The Feral Beasts of the Back Pages

I’ve never heard of the Daily Mirror’s Brian Reade, and in many ways I am quite thankful. Today he’s written a ridiculous column which seeks to blame West Ham for football’s ills. Read it HERE if you must. Here’s an extract…

West Ham chairman Eggert Magnusson says he’s doing nothing wrong apart from trying to take on the top teams. But he is. Forget morals if you will and look at economics. When Viduka was offered £75,000 a week by West Ham he used it as a bargaining tool with Newcastle, who were forced to pick up an extra £2.4m tab on his contract. Not that all players snub the Icelandic sugar-daddy, who is rapidly earning the nickname of Father Christmas. Look at Lucas Neill. He could have been playing in a European Cup Final with Liverpool last month, but chose a relegation fight for £60,000 a week. Think of the knock-on effect when agents thump these new numbers into their calculators. Andy Johnson and Craig Bellamy have reputedly been offered £90,000 a week by the East End Santa.

They might not take it but they may use it to win even heftier salaries. Salaries their agents will use as starting points when other clients’ deals are up for renewal. West Ham’s obscene rewriting of salary bands won’t affect the Big Four. They will still draw men who want medals as well as cash. But it will dramatically hit the teams below them who need a form of sanity in the wage market to operate. When the extra TV billions poured into the Premiership there was talk about significant cuts in ticket prices. A few clubs have, the majority haven’t. Instead they’ve decided the best way to stay viable is to hand the new wealth to agents and players. Magnusson’s Law says that the only guaranteed way of keeping your head in the Premiership’s deep trough is to bribe players with outrageous offers. And the likes of Newcastle have been forced to comply. But at what price?

The trouble is he is completely wrong. Magnusson has a £55,000 a week wage cap. The papers all seem to act, as Tony Blair might put it, in a herd. If one of them mentions Lucas Neill is on £70,000 a week, the rest follow like sheep. These feral beasts of the sports pages must be held to account. Brian Reade, hang your head in shame.


23 Responses to The Feral Beasts of the Back Pages

  1. David King says:

    You read the Daily Mirror? very sad

  2. Trickywhu1 says:

    The Eggman was in the sun today saying the top wage cap at West Ham is 55k a week so that is a good point you have made there. In any case the so called bigger clubs have been allowed to do as they like for years and these darlings can get away with worse than what we are being blamed for? It must be frustrating having to fight the power all the time so here’s to you Mr Magnusson you keep fighting the good fight and i will do the same in my own small way. Maybe these guys will move on to something else after mon/tue is out of the way and we get the two or three in that we want. Then again i doubt it.

  3. Andy says:

    I agree that footballer’s (and others) wages are all way out of proportion to the rest of society, but it doesn’t help when journo’s inflate the situation by blatantly lying and perpetuatuing bullshit stories after Eggman has categorically stated what the wage cap is ($55k) on the official West Ham website. Some people will do anything at all to make up a story.

  4. Hammerithome says:

    It seems to me that there are a lot of people out there that are totally jealous of West Ham at the moment.
    I have been a supporter for over 40 years and in that time I can say that we have sometimes been the butt of people’s jokes,an easy target if you like and we as West Ham fans have had to have the skin of a rhino and not rise to their jibes and insults.
    This my fellow supporters is what we need to do now. We need to ignore all this shite in the gutter press and go with our instincts,and that is this feels right for our club at the moment,we all want what’s happening through Mr Magnusson & co,and we know that given time we will rise to the top of the tree and crap on the rotters below that have given us grief. We will survive.We are WEST HAM UNITED.

  5. Len Scannell says:

    What an unbelievably smug and factually incorrect article by Brian Reede. Here is a typical example of the poor standards of journalism in Britain today. There’s not enough news so Brian Reede makes some up. Let’s see now – West Ham are in the news and everyone’s current bad boys so let’s join the party. Their Chairman is reported in all the newspapers as paying out high wages. It must be true my fellow journalists have said so! Wrong Mr Reede. You forget that your fellow journalists make up this trash as much as you do yourself.
    Sean Bean is not trying to get West Ham relegated – he’s trying to save Sheffield United. And what a shame for poor old Newcastle – it’s all Magnusson’s fault they had to pay so much for Mark Viduka!
    I quote the West Ham Chairman from their website yesterday “This is a great football Club which will be run on sensible business lines to build a secure, long-term future. That includes our policy on players wages, set at a ceiling of £55,000 a week. Despite figures being circulated in the game, no player at West Ham United earns more than that at present.”
    I can and do read crap (amongst the occasional gems) in the fans forums on the internet any day of the week but to go out and pay good money for a newspaper to read this kind of ill-informed crap and speculation masquerading as journalism is, I am sure, contributing to the constant decrease in sales and eventual uneconomic closure of national newspapers.

  6. Trickywhu1 says:

    I see that the match of the day boys are slagging us of again someone should sock that gary L he just never stops putting us down. I think that the hole of the BBC should be given life time bans by the club and interviews should only be given by the kit man. the BBC have been leading the charge against us since the hole Tevez thing kicked of and have refused to write a balanced story showing both sides. Gary L is in the papers again today saying that Bent was right not to join as West Ham are going nowhere,so do us a fave and just leave us alone. Go pick on someone else you smug so and so and friends

  7. MOORO says:

    I read something very similar in the Guardian during the week. Its complete crap to say its all because of West Hams new found wealth, some journos’ really do have a very short memory.
    The media generally have a hate campaign against us which is ridiculas.

  8. Trickywhu1 says:

    You all been reading that paper report about steve kabba anyone know the truth about it cos if the report is right sheff u could be in a lot o trouble ha ha ha

  9. Hammerithome says:

    Sheffield United in trouble;surely not,OH DEAR!!
    Chickens coming home to roost then.
    Those who sling the muck don’t like it thrown back at them.

  10. ny hammer says:

    brian reede is a 2 bob fruitcake who writes for a thrid rate tabloid. the wage situation in the premiership begin with abramovich ,and is being continued by the ongoing takeover of clubs by foreign investors. what is eggert doing that is any different from what aston villa,new castle and any other clubs with casj injections are doing? to stay competitive in the premiership ,you have to spend. that s the reality ,until and unless a salary cap is created. and to eggert s credit ,he HAS implemented a wage guidleine at a cap of 55k. Tarts like brian reede ahould be sued for libel. yet another issue that perhaps 25,000 season ticket holdrs could begin a class action law suit on. As for Lineker ,any moron who advertises crisps is a pathetic loser. wipe that smug grin off your face lineker- noboby likes your arrogant timewaster production “match of the day.” Match of the day? who needs it? who watches it? it s irrelevant. it s ancient. it s like the old wembley- it doesn t matter anymore.

    we will keep shoving it down the throats of lowlifes like lineker year in and year out.
    and perhaps this year he ll choke on it. or get sacked. or both. timewasting ill mannered cabbage head.

  11. yeah i always thought that neill being on 60k was a joke. It is quite sad that we have to pay them so much to stay these days. I still have no idea why coker wants to leave with everton and villa interested. im sure that would be a step down. And if we can keep tevez. all the better. will be mighty chuffed!

  12. Paul says:

    Not only are the Press a collection of Feral Beasts, desperately seeking something to sell their mediochre rags, as you rightly state, but they are also stupid, as we know.

    But its not just the newspapers. Here is a post from Sky Sports today (by Alex Dunn):

    “Sheffield United, who were relegated on the last day of the season as a consequence of West Ham’s victory at Manchester United, remain adamant …..”

    Er – I thought actually that Sheffield were relegated becaue they LOST TO WIGAN AT HOME. Yes folks, that’s Wigan, who finished 17th. The team West Ham BEAT, AWAY AT OLD TRAFFORD, finished, er – first?

    If Sheffield had beaten Wigan, they would have been safe… but probably would have asked for 3 goals to be deducted frokm West ham’s GD column so they could be certain to finish higher.

    This crap has GOT to stop – hopefully soon after this Hearing nonsense is put where it belongs.

  13. Danny says:

    I do agree it should stop!!, If we are realergated i do think Shefild United should be in the same place as us as they broke the same rule, ops i forgot there chairmen most probly forgot that as he is so up his own A##. Shefild united should off played harder to beat Wigan then they would not be where they are now!. I just hope the Premership turns around and say’s that westham and Shefild United will have a game and the winner will be in the Premership. Then it is sourted! The best team wins


  14. Hammerithome says:

    Danny; It would have to be behind closed doors. Can you imagine what the fans would want to do to each other? There wouldn’t be enough police to go round to ensure safety etc; Nice idea though mate,and would make a great spectacle on Sky Sports.
    Yes,Tevez would definately have to play. You little devil!!

  15. ny hammer says:

    the game was played. they beat us 3-0 ,yet they still went down.

  16. Danny says:

    Yer that is true that am i thinking about lol,

    Is there any way the westham fan can do some think about this to help the club?

    Why don’t Head man sort out a pannel to sort them out ?

    As they did breake the same contract as us!

  17. Trickywhu1 says:

    they did not have yt writen down so they get away with it thats one for us to learn for next time

  18. Danny says:

    here is news iv seen about a Transfer i don’t realy trust this site as they said stuff before that ant true, but just have a look ?

    Ian have a look as well it some gossip that made me a bit happy.

  19. Trickywhu1 says:

    That was in the papers as well mate but 80k a week i think not

  20. Danny says:

    80k a week is a lot off money , I rather have Tevez if he stays!

    I would love to see Owen in a Hammer Shirt as i think that would be the striker we need, if Tevez leaves as he has a great finsh.

  21. Trickywhu1 says:

    Then again if havin another argy helps Tevez stay then why not with Owen I would say that we dont suit his style of play or that he dont suit ours, thats just my personal opinion.I have now gone off all British players and would like to look in Spain or another quality league.

  22. Danny says:

    If they wan’t talent i think there is big talent in Argetina and Brazil and also they should look at clubs like Ajax’s, if they wan’t to get more talent.

    I really do think they should go for Bentley as i can see him being the next Beckham or more beter, going for bently would be an investment to the club and i realy do think that what the club should look for in players.

    Going back to Ajax there is a player call Babel i can see him being a talent in the furture time.I also think westham should of look at the under 21 National teams for talent as well.

  23. Danny says:

    That site i showed every one yesterday saying the we are going for Nugent, sorry i do not reate him at all.

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