It’s All Gone a Bit Quiet…

Things seem to have gone rather quiet on the transfer front since the Bent snub. He’s signing for Tottenham tomorrow. I’d love to think we had a chance of signing Benni McCarthy but I suspect he will be setting his sights at Stamford Bridge. Eggert Magnusson has made clear we are after a pacy player and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if the Defoe move was reactivated. Yossi seems to be on his way to Liverpool and we are said to have tabled a £10 million bid for Shaun Wright Phillips. On his day he is a world beater but there are too may days when he is not on his day. Wayne Bridge and Nickhy Shorey are rumoured to be left back signings. Bridge is beyond his best so I hope we stick to Shorey for that position. In terms of players leaving, Marlon seems to be attracting the most interest and it looks as if we will get around £4 million for him. Reo Coker must be disappointed that a big club hasn’t come in for him and we are surely right to hold out for £8-10 million for him.

We’ll see what the coming week has in store…


48 Responses to It’s All Gone a Bit Quiet…

  1. Trickywhu1 says:

    Better to take there time looking for good reasonable priced players than to rush in. I have heard a lot about that argy forward coming to join Tevez is there any truth in it or just the papers again?

  2. Mike - Hornchurch says:

    Can’t see much action with players coming in until this arbitration fiasco is over and done with. Whatever is said about no danger of action being taken it must be a put off at the moment. The longer this goes on more time and opportunity will be lost.
    Bit worried about the Yossi situation. If he goes he will leave a hole that will definately need to be replaced with equivalent creativity. I hope the haggling with Villa re Reo Coker isn’t a misguided intention on our part to keep him to cover Yossi!

  3. David King says:

    And now Henry is leaving Arsenal reportedly for less than we were going to pay for Bent. Am I missing something here?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Apparently Bellamy is joining West Ham this week with Yossi going the other way and we’ll get £2m.

    Its looking unlikely Shorey will be joining West Ham, no chance of getting Wayne Bridge.

  5. luke says:

    I agree with Mike this arbitration stuff is’nt going to help us get some new signings till its over, but i’m confident we will stay up. Personnally i think if a player hands in a transfer request he shouldn’t really be thought of as a player for that team any more if he doesn’t want to be there. So I hope they dont want to keep Reo Coker cos if his passion aint there for West Ham whats the point. As for new signings i would like to see both Defoe and Wright-Phillips join the team as they are both great players that can help us make a great impact in the league next season. I think Defoe would be a easy signing for us as well for the obvious reasons where as we have had problems with Phillips in the past, but they are two to go for.

  6. luke says:

    Why why why Bellamy, he’s just not what the team want or need

  7. dave says:

    i agree with u luke,signing bellamy would be a disaster,what is curbs thinking

  8. Miles Standish Proud says:

    So what is the feeling in Westminster about that half-arsed Sheff U delegation last week?

  9. Blog4Irons says:

    The Hammers may have some redress against Sheffiled United in the Civil Courts, once the arbitration panel has concluded, since their action is causing WHUFC harm in rebuilding.

    Also, tussle between WHUFC and MSI could develop over Tevez. Since WHUFC have him under contract for another 3 years and hold his registration, whereas the MSI contract with WHUFC appears to be unenforceable, it could get interesting. Hopefully a compromise will be reached, with Tevez remaining. I’m hopeful – anything else will get too messy.

  10. Prince H says:

    Bellamy – no thanks! No pleeeease.
    I’d much, much rather have Defoe or even Nugent.
    I really would like to se Miguel Fernandes in the team. He is like NRC but with shooting skills, passing skills and a really good dribbler! Tremendous potential!

  11. Irving Gold says:

    I can’t help but feel we are being lead down the garden path by Eggy. It just seems that everything he does ends in abject disaster. He has an uncanny knack of fluffing all the big transfer deals. I put this down to his lack of Premiership knowledge.

    The question for me is will he develop and learn from his previous blunders? Neither his main backer nor AC will put up with too man more howlers!

    Good site Iain!

  12. Clive St. Badminton says:

    I think it’s a disgrace that we haven’t signed anyone decent yet. Curbishley’s had how long since the end of the season? Wigan have signed 4 players and Man U have too. I think Curbishley is too inexperienced and doesn’t know how to buy good players. It’s a shame that Eggy is too pig-headed to do the best thing for West Ham and sack Curbs and bring in someone much better like Terry Venebals or Martin Allen.

  13. John says:

    Exactly what BIG transer deals has Eggy fluffed – Bent?
    Don’t get mislead by all the newspaper rumours about who we are linked with – they are mostly rubbish.
    If the Bent deal is what you are talking about, every report I have seen lays this fimly at the door of him not wanting to work with AC (again if you believe the papers).

    Eggy, in my view, is doing everything right.
    Not accepting derisory offers for players, taking a hard line generally but happy to stump up big money if required.

    When this arbitration nonsense is over we can start judging.

  14. Anonymous says:

    How fickle can you get! Are you expecting Eggy to have signed Ronaldinho or something? And how can Curbishley possibly be too inexperienced?

  15. Irving Gold says:

    Eggys fluffed activities include:

    Bungling the Darren Bent transfer
    Bungling the Sean Wright Philips transfer in January
    Signing Tevez on a proper (legal!) contract
    Selling Mascherano to Liverpool (Doh!)
    Benyoun’s contract extension – bungled
    Failed sale of Reo Mediocre
    Failed sale of Harewood
    Failed sale of Mullins
    Buying Nigel Quashie
    Buying Calumn Davenport
    Buying injured Matthew Upson
    Buying Louis Boa Morte

    I think the above examples illustates the fact he is not as good as everyone would like to believe. He wasted a lot of money during january and brought in a load of old dross (Neil excused).

    I think people need to have a reality check and stop dreaming about these world class playres. They will not come to West Ham at the moment however much we hope. I say now is the tim to consolidte our position. Don’t get carried away like we did last year!

    Come on Irons!

  16. […] It’s All Gone a Bit Quiet… Things seem to have gone rather quiet on the transfer front since the Bent snub. He’s signing for Tottenham […] […]

  17. shortyhammer says:

    Irving dolly!I think you need reality check,we were going down, a few buys -a new manager -a little time to bed in and a run of form that everyone including myself thought impossible.Come on Eggy avoided points deduction and we are in the Prem! Give the guy a chance will ya!!!

  18. ny hammer says:

    magnusson has done a good job thus far in helping to rescue us from what looked a certain relegation . the players he brought in last january were done so on an emergency basis- he can be blamed for doing whatever was needed to plug holes at the time. we need to be patient,both in terms of who we buy , and in terms of what we accept for players we sell. there s no reason to just accept the first bid we see for players like benayoun and coker.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Get off Eggy’s back….Are you yids or millscum in disguise?

  20. Linus Singh says:

    If we have got £17m and £85,000 a week to pay to Daren Bent, why the hell didn’t Curbishly make a bid for Barcleona. We could have outbid them and signed the best sttriker in the world, but we didn’t and are going to sign Emile Heskey insted. I think Curbishly is arogant or stupid or both!

    I hope he trys to sign Lundberg though… he’s one of the best wingers in the world for years.

  21. Trickywhu1 says:

    Another reason for not sighning anyone might be that the papers are already trying to make us out as the anti-christ and the board dont want any more bad press till the blood hounds have there fresh meat. What would it look like if we went for another player that snubbed us? It might just lead to give us an image that we really dont want and we might end up with no-one wanting to come in. Rant over lay off the egg at least he has the right attitude and passion. Thats all you really need to be a true Hammer in my books, everybody makes mistakes,

  22. Trickywhu1 says:

    Barceleona or West Ham hard choice for him to make in the end? winning trophys or trying to build a squad that CAN win trophys? And he is getting to the now or never point in his career but I do like your joke lol.

  23. phil fenton says:

    I don’t see what all the pressure is about. A lot of clubs are looking for players and most deals will probably be done the nearer we get to the start of the season.

    By the way Ian, did I see you on Sky News last week or was that a clone?

  24. Iain Dale says:

    Phil, you did indeed!

  25. Alex says:

    Linus Singh, obviously an Arsenal fan trying to build up Freddie!!!, he hasn’t performed for a couple of seasons now, no wonder Arsene Wenger wants to off load him. Some of the posts on here sound like Spurs fans, how fickle are some people, we mangaed to stay up by the skin of our teeth and people expect us to sign Henry!!!!

  26. Martin Start says:

    I can’t believe people are having a go at the Egg. The club is currently hamstrung by the arbitration panel, together with the fact that the first signings would be making a bit of a leap of faith that WH are going to be challenging for honours (we were near the bottom afterall). The way of the world is that the big clubs can choose first as they have the name and guaranteed European football and it takes everyone else a little longer. Have patience and faith, it’ll be a medium term plan that gets us up the league which means we may not get all the players we want and might have to consolidate a bit before we do attract the best players.

  27. slatch says:

    i;m agreed with phill.

  28. ny hammer says:

    well stated phil about there being plenty of time left tomake good signings. and to the anonymous, cowardly,lowlife who thinks he s clever using racist phrases ,get stuffed.
    i can prosecute your tired ,feeble excuse for a life anytime i please. loser.

  29. jon l.colney says:

    The egg is the best thing that happened to west ham in years! simple…where have you been for the last 30 years? money money money. we have it and sooooo many clubs havent. we have spent fortunes in january and still have england’s potential’s at the club.i realy dont understand why egg messed up over bent? curbs will do us a turn, he did keep us up remember!!!!
    even if we dont sign big big names this summer a good start to the season will enable us to buy who we want in january.that wont be to late as we all know you can do alot in the second half of a curbs and egg we trust and must back all the way.confidence in the team produces on the field and as we now know the management do read these sites so give them all the backing they need and it WILL happen for us all .
    tevez ? who knows but what a confidence boost to us all that would be if he stayed and we found out just b 4 the start of the new season!

  30. EastHammer says:

    Im not sure eggy did mess up. Bent has messed up…i mean spurs instead of us?! Not sure if he will get ahead of berbatov and keane and if defoe is still there then he is no way better than him. So i think he is going there to sit on the bench.

    transfer gossip

    – defoe, yes. Forget what he has done, he is better than all the strikers we are currenty linked with. I really hope we dont get bellamy. He has done nothing at liverpool and they want 9 million!?! JOKE.

  31. supernumbersix says:

    Magnusson has not ‘messed up’. Irving Gold and all those others panicking need to lighten up. There will be more ‘movement’ as players get back to their respective clubs from tournaments and holidays. DON’T BELIEVE what is written in the Rubbishrags – EVER. As for failing with the Darren Bent transfer, well … good. SWP was never going to move to a club that could have been relegated – why get involved in a relegation scrap when you could be playing in the champion’s league? There have been no ‘failing’s in moving players out. We are right to hold out for what we think our players are worth. Reo Coker like him or not is an England captain as well as captain of his team last season. Personally I feel that the valuations are well over inflated – 17 million for Bent, 9 million for Bellamy, 10 million for Reo Coker – do me a favour. BUT in today’s marketplace why should we not try it on? Why not hold out.
    Anyway we need to give it time. He has a long term plan for WHU and we should not rush. At least he listens to the fans and is prepared to put his money where his mouth is.

  32. ny hammer says:

    precisely. great piece of business NOT paying over the odds for bent. and why let the england under 21 captain go too cheaply. anyone who really wants him will pay up. period.

  33. slimball2007 says:

    im a clubpenguin player http://www.slimball2007

  34. Steve says:

    reading what some of use have said on this and most of use are DREAMERS . Now lets see curbishly done what he was payed for along with tevez who was [AWESOME] Lets be happy with mid table and hope for better. Its been a very long time from we won anything a few more years isn’t going to hurt . The best thing is that Brown has gone , ohh some d i c k sayed Venebals what has he done besides being sacked the next thing is someone will say hoddle . Be greatful we are going forward just be paiaint.

  35. SPY says:

    Djibril Cisse is coming to westham as Head man has been looking at westham sites and realised nun of the fans want him, this bid is low under cover at the moment so keep up the good work Ian and Fans.

  36. DANNY BOY says:

    Your talking coblers Spy wish it was true but it aint

  37. Fostie! says:

    Players West Ham should (in my opinion get) get:

    Wayne Bridge – To replace konchesky (For obvious reasons)

    Manuel Fernandas – Great Player

    Shaun Wright-Phillips – To replace Yossi

    Diego Milito – (If Tevez leaves) I doubt he would ever come though!

  38. DANNY BOY says:

    Numo Gomez might be coming to use he is greate, and also has the best finsh iv seen.

    Gomez will be an icon at westham and i will be onered for him to play for us , I think Egg man learnt English players are to over rated ex sept Mark, Hogan.

    Get ready for a grate season of goals if he comes.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Bad spelling and grammar DANNY BOY.

  40. Steve says:

    Just having a wee look and we are doing so well up to this point we have got parker and and and a first team coach and and and well i hope you get the picture by now. That thing who said no at 18million Bent his name was, from that point everyone is saying no. And i cant understand why may be someone can tell me ,we have the money to buy but it seems no one wants to come .

  41. Hammerithome says:

    We will get the players in eventually,but at the moment the players we are going for are greedy plus their clubs are upping the price just cos West Ham have got a few quid to spend.
    I have every confidence in Curbs and the biscuit man as I know they are working tirelesly to make sure we get the right players for our great club.
    Give them time and things will work out.

  42. ny hammer says:

    patience, pure and simple. get the right players . i don t care if we wiat til midnite august 31. let other mugs overpay for overrated players like bent and defoe . just because we have money doesn t mean we need to rush to spend it. and doesn t mean we need to waste . let mugs like spurs do that instead.

  43. Trickywhu1 says:

    Nolan in the papers today that sounds good to me but like always could just but paper tripe

  44. ny hammer says:

    would be a good purchase if we could pull it off. with the management chnage at bolton ,it may well be possible. bolton can t fill the reebok despite being in europe -one wud think it s possible to convince the lad to move especially with big fat bungin sam gone

  45. Hammerithome says:

    Big Fat Bungin…….. OOPS!! I’m glad you said it ny hammer. Just hope you don’t get a knock on your door soon from the BIG man!

  46. DANNY BOY says:

    I realy do think we should look for Greate players for the furter and now,

    I have not seen any English clubs go for Turkish stars for years, i think it would be nice to see more talent being linked at westham.

    And i really do think we should look at Dutch Players as well,as there under 21 players were great and i can see greate stars in the making there.

    I heard yesterday that Alan Curbishley might get sacked if he don’t get any talent in by radio or news paper i can’t think were.

    Nolan at westham would be a greate sighning for us,

    As any one heard any news on Tevez yet ?

    Would be nice to see him in an westham shirt again.

  47. Steve says:

    Well its looking like we have got our lot for the summer, and there is no point picking over the left overs. Are we could end up paying over the top for someone [BENT] why didn’t we have a go for Henry we went 18million on bent who wouldn’t be 20% the player Henry is. But i do think SWP would be a good buy even if no one else comes, i do think we should end up in the top ten with wot we have got . Anyone who is getting bad advice by there agents, ask a family member to count for you is 16 and a half more than 18. And if it is a family member he shouldn’t laugh at you.

  48. ny hammer says:

    yes, the proof that bent is overpriced and overrated has come . couldn t happen to a nicer club than spurs could it, to be totally mugged off playing more for a player than barca paid for henty ,yet getting a player who s not half of what henry is. best thing that could have happened to us is that we didn t waste money on bent.

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