Why Would Sven Want Marlon?

The rumours about Marlon going to Man City are surely wide of the mark. If Sven Goran Ericksson becomes the new Man City manager I suspect he will go for players he once chose for England. Marlon is not a ‘Sven’ type of player. Remember, he was on fire the season before last and didn’t get so much as a call-up from Sven.

I know tabloid journalists have space to fill in these barren months, but let the rumours at least have some semblance of truth!


26 Responses to Why Would Sven Want Marlon?

  1. Rapidhammer says:

    Some people even suggest Marlon could be transferred to Arsenal. Well, he played quite well the season 2005/06, but I can’t imagine Harewood wearing a Gunners’ shirt.

  2. Trickywhu1 says:

    Man City have 50 mil to spend according to the papers and they do need a whole new squad did anyone see beasleys miss at the weekend ha ha just to prove my point, then again there new guy is going to jail soon, (the same place as all there supporters should be,) so they might just need the mighty marlon cos he is so much better than anything they got am i not true.

  3. ny hammer says:

    begs the question, with only zamora and ashton likely to be our premiership class strikers,why was curbishley so quick to advertise he d had enough of marlon? thierry henry he aint,but with us likely to lose tevez and a little short on strikers ,it would have made sense to hang on to marlon . not to mention,by the whle world knowing he s on his way out, we ve tipped our hand to potential buyers , and worse, the rest of the league now knows we re going to be very much in need of a striker, and probbaly have to pay up. there was no advantage gained by announcing so sonn that harewood s future at upton park was over. not very clever.

  4. Hammerithome says:

    I agree with the last post. We may be short of a striker if Marlon goes so I would see what else we could get first before burning our boats!
    Strikers are always hard to come by(good ones anyway)and the asking price is always hiked up for a 15 plus goal a season man.
    I really hope we don’t regret the day we said goodbye to Marlon.

  5. Randisco says:

    possibly Curbs is looking to give Hogan Ephraim a debut?

    love to see the young guys coming through the ranks 🙂

  6. Irving Gold says:

    I think Marlon has done quite well at West Ham over the last couple of years.

    Hoever he seems to have quite a poor attitude. I believe he has not fulfilled his potential. If this can be unlocked elsewhere I fear he could be worth £8-10m. We will be lucky to see more than £3m. Shame

  7. ny hammer says:

    yes, this has been the big disappointment. he DOES have skill ,and he does have the potential to get better . the problem has been one of workrate,and dropping hs head when the referee makes decisions that go against him, as opposed to rolling his sleeves up and getting on with it.
    despite the disappointment of him not fullfilling his potential last season, i still think we ve been hasty in giving him his marching orders given our lack of options upfront at the moment. i think it would have been worth giving it a shot to see how he responded to being first off the bench with sheringham gone and cole on the way out,and then if he didn t seize that chance, sell him in the january window. we ve put added pressure on ourselves now to find someone else,though to be fair we ve still got 7 weeks to get it done for the start of the season, and 10 before the window shuts.

  8. IRON BREWD says:

    ere, has he gone yet?
    Suggest you wait and see.
    Marlene’s strength is the long ball played to him and holding it for the troops to arrive. If he gets no support he’s a dead duck and does not want to play. Pardew was good at @kissing him better.and then he got on with it. Curbs needs to learn how to manage players like him and also Reo0coke. Getting rid of classy players does the squad no good.
    i suspect and hope that Curbs is giving these guys a smack to put them back on the right track.

  9. Clive St. Badminton says:

    I think we should show him the door and give him a free transfer. I can’t see anyone taking him on and paying his wages of £40,000 a week that he gets at West Ham so a free transfer would suit everyone. He’s useless!

  10. DG the hammer says:

    Astonishing story about Marlon going to City.Marlon is without doubt the worst header of a ball ever seen in the premiership.I cant think I have ever seen anyone so poor.
    If Sven signs him then that says it all about his England reign.All luck!Clearly no judge of a player.

    PS As bad as his heading – what about his run down the clock take the ball in the corner drills !!! Guarenteed pressure on our defence within seconds.Sell Sell Sell !!

  11. Duncanio says:

    DG – He was fantastic running down the clock against Preston in the playoff final, if my memory serves me correctly. I personally think that with the right management he will do very well and hope he does.

  12. I am more suspicious about the rumour of Sven going to Man City in the first place. Not likely. Hope I’m wrong though because I don’t rate him at all. Better there than Upton Park.

  13. True Hammer says:

    Buy some talent not no blody bent he is to over rated, why not go for spanish players or go holand ENGLISH PLAYERS ARE TO OVER RATED.

  14. Trickywhu1 says:

    Man City are now being linked with every player under the sub but why would Bent and Tevez go to them if we aint good enough what makes then better

  15. Danny says:


    Why is alll the player leaving westham?

    Why ant we getting any players to cover them first?

    Why aint we getting any good players?

    Also is it me or did some players say if westham had money they would be one of the top teams in England?

    Iv got a bad fealing about next season if we dont get any players in.

  16. ny hammer says:

    re the last post, i agree we need to get 2 to 3 players in, but we ve got time. better to do it properly than to rush and make mistakes -it will get easier once this sheffield united nonsense is over. we ll lose coker, but we ve got parker, so that s covered. we re gonna lose benayoun, so that s the one we ve got to cover – a wide midfielder. and especially with tevez likely to go, we need a top drawer striker. i like ashton, and i think zamora is better than people give him credit for. but what if either ashton or zamora get hurt, or suspended? with the club indiacting marlon can move on ,that is the position that is worrying. we need a good striker and wide midfielder by aug 31 or
    we ll struggle toi finish above 14th/15th place

  17. Totally off topic but does anyone think it’s possible that, McCabe bawling his eyes out was a contributing factor to the the flooding in Sheffield?

  18. […] Why Would Sven Want Marlon? The rumours about Marlon going to Man City are surely wide of the mark. If Sven Goran Ericksson becomes the new Man […] […]

  19. ny hammer says:

    re barking mad

    couldn t help but think the same- total disaster for people in yorkshire, but as for mccabe, couldn t happen to a nicer guy could it?

  20. Barry Whittle says:

    Marlon will get a bucket load of goals next season. I think it is inevitable.

  21. jon l.colney says:

    Nothing about tevez from the club,its getting close to training again and this is doing my noggin in!

    any news ?

    ps SU sinking again! theve gone down more times than paris hilton!!!

  22. Goonerboy says:

    Sven want N R-C to replace Barton. Quite simple really. I’m glad Arsenal’s interest in him has declined: he may be a reasonable player, but he’s also quite clearly an odious, disloyal and obnoxious individual. A Cashely Cole mark II?

  23. ny hammer says:

    goonerboy s assessment is right. good player, but disloyal and arrogant. as soon as things don t go his way ,he sulks. not reliable. definite sell.

  24. DANNY BOY says:

    Good luck Marlon!!

  25. DANNY BOY says:

    Ian could you sort this trouble out on the site please mate, or even stop there messages

  26. pasiondemultitudes says:

    I don’t know, but wathever happens to him let’s hope for the best.

    Visit my sports news blog, is in spanish but soon i’ll be posting in english as well, with every transfer move and results all over the world.

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