A Mark Noble Cause

Yet another big feature on Mark Noble, this time in the Sunday Times HERE.


5 Responses to A Mark Noble Cause

  1. Hammerithome says:

    Very good article,well worth a read. I have sent a comment.

  2. ny hammer says:

    excellent article. mark noble is one of a number of people connected to the club now who will make the tabloid journos wipe egg of their faces. yet again. noble reresents what s good about english football. stick that where the sun doesn t shine daily mirror.

  3. Great article Noble is a very apprpriate name for this youngster surely a part of West Hams future. And a glorious future too. COME ON YOU IRONS!!!

  4. Great article about a great player and a big part in West Hams future. He reminds me of Owen Hargreaves

  5. Barry Whittle says:

    I couldn’t give a stuff if he has come through the ranks – what does it matter? If he is good enough then he stays, if not then we bomb him out. No time for sentiment if we want to break into the top 4. We want the best players, not the best players born within a 2 mile radius of Upton Park

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