I Remain Perplexed

I must admit to being a little perplexed at the reason for the breakdown of Darren Bent’s transfer. I am also a little perplexed by Yossi Benayoun. He was clear that he was signing a new contract and yet now appears determined to move to Liverpool, whose insulting offer was rightly turned down. Apparently they only bid £3 million. Why on earth would they want to sign a player they value at that amount? It seems we will now haggle over a swap deal involving Craig Bellamy. As I have said before, I am not a fan. Sure, on his day he can be a brilliant player, but he is too inconsistent and has been disruptive at every club he has been at. If we do swap him for Yossi, we shouldn’t add more than £2 million to the deal.


17 Responses to I Remain Perplexed

  1. ny hammer says:

    if bent didn t want to come to the club,then so be it. he s overrated in any case ,and to pay nearly 20 million for him would have been a poor investment. the money would be better spent on someone like david nugent, at perhaps half the price ,or less. as for benayoun ,again,if he s not interested,and if he s wavering,then let s sell him . what the club doesn t need are wantaways like reo-coker and benayoun ,who though talented,are inconsistent ,and unreliable in terms of workrate. we need grafters,not coasters. westham offers an excellent platform for any player to build a career at ,especially given the commitment the current owner is making. if a player can t recognize that ,then we don t want him. very simple. out the door you go onto your pastures no greener. what happened to defoe will happen to coker at villa and to benayoun at liverpool.

  2. NY Hammer – spot on mate!

  3. Trickywhu1 says:

    Yes i agree and although the club are lookin for someone with prem experience i think we should take Nugent at seven or eight mil and take a chance. I have heard four different reasons why bent did not want to come what is the truth i wander oh well dont matter that just shows for me the effort and money the eggman and friends are willin to put into the club celebrate that….

  4. Lee Mason says:

    Completely agree with the comment. There is no point having a player at a club who is not giving 100%. I would hate to have a want-away player disrupting the squad now when we really seem to be moving in the right direction. Would be a massive shame to lose Yossi but now would be the time to let him go so that we can find a replacement before the new season.

    The last few England u21’s matches i have been really impressed with Nugent, he is a lot faster than i realised and has definitely got an eye for goal. The only stumbling block is that he wants to stay in the North and dreams of playing for Everton. West Ham would undoubtebly be the best place for him, with our reputation of nurturing young English talent!

  5. Trickywhu1 says:

    i think that what really did us in with bent was the wages he walked in expecting 75 grand a week and probably got offered near 40 who cares anyway lets just go abroad when all else fails nuno gomez or someone like that or one of the young argi strikers that are comin through at the mo maybe tevez will like that enough to give us his loyalty

  6. Danny says:

    your spot on the ball mate, We have got the money but know one want’s to come to use.

    What player would you like to see Alan go for ?

    I would love to see Owen in a claret and blue shirt and also Bently,

    Yer i know Bently withdrawed is self from the England squard but i can see him being a greate player soon, his crosses is Grate and his foot work is the dog’s.

    Sorry to say im not a big fan of Nugent but that my view,

    But at the moment iv heard his been playing really well.

    So let’s bring him in and see what he can do ?

  7. ny hammer says:

    i think bentley wud be great ,tho i was disappointed to see him pull out of the under 21 s. having lost neill to us i m sure blackburn would make it very difficult for us to get him, but he s the type of player who wud make immediate impact

  8. Trickywhu1 says:

    I think who ever Alan goes for next it has to be someone that is 100% going to come and not give it all the big about the “I need to play for a BIG club in the champs league”. I dont want the club to be made to look bad again i would like Alan to not make any rash transfer market mistakes. just take your time mate find someone that will bleed for the club and put in what all these other BIG CLUB players are trying to take out.

  9. Trickywhu1 says:

    Yakubu Aiyegbeni wants a move to a big club is that not a good place for us to start as we are a bigger club than middlesville

  10. get alan smith!!!!! and sort out if carlito tevez is going to stay!!

  11. Danny says:

    that is greate iv been Waiting ages till some one say that ?.

    Alan talking about all these strikers what is happening with TEVEZ!

    And we have got AsHTON back as well

  12. Hammerithome says:

    To say get Alan Smith is well wide of the mark! Smith is just an average type of player who has had his day at Leeds and never been the same again. It’s a no go from me.
    I would still try for Defoe as he can score goals on a regular basis,plus he is a lot cheaper than others who I could mention.
    Other than that perhaps we could get a foriegn signing in with a goalscoring pedegree.

  13. herbie1958 says:

    bent is a waste of money not worth more then 1 million,a avarage player but it seems if your english the price goes up.

  14. Trickywhu1 says:

    good Eggman story in the sun today in which he confirms West Ham wage structure not to go above 55k a week including players that are already there so thats why bent would not join you can stop being perplexed about that and i agree that we should make the search bigger and go abroad to get in my opinion someone from italy or spain with a superior goal scoring record.Another thing is i keep hearing storys of a brazil int being looked at is there any truth in it?

  15. Anonymous says:

    agreed that alan smith is not the answer ,and agreed that we should steer well clear of players who are only interested in being able to play champions league football immediately ,or players who would only look at westham as a stepping stone to the top 4. We should be bringing in players who want to be part of building something special at westham- anyone else can sod right off, including reo-coker,bent,defoe and benayoun to mention a few.

  16. Hammerithome says:

    I’m really glad we didn’t sign Bent after all. The reason he didn’t sign was because he thought he was so good he could command what he liked and he asked for(along with his agent)£75,000 a week(alleged)and was told quite rightly we have a policy of only paying £55,000 a week.
    Greedy B comes to mind here.
    Good ridence and go somewhere else mate. You are not worth the money.

  17. ny hammer says:

    agreed completely. best thing for westham was that we did NOT sign an overpaid, overrated darren bent. patience in finding and landing the right player will be rewarded.

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