Ian could you find out for use,

    Ps You have done a greate gob off the web site.

  7. Nick says:

    Where are you getting these rumours from? Is there really any substance to them or is it all gossip?

  8. Iain Dale says:

    Nick, If I think they have some legs to them I post them here. If not, I don’t. I got the scoop on the Calum Davenport transfer as it came from someone I trusted and I suppose I hoped it would be true.

    This one was mentioned on a private West Ham mailing list by someone who has good form on rumours being true.

    Obviously, you can’t be right all of the time. I have just had another person emailing swearing that Tevez has agreed to stay. I would love it to be true, but I fear it isn’t, so I’m mentioning it here, but not on a main post!

  9. Keith R says:

    Where’s the catch..? He’s a professional and so are we – but what about our boo-boy element, will they have a field day?

  10. Bob Godbolt says:

    Was a bit put out by the way he left – but he was young and ill advised. He’s certainly never done a Fat Frank and slagged us off in the press. If he wants to come back I’ll welcome him with open arms.

  11. Paul says:

    A combination of lousy timing, a young and immature Defoe, a greedy grasping agent, and a bunch of devastated Hammers fans at the time, led to the “hate status”. We have to be realistic – West Ham is our club, but has not been (even remotely) pushing for top honours. More famous for beating Arsenal then losing to Watford, and “Great Escape” episodes, than consistent winning form, we have to accept that ambitious and talented players will want to move on. That does not make them Judas, and this kid Defoe did nothing of the magnitude of Ince. Ditto Lumpard – his old man got the sack and at the time he was a damned good player (not too sure about now!), has won two League Titles, and was not gpoing to do that with us. Loyalty is a prerequisute for us long suffering supporters, but we have to be realistic about quality players.

    Defoe’s a good player, scores goals, has played decently for England too. If Tevez goes we need someone to dart in and stick away the stuff Ashton creates. If Tevez stays he’s still going to get kicked and injured, so we need someone like Defoe. He’s English, has a proven goalscoring record, and its time to stop working with the Carlton Coles and Kepa Blancos of this world and get a quality forward. I think he’s way better than Johnson, too.

  12. Gareth says:

    I would love to see Defoe back at West Ham. He was young and naive and left but he has always had us in his heart. Spoke to Sky Sports several times saying he hopes we stay up and we are in his heart, didn’t celebrate when he scored against us (actually looked sad if you asked me). It would be a dream buy for me and I never thought I’d say that but I’ve been giving it a lot of thought and I’d love him to be back in a West Ham shirt. Sooner him than Darren Bent who’d come to us as a 2nd choice after Spurs. Defoe would have to prove his worth to the fans who didn’t accept him – the result, he plays his heart out every game. Please let this be true!

  13. hammermolder says:

    His leaving was handle very badly and ofcoarse ,was i’ll timed,for myself, i would’nt mind seeing back,beleive me, if he scores 15 goals nexted season everyone will love him again.hope your wright about tevez Iain.

  14. Danny A says:

    Thanks Ian,

  15. Ben says:

    Aston Vila Would have to Wait for Reo coker

    for details on this check web site above.

  16. Nick says:

    Would dearly love Defoe back at West Ham but have also been told from someone I know who is ‘ITK’ that Darren Bent’s agent has indicated that Bent wants to now move to West Ham and the Club are hoping to tie up a deal by next week.

  17. ny hammer says:

    although defoe is talented ,for several reasons i wouldn t want him back.
    1- why did he feel the need to leave in the frist place? why was unwilling to spend a full year in the championship to get us promoted?
    2- if he s so so good, why can the get a game at spurs, or england, and why are other clubs not so quick to bid for him?
    3- i don t buy the naive,immature 19 year old excuse. if he was old enough to collect big wages in 2002-03 ,then he should have been old enough to conduct himself properly at the end.
    4- why did he see the need to get himself sent off twice in his last 3 months at the club?
    5- he was the nearly man and still is- he creates loads of chances, but struggles to put them away. that was the case in 2003 and it still is the case. he doesn t score one-third the number of goals he should given the number of chnaces he gets

  18. Connor says:

    I say yes

  19. Comeonyouirons says:

    Defoe is quality.

    The exciting thing would be in the 2010 world cup finals:

    Ashton and Defoe leading the England attack!

    Come on you Irons!!!

  20. barry says:

    not a chance stay with the scum of spurs

  21. Trickywhu1 says:

    anyone else think that this may have been released by the club so that chalton cant charge what they like for bent cos there aint anyone else comin in for him at more than about 8 mil apart from us and we aint gonna pay 20mil or am i just deludin myself

  22. Trickywhu1 says:

    also roy carrol to go to wigan why give them anything i think he is a quality keeper

  23. Ian the Hammers says:

    NO NO NO NO!!! One of the reasons we got relegated in the first place – doesnt pass when others are in a better position than him & IS definatly a JUDAS in the mold of Lumpard & Ince reguardless of advice. When we where relegated last time we conceded less goals than sp*rs but scored way less. He cant get a game at sp*rs – why? The sp*urs fans I know where well over the moon when they signed him but I told them to watch him & see him for what he is – very selfish. Now not one of them would be bothered if he left. We must go forward now, not back. These players ALL jumped ship – Cole, Kanoute when we went down & I for one would not like any of them back –
    P.S. Carrick only stayed due to an extra year on his contract so he’s not alot different. I’ll probably get flamed for this post but I’d be sick if I saw him in a West ham shirt again
    I’ve put his goal scoring stats up –

    00-01(mai) Bournemouth 18 Goals, 29 Games
    01-02 West Ham 10 Goals, 35 Games
    02-03 West Ham 8 Goals, 38 Games – Season we got relegated
    03-04(jan) West Ham 11 Goals, 19 Games
    03-04 Tottenham 7 Goals, 15 Games
    04-05 Tottenham 13 Goals, 35 Games
    05-06 Tottenham 9 Goals, 36 Games
    06-07 Tottenham 10 Goals, 34 Games

    Please dont let it be true! Sorry but I do hate him.

    P.P.S. good shout NY Hammer

  24. Mac says:

    Word has it that Defoe got ‘found out’ by Premiership defenders which is why he struggled to score in recent seasons. Tends to put his head down, push the ball to the right then shoot. That’s the football bit out the way.

    On the emotional front, I’ve never liked players coming back once they’ve moved on. For me the hunger has gone and there’s too much history involved, however good or bad it was.

    No. Let’s leave him alone and focus on players with a clean WHU slate.

  25. Andreq says:

    I believe that he is a quality player. He would do us the world of good. I was angry when he left and always booed him at home games, but at the end of the day I only felt sore because he was playing for spurs. I’m not a thug or a inciter of hatred but when other fans comment on our webpages spurs seem to be the worst. Yes Defoe is an arrogant little wottsit but if he’s on our side do we really care?

    P.S. It’s nice to see a journalist who is a west ham fan but doesn’t stick the knife in every 5 seconds, like some ‘supporters’ of the club who are writers. It’s constructive and you feel the human touch of a geniune fan. Hope that’s not too embarrasing!

  26. […] Defoe About to Sign? Rumour is that West Ham have agreed a fee with Spurs for Jermain Defoe. He’s worried about the fans’ […] […]

  27. Joel says:

    why take him back??? we can get better players than him. Let me remid you all that he handed in his transfer request the day after we were relegated! its exactly what the club do not need. Curbs has built this squad with players such as Lucas Neill, who’s leadership qualities were undisputed throughout the last few weeks of the season. The thing that saved us last season was PASSION. which Defoe has none! i would rather introduce someone from our youth system, or somebody that cares about the club, than have him back. DEFOE IS JUDAS!

  28. Karl says:

    Pulling off the signings of the two argies was a coup for you guys, and yes a good one. However to think you can attract better players than Defoe is laughable.

    The only reason you don’t want him back, and therefore don’t rate him is because he left us for you. And i know it’s hard to swallow, but yes we are a bigger club! Defoe would improve you’re squad no end, the signing of Parker will not and i’m grateful he signed his life away for you. At Charlton he was good, at Newcastle he was Ok, at Chelsea he was crap. For small medicore clubs, he’s good so it seems him and Hammers are match made in heaven..

    The only way you’re getting these players is by throwing stupid amounts of money at them, and continue to do so. When you wind up like Leeds, make it even more enjoyable 🙂

    3rd Choice striker for us, he’d be first choice for you, must make you sick! lmao

  29. Trickywhu1 says:

    Are you aware that you are a tottenham fan just go to the docters or sumit please before its to late.

  30. scottbolyen says:

    karl are you german

  31. Jeff Cardy says:

    Message to Mac who says players don’t have the hunger when they come back;Bullshit man..What about these players who came back then; Julian Dicks, Tony Cottee, Bryan”Pop”Robson. Do me a favour Mac and think before you speak! JC

  32. ny hammer says:

    karl, get used to spending the rest of yer wretched life in teh rola cola. if you re lucky ,that will be the championship and not league one. charlrton eptimoze everything that is mediocre about most clubs outside the top 4. no ambition,limited talent at best
    and fan bases that couldn t get laid in a brothel. you re down, you re team is down, and you and charlton deserve each other. get back tou your own poxy waster s site,prune face.

  33. David King says:

    No thanks…..and I dont want Bent either.unless someone is leaving that I dont know about

  34. Hammerithome says:

    Bent NO; Defoe YES; Bellamy NOT SURE??
    Bent is a good player but I don’t think he is worth the money Charlton are asking.
    Defoe is a good player and could do a job for us if the boo boys left him alone.
    Bellamy I’m not sure of but if push comes to shove and we get him at a decent price then I’d take the chance.
    Above all else though,we MUST keep Tevez. He is the king pin in our team and the one who can make it all happen.

  35. Mac says:

    To Jeff Cardy: thanks mate, but I always think long and hard before I write. Ease off – you made your point.

  36. J C says:

    Hi Mac; No offence,but you didn’t think on this occasion did you? The players I mentioned all came back and done well so your point doesn’t stand up really. Not worth falling out over anyway as we are all supporting the same club so let’s just say it was a bit hasty on your part,and once again no offence Mac.

  37. Hammerithome says:

    Bent is no loss.Overpriced anyway.we can get someone else who will do us proud.Hammers fans should try to forget Defoe’s mishap from before and think of all the goals he could get for us.

  38. mac says:

    JC, thanks for your post mate. Appreciate your comments. On relection I think I was probably thinking more of McAvennie’s return when he really struggled, (remember when he eventually broke his duck second time round when the ball went in off his backside – was the only way he was ever going to score), so I’ll back down on this one!

    Pop Robson – now there was a striker. Actually had completely forgot he came back to be honest: Remember his first stint more clearly for some reason, even though I was only 10 in ’72.

  39. Carl says:

    Yeah, I have just been told by a good source that we have signed him for 6million, its apparently on the news on btyahoo, but im not a member of that website so cant login.

  40. Turtle E6 says:

    theres no doubting that defoe is a good player. He can score goals, has got pace and good ability. But there is no way west ham fans will forgive him. He left Upton Park a hated figure and that hate still remains. Also because we got Eggy as our chairman, spurs would want stupid amounts of money ( at least £12M ) for a player who is way too similar to Bellamy. We only need one little man to partner Ashton. Keep Zamora, he did well last season and sell Harewood and Cole. Tevez is gone….i think ? only Kia knows?? thats 3 strikers for next season. Curbs if your reading this is my wish list….Appiaiah would be a good singing…or Kevin Nolan??? Flamini?Nakamura? Even Solksjaer fof a season?? Man U wont need him?? IRONS IRONS IRONS

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