Bellamy is a Troublemaker says Shearer

I’ve expressed great scepticism about West Ham signing Craig Bellamy in several recent posts. Alan Shearer has now revealed exactly what kind of a troublemaker he can be. This is what Mr Shearer had to say today, warning Sam Allardyce not take him back to St James’s Park…..

Has no-one learned their lesson about signing him? If only Rafa Benitez had rung me I would have told him exactly what he was like. I was having a few days away in France with my former Newcastle team-mates Gary Speed and Steve Harper and the wives and I picked up the newspaper. I was having a fantastic day. But when I read Bellamy for Newcastle I thought I would definitely have to have another drink. I had several. I hope there’s nothing in it.


25 Responses to Bellamy is a Troublemaker says Shearer

  1. Hammerithome says:

    Shearer is right. Nasty bit of stuff. I remember when Souness wanted to substitute Bellamy one day and Bellamy first refused to come off.He then walked up to Souness and went face to face telling him to f*ck off.
    Souness stuck him on the transfer list and refused to speak to him again.
    Yes,a NASTY piece of work.
    West Ham beware.DO NOT SIGN BELLAMY.

  2. hardinga says:

    Everyone knows he is “an orrible little c”#t, but would all like to have a player like him in their team, a strong manager would curb him, and curbishly doesnt take any shit, so on the evidence seen so far at west ham where he drops and sells who he wants, i would have him, the other alternative was the other “orrible little c”#t” Barton, who puts his cigars out on youth players eye lids.

  3. ny hammer says:

    bellamy and barton are timewasting losers. let s hope magnusson has the sense to steer well clear of big-mouth,underachieving ,crumbsucking bellamy. bellemy belongs behind bars,not on a football prick. no good bottom of the barrel criminal waster.

  4. Trickywhu1 says:

    yer i think we should now look abroad dod anyone coker last night when he go the yellow card and let the rest of the team down cos he wasnt going to the final ha ha,its not funny really ha ha

  5. Danny says:

    Well i rate Craig as he a player that never stops running and he all way gives it his best and i never have like Shearer even when he played for England he is an big mough, sorry lads.

  6. richard says:

    I would rather sign David Bellamy.

  7. Iron Man says:

    For me, what said it all about Bellamy was when Newcastle were beaten by Wolves in the Cup and at the end of the game he stood there pointing to the logo on his arm and mouthing ‘Premiership’…no grace, no style, no humility. We’re only just in the process of ridding ourselves of the ‘Billy Bigbollocks’ players so why on earth do we want him. He’s not a West Ham man.

  8. ny hammer says:

    bellamy may have some talent, but his disciplinary record on and off the pitch is awful. total non-starter. As for Coker, yet another ill timed yellow card, and on top of that ,as captian ,he misses a penalty. these are examples of why i think we re better off without him in the long run. and under pressure, who came up trumps? who else, but mark noble.

  9. Chris Kav says:

    I agree he has been a sh1t in the past, but I think with the responsibility of the Welsh captaincy we will see a new and improved player. Take the risk Eggy, look what happened when we signed another highly strung player a certain King Paolo Di Canio !

  10. Hammerithome says:

    Benni McCarthy is the man we want. On Sky today he says he is flattered by interest in him from great clubs such as Chelsea and West Ham and should a club of that quality come knocking he would have to think about it.
    Scores in the Premiership on a regular basis so lets go get him!

  11. fan of hammers says:

    Wish taht curbishly reads this::::
    so, players that west ham need next season:
    Kompany(hamburg)– one opf the best centre backs
    Drenthe(feynaoord)– skillful player
    Kerlon–(gremio) the next ronaldinho
    Nasri–(Marsillie) good player
    Wright Philips–(Chelsea) speedy player
    Nugent–( Preston) skilfull attacker
    Kuranyi–(Schalke) super player

    For a sum of 80 million

  12. Trickywhu1 says:

    I here Birmingham are complaining about the transfer fees being to high for players, funny that after the crap they gave us last season about Upson. I for one would like to squeeze every penny out of them.As far as Bellamy goes i say no but if he is brought i will support him.

  13. Fostie! says:

    First off, i in no way respect the opinion of Shearer (for many different reasons) but i think hes right about bellamy, he a nasty little individual who is totally over ratted, if we wanted to sign a thug we could of just got joey barton, at least he has some quaility. Bellamy has a high work rate but rarly has an end product and bitches constantly, i just pray the christmas Egg does’nt sign him!

  14. ny hammer says:

    you hit nail on head- very little end product from bellamy. the club should focus on proven goal scorers with good disciplinary records like mccarthy or nugent . one who doesnt get mentioned who i think is worth considering is earnshaw. he wasn t given a proper chance when he was last in the prem with west brom. he may not be the ultimate answer but he d contribute more than harewood,cole and sheringham did last season combined

  15. The Headmaster says:

    the boy just isnt west ham. leave it alone, i say. let some other team sign the taffy tw*t

  16. Pel says:

    earnshaw?? Granted, we don’t want strikers who can’t score, and players that cause trouble for the team, but surely we don’t want to bring Uggo’s in!

  17. Andy says:

    Please don’t swap Yossi for Bellamy. Bad move.

  18. Oggyflute says:

    Bellamy plays for Bellamy, and not for the team. We don’t need egotistical pr*cks in our side. We want players that play for the team and are part of the team. That’s the West Ham way. When we have done poorly, is when the club has lost sight of this.

  19. KiwiHammer says:

    I’d rather we signed Nugent or brought Kanoute back. Bellamy is nothing short of a spoilt little crybaby who throws a tantrum when he doesn’t get what he wants. No thanks!

  20. snube says:

    saw him on a night out once, he burnt a 50 quid note and said look what i can do, what an ar**hole

  21. ny hammer says:

    let s hope eggert has the sense to consider fan opinon on this one- i can t ever remember a potential new signing met with such universal contempt. and with good reason- not only is bellamy an underachiever on the pitch, but his attitude and behavior off it is a disgrace. this is a guy who deserves to be playing at hellholes like millwall or leeds- not so much for his skill level, but for the type of person he is. he is the ultimate example of the type of overpaid,ill-mannered lowlife that is making the sport a shadow of what it used to be, this guy is the lowest form of vermin in professional sport. we don t want criminal lowlifes like him having anything to do with west ham.

  22. Hammerithome says:

    Oh well,we’ve signed him then(well nearly).Just sorting out his compensation from the Pool first,then he is off to the mighty Hammers.
    I think all those who don’t want him in our team are entitled to their oppinion,but I would just say this;Give him a chance!
    If we all get on his back from the off then we will be the losers,so let’s just see what he offers to the team and you never know,he may just surprise everyone and start scoring a hatfull of goals.
    So over to you Mr Bellamy,no presure really,just don’t let us down!!

  23. The Headmaster says:

    Guess this puts paid to the SWP interest / rumours.

    Faubert / Bellamy / Ashton
    Parker / Noble /
    Neil / Upson / Gabbs

    Taking shape, fellas?
    Left back + midfield playmaker reqd for a top 10 finish I reckon.

  24. Hammerithome says:

    I think that Alan Shearer has actually oppologised for his comments on Bellamy,so we will have to wait and see.
    As I have already said earlier,I think we must give him a chance and see what he offers to our team.
    Can’t see the use of pilloring the guy without giving him a chance,so you never know ,he just may turn out to be a very good addition for us and score a load of goals.
    If he does then you won’t hear a sound from the boo boys.

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