Mark Noble: Dontcha Just Love Him?

This is what Mark Noble told Sky Sports News this morning…

The sky’s the limit for West Ham. We’ve got a great chairman, a good manager and some fantastic players. I hope we keep the likes of Tev (Carlos Tevez), obviously Yossi (Benayoun) has signed a new deal and it’s looking forward for the club. I can’t wait for next season, and I’ll be going into the gaffer and telling him I want to play and finish off from last season, and I’m sure he’ll be happy with me doing that. It was amazing times when I was there – it seemed like we were playing like Real Madrid. We were passing it, we had Tevez scoring, Bobby (Zamora) was scoring and obviously we were on fire – it seemed like we can beat anyone, and it just showed because we beat Man U away and Arsenal away. We rode our luck a bit at times, but you need that when you’re in the bottom three. We just deserved to stay up at the end of it.

Dontcha just love him?


22 Responses to Mark Noble: Dontcha Just Love Him?

  1. Connor says:

    Yes, yes I do.

  2. Russ B says:

    Absolute legend.

    If only all our players had the same mentality – he absolutely played his socks off last season.

    And that volley…

  3. smashinghammer says:

    Noble understands what it means to be a hammer because he is and always will be,the reason he has endeared himself with the fans.Unlike nigel medi-oker who is’nt , was’nt and never will be!

  4. ny hammer says:

    yes. noble loves the club, has heaps of talent, and runs his socks off for club and country. this is teh type of player we should be building the squad around. one of our own.

  5. lk24 says:

    i think we should start a noble 4 england campaign 100 time s better than that judas lampard

  6. Croydonian says:

    Isn’t he supposed to have sung ‘Bubbles’ while he was signing pro forms for us?

  7. Xhammers@heartX says:

    Noble is a credit to himself and his parents!!…, and every young player that passes via the youth system should look at a video tape of his passion show last season and they will , and should know what it takes to play for WEST HAM UNITED F.C

  8. KiwiHammer says:

    The best thing is he’s still so young. He played awesome last season but he still hasn’t had his best season with the club yet.

  9. Maureen says:

    Just love that lad, so glad he’s playing for the U21’s. Hope all his football dreams come true because they seem to line up with mine

  10. Pel says:

    and he’s a hell of a player on champ manager too 😉

  11. Keith R says:

    …nice one, Mark – and thanks .

  12. Mac says:

    Has to be agentless surely? Harks back to a time gone by: jumpers for goalposts, hmmm, isn’t it?

  13. Hammerithome says:

    Young Mark has been a breath of fresh air to the Hammers team and long may it continue.
    I just hope he doesn’t suffer from burn out with the under 21’s.
    A must for us next year and hope he stays injury free.

  14. noble for manager….erm…

    maybe a bit far there?

  15. Jordan says:

    only 3 players played last season Nobes Tev and Zam.UP THE IRONS!

  16. Jordan says:

    only 3 players played last season Nobes Tev and Zam.UP THE IRONS!
    COKER IS A Wanka

  17. Jordan says:

    we brought 2 argies in
    we took an Argie out
    the Curbsy comes
    and puts a loss in doubt
    were sellin reo (yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) coka and were stayin up
    thats why we love to chant:
    oh super Marky Noble
    oh super Marky Noble
    he eats man u for breakfast!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Jordan says:

    Jordan =Best WEST HAM FAN EVER

  19. Jordan says:

    Danny Dyer is a West Ham fan

  20. Anonymous says:

    Hi Jordan. Is your first name Joe?

  21. Hammerithome says:

    I see this is becoming the Jordan page!

  22. Happyhammer! says:

    I love Mark Noble what an absolute STAR!! pretty cute too!!
    Some pretty harsh comments about Reo-Coker give him a break.

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