Defoe Bid Lodged With Spurs Today

This is only single-sourced, but it is from the same person who told me Calum Davenport was about to sign for us in January, so I passi ton for what it is worth. It seems Eggert Magnusson has lodged a sizeable bid with Spurs to ecure Jermain Defoe’s services. He knows Defoe is nervous about returning to West Ham because of the likely reaction from a section of the fans, but Magnusson is hoping it will be clear to him that he will be fourth in the running for a first team place at Spurs now they have signed Darren Bent.

I remain of the view that Defoe is a class player who would be a brilliant acquisition for us. He scored plenty of goals for Spurs last season despite not being in the team some of the time. He would provide a good contrast to Dean Ashton and ought to play well off him. I hope this rumour has some truth to it.


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  1. ny hammer says:

    i have really mixed feelings about it. part of me could never forgive defoe for all the obvious reasons. but my concern is that all we ve got upfront is ashton and zamora ,with tevez and harewood likley going . the two we ve got are very good ,buy what happens if one of them gets injured or suspended? we cannot survive with just 2 class strikers. perhaps defoe ,likely to be much less expensive than bent, would be much better value for money than bent would have been. i wish it was not necesary to consider defoe as i disliked the manner in which he left the club, but bellamy is not the answer. Nugent could be,but he s unproven at Premiership level.Andy johnson seems overrated and would likely be too expensive. Is Defoe the ideal option? no. but realistically speaking, perhaps defoe is AN option,that we need to consider,especially if the price is right.

  2. Chris Axchester says:

    I wish that Eggy would cut all the chat and just sign someone GOOD. He says he wants us to finish in the top 6 but he hasn’t done anything so far to make this happen. It’s like Terence Brown all over again.

  3. Trickywhu1 says:

    Faubert from France has been banded around on other West Ham sites today and im told some sections of the Italian press are already writing that we have made a bid for him has anyone on here heard anything? As far as Defoe goes I was against it at first now im not shaw…

  4. naa sorry but defoe will neva return 2 west ham and i hope he neva does

  5. Jeff says:

    All this money eggs has got why dont he just buy tevez instead of old west ham rejects

  6. MOORO says:

    I for one think, if we do manage to persuade Defoe to return, that he would be a good buy. He’s a proven scorer in the prem, a real poacher.
    I reckon he’ll be better value than Bent too. He’s slipped down the pecking order at the lane and needs a fresh challenge, which will help his England prospects too.

    I know he left under a bit of a cloud, but he hasn’t slagged the club off since he left (like others) and it was a good few years ago. Most players nowadays are over paid and stuck up their own arses so he’s no different in that respect than any other player.

    Regarding the supposed lack of signings some of you on here are moaning about, the transfer window only opens tomorrow. There aren’t too many teams who have bought players yet. Eggy and curbs are working hard behind the scenes to bring players in i’m sure of that, so sit tight people and don’t lose the faith.

  7. Trickywhu1 says:

    Im not to bothered about lack of signings as long as the 2 or three that do come in are players that will fight for us and do there best take all summer if you have to if worst comes to worst the youth team is another option for me

  8. Hammerithome says:

    I for one think Defoe is a good premiership striker. I know he will be nervous about coming back to us but in my oppinion it should be done as he will prove his worth to us and silence the boo boys.

  9. The Headmaster says:

    Look, Ive been one of the ‘boo boys’ ok? Being a boo boy is all part of the pantomime that makes football the beautiful, testosterone fuelled game it is. But it’s not real – it’s a role-play, it’s like being part of the \big Brother eviction crowd (get charli out by the way). Remember Beckham after world cup 98? Figure of so called hate – how times change.
    No, botom line is if Defoe has the bottle to come back (and that I seriously do doubt!) I reckon he’ll be welcomed back by the overwhelming majority and will trutn the rest around in a few short months.
    Aint gonna happen tho…….

  10. Jermain Defoe says:

    Sorry lads, but I’d need a parachute to take such a drop from Spurs to the ‘Appy ‘Ammers.

    It’s worth a few goals to any striker’s season just to play against your sorry defence, so I’ll be staying where I am thank you very much.

    Champions League 2008/09.

  11. Anonymous says:


  12. laughatspanners says:

    Defoe would not want to return to West Spam. He is 3 times the player now than when he left West Spam, and in short he will be happy to play 35-45 games at the lane playing top class Premiership and European football. Why do you think Bent Signed for Tottenham? He knows he will be playing 35-45 games this year at a top club. And remember, for all the bench sitting JD has had to do over the last 2 years, he’s not complained once… WHY? He’s at a BIG club… Something he could only have dreamed of when he was at the spanners!

  13. hammers sucks says:

    i h8 west ham wankers 3-4!!!!!!! ahhaahhhahahhahahaah

  14. PADDY HAMMER says:

    you idiots that say ohh we dont want defoe know nothing about football he is a proven striker he isnt a west ham reject he left cause we went down i wanna hear something positive from the hammerws for once or someones up for a slap. any offers????

  15. Hayden says:

    I really hope that this information is reliable. I for one would love to see Jermain Defoe back!!

  16. MR HAMED says:

    i am sorry but defoe will not join you unless you pay him£100 k a week as what has he to look forward to at chav central???? thou he can line his pockets i assume.. curbs will be gone by christmas as he is already frustrated he is my friends neighbour eggy that is

  17. Spuds are on their way to says:

    Spuds a BIG club? The funniest thing I’ve heard this night.

  18. Irons in the blood says:

    Get him back eggy

  19. Bonzo says:

    I love the way yids have nothing better to do than jump on hammers forums, clearly this late on a Sat night I often think to myself what are all those yids fans talking about now, not. Get a life guys (oops sorry girls) and do something construct with your lives like, hmm, actually probably not a lot. So to the Defoe issue, the guys a twat for leaving the way he did, he was young, big headed and over confident. Things change but thankfully not to much he’s still confident and big headed which is what you need up front most times but now he’s a bit wiser… If he comes back it will be tough for a few weeks but when the goals start coming we will start to love him again especially as the shadow we cast will be over the free falling (Champions League 2008/09 hahahahahahahahahaha) yids.

  20. limbiotic says:

    heard it was for £20 million but defoe won’t move back under any circumstanes

  21. of course we come on your chat forums have u seen whats on the comedy channels these days YOUR THE BEST FOR THAT. YOUR SQUAD IS FINE YOU WILL STILL WIN THE TREBLE WITHOUT TEVEZ BLOW THOSE BUBBLES PIKEYS

  22. MARKY says:


  23. Yiddsy says:

    silly season again, Sounds like your lot is getting pretty desperate with no one wanting to play for you,let alone the trap door to the championship could still open over your dodgey dealings with the argies,

  24. Pikey Scum! says:

    pathetic scum the pikeys ! A sign of complete desparation … i would love to see a Leeds Utd happen to you maothers !

  25. Do One Yids says:

    Why don’t you die you Yido scum.
    Just keep dreaming of the good old days………. Glory glory Tottenham Hotspurs…. Ozzie’s Dream and all that shite.

    You’re pathetic Jew boys. The Only reason you beat us home and away last year is because we only did well against the big clubs.

    Thanks for the 3-4, that turned our season and kept us up.


  26. spurs all day says:

    u lot r off u r heads defoe s staying put n y wud he wanna join a second rate team like west ham defoe wants champions league football which spurs will get easy next season not championship football like u lot will b playing soon how far did u get in europe last season i forgot defoe wud snub u just like bent ha ha suckers

  27. Recall says:

    Dream On Whammers!!!!

  28. Do One Yids says:

    Bought a Seville shirt after they did you.

    Good luck in UEFA next year. Hope you get to the final, Lose on pens and then your plane crashes on the way back.

  29. The ultimate Spud Hater says:

    Pathetic Spuds. Nearly got to the Champion League but decided to cheat and lie about all the players being ill just so that they could gain an advantage over Arsenal – well I chanted ARSENAL ARSENAL ARSENAL along with most of the crowd and we just loved ending your dream and loved winding you all up. It hurt to sing about Arsenal but the sheer joy to see you pikey scum wandering out of the ground made my decade. Spurs are pure filth. Their fans really believe that they are up there with the big boys – dream on scumbags.

  30. Do One Yids says:

    here here.

  31. Do One Yids says:

    We laughed ourselves to bits, we gave Tottenham the shits……… Lasagne oh oh oh!

  32. Yiddsy says:

    4,3 4,3 4,3 4,3 4,3 says it all really ,oh 1,0 at the lane as well ,oh the fact that your pony as well YIDS YIDS

  33. davidm says:

    Grown up Spur here.

    It’s pretty clear from a Tottenham point of view that Defoe will only be sold if he wants to leave. He has an extended contract on offer. He can sign it is he wants to. If not, the club are likely to make a move by January, because then he will only have 2 years left on his contract (expires end of 2009).

    All JD’s noises, for 2 years now, have been “I want to stay at Tottenham”. He’s never made the slightest peep that he wants to leave. But he has a problem. He can play every week. Or he can play in Europe. At every club in Europe except Everton, he would have to compete for a starting place – and his style isn’t appropriate for Everton. He can’t be a guaranteed first choice and also play for a club in Europe, because there isn’t one who needs him.

    So it’s his choice. Stay or go.

    Another point is that Defoe is a confidence-striker, with knobs on. He scores in streaks when he’s feeling good about himself. That doesn’t help when he’s part of a 4-man front line at Tottenham, but it probably also doesn’t help when he’s being booed by a certain segment of West Ham supporters carrying grudges.

    Personally, I think he’ll stay at Spurs until January to see whether he’s getting a good share of the starts. Then he’ll decide. Unless the club decide for him…

  34. Thanksandy says:

    Do One Yid: I take offence to your anti-semitic comments and it brings back the memory of your fans singing “I’d rather be a paki than a jew” on that youtube clip earlier this year. You must be so desperate to prove something and such as sad individual to resort to comments like “jew boys” that I take it as a big compliment.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the 3-4 result, I enjoyed it as well, as it finally proved we are so mcuh better than you, even when you were desperate for the points and at home, we still beat you. We have always been, still are and forever will be superior to you spammers in every way. Not to forget, we are a BIGGER club and when was the last time you actually won anything decent???

  35. Do One Yids says:

    Thanksandy Says:

    Just remember, get to the UEFA final, lose on pens and then end uplike the Busby Babes.

  36. westspam hater#1 says:

    west spam hate us cos they envy us no other reason,there shit and they kow it,as for cheering for the scum,just carry on mate we dont mind at leat we got that close, what append to you in europ last year, ha ha ha.
    mate they just wish they was spurs ,and we will see you next year when we do you mugs again

  37. westspam hater#1 says:

    spammer mugs spammer dick heads bye bye tevez you know your wasted there thats why your leaving.
    muppets cant wait till we kick the shit out of you again next year.

  38. PADDY HAMMER says:


  39. Do One Yids says:

    Don’t hold you’re breath silly boy. Next year we’ll do mickey mouse teams as well as the big boys.

    When was the last time you did double over Man Utd and Arsenal in same season? Who was last team to win at Highbury? Who was first team to win at Emirates?

    Irons Irons


  40. PADDY HAMMER says:


  41. shakey18 says:

    do one yids……what a twat u r.sssssss?.sad bastard-typical pikey-we r on our way up-u lot?-on your way out.go shag ur sister like u lot always do-pikey scum.

  42. hahaha paddy hammer you are funny why do you always talk the same codswallop just cause you got a feww results last season your are now title material try finishing higher than 15th before you start boasting about a couple of wins thou your a funny guy thou , keep the pikey faith your need it ha

  43. Anonymous says:

    bonzo what you doing then?

  44. Terry Fenwick says:

    Spuds, are you so bored with each other that you have to come on here?

    Do you still want Jol to go? Still on the phones to the radio stations laying into him? Even in a week which yielded four wins, fourteen goals? The fickle nature of spuds fans was never more evident when following three defeats on the spin, numerous Spuds fans suddenly started calling for Jol’s head.

    A month previous, with the team two nil up against Arsenal, White Hart Lane listened to the sound of 36,000 fans shouting, Martin Jol’s! Blue Army! It was an amazing sound for the normally quiet crowd. But not so amazing because some of those very same people started crying for the man’s head just three weeks later.

    I can’t wait for Berbatov to leave for a big club! Its great to listen to the phone ins and her you lot moaning and wingeing.

  45. Ossie's Dream says:

    We are a big club and we should feel proud to wear that cock on our shirts. It will be an honour to see Bent wearing that cock. I’ve heard a rumour that Ricky Villa has phoned Carlos Tevez to tell convince him to come to us. He’s sent him some black and white photos of us in the good old days and he thinks that Tevez could bring that Argentinian magic back to the lane.

    Come on guys, all together:
    Tottenham Tottenham, no one can stop them, we’re gonna do it like we did last year.

  46. The ultimate Spud Hater says:

    So, according to the Spuds, they are the greatest team around and always beat West Ham etc etc etc. What happened to the mighty Spuds during the previous season? lost to Grimsby and leicester in the first rounds of the domestic cups and drew and lost to West Ham…… the latter denying them a CL place. Incidently, did you know that season set an all time, never to be beaten record? Spuds….. played the least number of games possible in a premiership clubs domestic season. Get a grip Spuds….. one season playing reasonable well and not progressing in final placings do not make you an improving team.

    We don’t hate you because Spuds are better than West Ham – we hate you because your fans are deluded big mouth cunts… always have been.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Shakey18 what a classic Name.

    I remember Shakey Stephens, the good old eighties, rubik’s cube, maggy T and Spurs winning anything……..


  48. big phill says:

    I realy think Defoe wont leave spurs. I think he will be paired up with Bent and create a partnership. I believe the key to sucsess with strikers is playing together and create an understanding with your partner. I think you will see only Keane playing with Berbatov and bent playing with Defoe.
    BMJ has always said he wants a 4 man strike force. With Mido going why would he sell Defoe taking us down to 3?

  49. any spammers fans want cleaners jobs at white hart lane half the money but you get to be part of something bigger ???????? sounds familier ???

  50. Spuds are on their way to says:

    (We don’t hate you because Spuds are better than West Ham – we hate you because your fans are deluded big mouth cunts… always have been.)

    Cheers for that!!

  51. Bent says:

    I read the newspaper reports that West Ham were going to pay me upto £95,000 a week and I thought’yeah I’ll have some of that’. The snag was that West Ham have a salary cap of £55,000 a season so I though I’d give Spurs a go at £65,000 a week. Funny thing is that all of the Spurs fans think that I turned down the non-existent £95,000 a week at West Ham just to sign for Spurs – how thick are they? I didn’t achieve anything at Charlton and that is why I was tempted to sign for Spurs ie they won’t achieve anything either. I do love a bit of stability.

  52. yids for ;life says:

    why would defoe go to you.his got to big for u guys.sorry boys stop dreaming and just carry on booing him he will never go darren bent is a yiddo lol

  53. Anonymous says:

    Bent Cock In A Cock

  54. Spuds are on their way to says:

    A Big team like the mighty spuds! Should not buy crap player like Bent! They should go after Kaka or Ronaldinho! Ha ha…

  55. Anonymous says:

    Whatsa matter you eh….. Gotta the no respect eh………whada youthink you do eh…. itsa notso bad ah shuddapayourface…

    Another great eighties moment. Come on Spuds let’s all remember the good old days

  56. Anonymous says:

    You can’t beat a bit of Bully. There’s another great eighties moment…..
    The good old days.

  57. Westspam says:

    Ecure – original article – what is that?

  58. mrspurs says:

    west ham are at best an average club and always will be.
    poor history, poor stadium and poor fans.

  59. west who? says:

    How can the criticism of another football club descend into this neo-nazi “ssssss” type crap? It’s 2007. Think about it. Tut tut.

  60. west who? says:

    PS Your club is not very good & never has been, as you know.

  61. Darren Bent says:

    Shall I come play for you for twice the money? Nah, your shit.

  62. crazyhorse says:

    To all you second rate wannabe like to have a history like the hammers spurs rejects.The only place your emblem the cock would be fitting is shoved down your dirty north kebab eating mouths,you scuzz buckets

  63. mrspurs says:

    i have illicit affairs with the wives of all west ham fans

  64. ny hammer says:

    spurs “supporters” posting tripe on this site aren t supporters. they re 2 bob,unemployable wasters who are staring P45 s in the face. You have nothing better to do than spew bollox on a stick ,because Spurs underachieve year in and year out. Spurs spend tens of millions of pounds every year ,and still have nothing to show for it. You have not one tenth the history that West Ham have ,and you ve made nothing but a poxy contribution to English football. it wasn t your salt and vinegar crisp eating mug who won england a world cup- it was 3 of our lads. even carrick knew that spurs can spend til second coming of christ ,and still never get anywhere. we kept you out of the champions league in 2006 ,and atupton park in 2007 ,even on the wrong end of a 4-3 scoreline ,we showed the league how average spurs are. we humilliate you year in and year out, and going forward , we re going to be shoving it so far down your throat that you ll need emergency services to get it out. you wouldn t knoiw what real support for a club s if it bit you in the bum. tottenham equals timewasters anonymous.

  65. ny hammer says:

    in response to MOORO s comment on people complaining about the limited activity in the transfer market,i think he s spot on. we ve got 2 months to go yet,so there is plenty of time-why rush and make a bad purchase. secondly,the owner HAS shown commitment already ,buy buying scott parker ,and lucas neill before that . people have to also bear in mind that the arbitration thing has not helped. it s wrong and inaccurate to brand eggert as being just like terry brown. eggert cares about th eclub wheres terry brown only cared about himself.

  66. ny hammer says:

    Spurs fans bring on the racism themselves. you conduct yourselves like low-rent,ill-mannered losers. that s why some people choose to taunt you and put the racist card right under your nose. it isn t right ,but you bring it on yourselves. racism should not enter the picture but spurs fans make it the easy option because they conduct themselves in a classless way. you re outsiders in society,you re not accepted by football fans ,and you re considered rejects. sometimes you get what you deserve . in your case said a sit is to say it, you ve earned the racist abuse. it shouldn t happen, but you ve fueled the racism yourselves because you have nothing better to do than go on other clubs websites and antagonize people.

  67. sadasd says:


  68. fdgdf says:


  69. Vince Tanti says:

    Jermaine is another one of the guys that does not want to play fro us. I would’nt have gone for him. All we need now is another rejection.
    True, he is a class player, or rather a goal scorer, but he does not wnat to play for us, he has rejected us before, and he might just do it again.


  71. loyalspursfan says:

    lolz…spurs is ALWAYS A BIGGER CLUB THAN WEST HAM..(in the term of Profit and stength in the line-up)

    how come i can’t find west ham in the PL or any european matches..ooooh they are right at the bottom half,no wonder i can’t find west ham..lolz

  72. gay hammers fan says:

    We should be docked points for cheating,taken outside and converted to being spurs fans …its the only way to redemption…praise the lord

  73. English Teacher says:

    This page provides conclusive proof that West Ham fans have the most diabolical grammar and spelling on the world wide web.

    Stop the pipe dreams of Defoe, Bellamy and Johnson, accept that you’ve found your level with Harewood and Zamora and go read through a copy of the Oxford English Dictionary.

  74. gay hammers fan says:

    i agree we really are stupid

  75. Mr H Beast says:

    Bonzo Says:

    June 30th, 2007 at 11:12 pm
    I love the way yids have nothing better to do than jump on hammers forums, clearly this late on a Sat night I often think to myself what are all those yids fans talking about now, not. Get a life guys (oops sorry girls) and do something construct with your lives like, hmm,

    like jump on a west ham forum late on a saturday “BONZO”. so what sort of life do you have thats so brilliant mate. so you must of found time to get the old lap top out on your boat , down in the south of france or something, hoping that the latest rumor about westham is going to bring in a big footballing name, and then you lot will say, “we are going to win the league” , as i heard on talk sport many times when trevorez sighned, but in fact you go down or just about beat the drop. cant wait for the season bonz, coys!! prk lane upper!!

  76. ny hammer says:

    the pathetic ,racism-inviting spurs “fans” show thier gorilla mugs again, even on a sunday morning. why? because their club,their fan base and their websites give them nothing better to do . u can spend all you like,but you ll never achieve anything. you will not place in the top 4 in the prem in the next decade. nobody respects you. even fans of southend united played the race card against you because you conduct yourselves like filth. worse, you have no lives, either personally or professionally. your children have no hope either ,because they re by parents who represent everythng that s wrong with football. you have no manners ,you have no work ethic and your lives are dead ends.

  77. gay hammers fan says:

    got to go my mum who is a spurs fan is waiting to
    burn my entire collection of alan devonshire cd’s
    I must stop her before she gets to my trevor brooking stamp collection…sh*t to late .oh well sh*t happens..back to supporting the real lords of london SPURS COYS U BUNCH OF TICK TWATS

  78. gay hammers fan says:


  79. ny hammer says:

    keep going. the evidence is piling up. you ve now earned yourself time behind bars. think your clever do you? get a good solicitor . you ll need it. then again,you re so illiterate you can t afford one .go on then. prsion ,and then bankruptcy. you think you re anonymous ? guess again. you think all your details haven t been traced already? you re even dumber than you sound.

  80. ny hammer says:

    keep going.
    prove it to the world that you have no life
    everybody knows it anyway .

    spurs “supporters” who trawl other clubs websites at 7.30 a.m. on a sunday. you re worse than sad. you re pathetic

  81. spanner dave says:

    as a loyal spanner fan i have been very impressed by the way the sunlight catches magnusson’s spam

  82. Anonymous says:

    Let’s just see how next season turns out then we can have a nice big fight then =)

  83. pike alan says:

    yeah and then we can have a good old sing song about bubbles

  84. Jtb says:

    Jermain Defoe won’t play for us again.
    He never wanted to leave Spurs in the first place,and it’s only the two bob red tops that have ever suggested he had.
    He is settled in London,and would view a move to West Ham as a step down in his career(and if we are to be honest,it would be)

    Let’s hope Magnusson pulls somtehing out of the hat.
    Bent may have been expensive,but he is a proven goalscorer,and I for one am dissapointed he turned us down,even at the inflated price.

    Reckon we might go in for Anelka.

  85. pike alan says:

    the only thing magnusson’s pulled is his plonker

  86. ny hammer says:

    a failed foreign exchange trader from hertfordshire who was pushed out of his job ,and now thinks he s going to coach kids football, and a spurs “supporter”. total loser

  87. tevez says:

    ny hammer , you sad pathetic loser, its sunday morning, get a life!

  88. COYS says:

    spurs is in europe as much as he is disgruntled he’ll stay with us one more season and try and get a european medal before leaving.

  89. ny hammer says:

    same old hertfordshire failed forex trader -always trawling other clubs sites because he has nothing better to do.

    we ve had 3 terrorist incidents in the uk in 2 days ,and what do spurs supporters do? spend sunday mornings attempting,yet failing to insult other clubs supporters.

    we ve got people risking life and limb in afganistan and iraq – and then at the other end of the spectrum are cowrardly spurs “supporters.”

    “TEVEZ”- it s the weekend and the season hasn t even started yet ,and you have nothing better to do than waste your tme picking fights with supporters clubs. you have no life, you have no future and the only thing you have to do with your time is go on a west ham website.

    you have no interests. you have no friends. you have no partner. you can t run a qaurter of a mile withoutgetting puffed out. your whole small minded life ,24 hours a day ,365 days a year revolves around supporting an average club that will never achieve anything even if they spend 500 million on players. and u can t even do the one thing you devote your miserable crumb of an existence to properly -support a club. you re entire life a is a waste of space.

    keep inviting the racist abuse- it s the thing you best know how to do .

  90. TOTTENHAM YID says:


  91. tevez says:

    I think you just summed up your own life there ny hammer………..

  92. appyhammer says:

    although i don’t rate defoe as a person ( a money grabber with no loyalty) as a goal scorer he would be good working off a fit and raring to go ashton, but there is so much paper talk about west ham from 3rd rate journalists with a grudge to bear and little imagination, but iwould perfer nugent if he saw the lite and wanted to move down south instead of being a northern monkey!!

  93. ny hammer says:

    same old “tevez”

    always losing,always failing.

    any luck finding that job yet ? that elusive partner for life? any outside interests ? any achievements?

    of course not- because you re a spurs “supporter” who has nothing better to do than go on other clubs websites. took lessons from the failed FX trader from hertfordshire who never could trade yen properly? or the failed brentwood one?

    timewasting,no hoper…

  94. tevez says:

    see your still here ny hammer, repeating yourself.

  95. West Ham Fans says:

    Are All Pikeys

  96. Mr H Beast says:

    right afganistan is all ok now, as is iraq. iran said they will stop making nuclear wepons, and north korea said the same. zimbabwe, well thats all ok too. why? well i told them all to stop. and there ain’t no more terror cells in the uk either. now back to the west ham forum……………………….er mmmmm. ummm…….???
    Mr NY hammer how did you get from a west ham rumor mill to terrorism? this all started out that defoe could rejoin west ham, now it seems the spurs fans have to be diplomats and peace envoys, rather than voicing our opinon on a west ham forum. oh like i’m going to make a difference to the extremitsts ain’t i. and you said spurs fans are sad? read your post again. read it when looking in the mirror, then have a word with yourself.

  97. ny hammer says:

    if you have nothing constructive to say ,and if you have nothing better to do with your miserable excuses for lives than trawl other clubs websites,go back to your own mediocre sites from your mediocre club. nobody is interested in your tripe ,which just exposes you for the morons that yo are. who have nothing better to do than spend their lives on other people s websites

  98. Mr H Beast says:

    your mad, spend their lives on other peoples web sites? christ you like that word web site, don’t you website, website. repeat your self ny hammer man.

    This is only single-sourced, but it is from the same person who told me Calum Davenport was about to sign for us in January, so I passi ton for what it is worth. It seems Eggert Magnusson has lodged a sizeable bid with Spurs to ecure Jermain Defoe’s services. He knows Defoe is nervous about returning to West Ham because of the likely reaction from a section of the fans, but Magnusson is hoping it will be clear to him that he will be fourth in the running for a first team place at Spurs now they have signed Darren Bent.

    its a spurs player NY, its all about opinion, dont matter what website website website its on. right better get off to palestine, its about to kick off, not unless i can (will) stop it.

  99. ny hammer says:

    get back to your poxy WEBSITE from your poxy club ,because nobody is interested in your opinion. you re boring, you have no brains and you belong at white hart lane. stay there,because all you and your “supporters” are capable of is uncontructive nonsense

  100. Mr H Beast says:

    talk about the pot calling the kettle black!! your quality mate

  101. Trickywhu1 says:

    Ha ha tots fools. I see we have offered that French wing that i was askin about yesterday a contract thats more like it, now if only the press would stop saying that he wants to go to Rangers over us, cos he didnt even know about our bid when he went on strike last week to get a move there…

  102. ny hammer says:

    98 percent of the posts from spurs supporters haven t been “opinion” at all. they ve been insults or neanderthal gibberish. go back to tottenham and post your drivel there. you add no value.

  103. Mr H Beast says:

    you do mate, keep it up

  104. ny hammer says:

    go home. you ve been beaten. if u have nothing constructive to add,then go back your prison at white hart lane. if you want to slag off other clubs and their supporters,do it on your time ,on your own WEBSITE.

  105. Mr H Beast says:

    beaten, oh ok mate you beat me well done. Ny hammer 1 Mr H beast 0. read my post’s hammer, i called you mad, but i haven’t slagged off west ham or any west ham supporters. you some how got jermain defoe linked in with iraq. i just pointed that out to you, then you say go away because i haven’t got a constuctive word in me. somehow, the transfer of defoe gets linked in with afganistan and iraq, and thats constuctive, oh yeah i don’t know why i never thought of that myself. and now your pulling figers out of the air like, 98% of the postes from spurs supportes haven’t been about opinion. 98%? where did that come from 98%? at least in your eyes 2% of posts are ok then.

  106. ny hammer says:

    correct- a small minority of posts from spurs “supporters” have been constructive. the majority of them have been nothing but insults or taking the mick.difference of opinion is fair enough ,but the bulk of what s been put on here by so-called spurs supporters hasn t been reasonable opinion ,but just insulting crap by people who don t have genuine interest in football, or who probably aren t even real supporters of any club.

  107. Mr H Beast says:

    West Ham United are planning a move for Tottenham striker Mido.
    The Egypt international is ready to quit White Hart Lane this summer and has expressed hopes to reviving a move to Manchester City.

    However, the Telegraph says West Ham boss Alan Curbishley is weighing up a bid for centre-forward Mido.

    Ny you can have him, he’s crap, for what its worth you lot ain’t going no where, down maybe.

  108. Mr H Beast says:

    there you go, there’s an insult. blimey mate if west ham want to go up in the world, buying players like Mido ain’t the answer. you have to build Ny. it takes time. its all very well throwing money about, but building a good side takes time. you wanna sort out your midfield and deffence

  109. hertford spam says:

    me and my mate pike alan reckon west ham cant buy anyone because magnusson needs the money for hair transplant so he can look like shane warne
    does anyone have any inside info

  110. pike alan says:

    he wants to look like alan devonshire

  111. caravan keith says:

    Ive heard alan devonshire’s got a job shaking farts out of blankets in whipps cross hospital

  112. bog says:

    At the end of the day West Ham are only a mid table team, will always only be a mid table team. its a big job climbing higher as its not just throwing money around unless you have 350 mil like chelski, you have to build your team over years, i think west ham will do ok this year, not brilliant but ok, you cant expect to go from near relegation to champions league. by rights you were very, very lucky not to be relegated, 6 points against Man U when in both games you were totally outplayed. another goal given when it never crossed the line, you got lucky.

  113. David King says:

    Hey Iain. This is a good blog site and its degenerating a bit into a kiddies playground. Do we really need these little spats? And for the record, I dont want Defoe. Make me happy and spend whatever it takes to buy Tevez outright. And keep Reo Coker.

  114. MW says:


  115. caravan keith says:

    dont get the hump mate its not your fault

  116. ny hammer says:

    west ham fans go on this blog site to get info and exchange views on transfer news etc.
    it s not rocket science .it s pretty straightforward. to the extent supporters of other clubs have comments to make that s welcome ,provided it s not the format of insults and mick-taking nonsense. so- called supporters of other clubs who post insulting rubbish on this site

    a) have nothing better to do and lead really sad lives?
    b) are not really interested in football ?
    c) don t even truly support the clubs they claim to support?
    d) hide in a cowardly fashion behind fake names ,although they don t have real anonymity
    because the police can track them down as quickly as it takes to turn on a light switch?


    we don t have an issue with supporters of other clubs,or people whose opinions differ from ours. what we have no time for is people posting on this site purely to be insulting,derogatory,ill mannered timewasters. The guy wrote the previous post may think twice about contacting the police. i won t.

  117. Devonshire Delight says:

    Not sure whether I’d want Defoe back. He’s a great finisher and would work well with Ashton up front but who can forget the way he handed in a transfer request just a day after relegation in ’03? I’d rather us sign another pacey striker in all honesty even if we have to look abroad which looks very likely considering the rediculous amounts of money that young English players are currently valued at.

  118. ny hammer says:

    agreed – his skill can t be denied,but it s not just the handing in of the transfer request. the way in which he carelessly,almost deliberately got himself sent off twice before leaving west ham shows a real lack of character. very tough call this one,especially as there don t seem to be a lot of english options. perhaps the answer is to be found somewherein europe.

  119. Devonshire Delight says:

    Faubert will be a great signing. He’s a very versatile player, quick, skillful, scores a few goals and creates plenty. He’s also excellent defensively. Hopefully everything will be sorted tomorrow afternoon then we can look towards getting a couple of more quality players in.

  120. NunheadHammer says:

    Forgive and forget – Defoe is class – he’s a career boy, so if he comes back to WHU, then the signs are right

  121. yid the yid says:

    do 1, your a scum bag, little fucker jusy like the other wet spam fans, all mouth.
    The yid army will continue to dominate london so be prepared.


  122. Wet Spam says:

    It seems to me West Ham have put a bid on every player in the world just to see if anyone, yes someone will sign :p

    On a serious note, West Ham should look for talent in the championship because these are players who would probably come just to be in the prem. Also, when….sorry…..if you are relegated they will know all about the championship 🙂

    You need players that just about do the job but not good enough for any other club to come in and just poach them which is all your club has been doing for the past 20 years.

  123. Anonymous says:

    What type of a player is Faubert? I assume he isn’t a central midfielder; which side does he play? And is he an out and out winger?

  124. Anonymous says:

    Please only reply to the above if you’ve actually seen him play…

  125. Hammer Time says:

    This is from a really reliable source and of course I cannot tell you who. It’s a transcript of Defoe and Martin Jol

    Jol: “Jermaine, West ham have just bid £500M and £750,000 a week in wages and reg 1st team place for you so now you you need to say if you want to stay with us or talk to them”

    Defoe: “What’s the alternative boss?”

    Jol “You stay with us and play second fiddle to Berbatoc, Bent and Keane. You’ll probably spend most of that time on the bench”

    Defoe “Ok, Boss, our bench has those comfort fit seats now, I’ll stay with Spurs”

    Jol “Good lad”

    Jol pats him on the back as he goes off to sign more superb talent.

  126. Trickywhu1 says:

    I have only seen Faubert play in clips but he looks full of pace and power he started of as a right back and wing back so im told but was converted as he has a quality cross and he is in the France Int team…. We have been linked with motta (Brazil) who plays at DM as he wants to come to the prem and does not mind who he comes to as long as he gets his beans…

  127. HAMMER TIME!! says:

    Yids Shut the Fuk Up….

    Who cares if we get Defoe back or not? Gd playa Yes

    The Fact is what have you won in the last 4 years?

    We might have had a shit year But 2 play of finals in 2 years Fa Cup Final

    And a great battle to do the double over the Gunners and Man united within the last 30 years..And we had a shit year 😉

    The fact is like Tevez Berb will be of and then you will be back to the old Yids Dreamers 😉 do you really think Bent will replace Defoe or Berb? Like f**k

  128. HAMMER TIME!! says:

    And i must say if it wernt for your lot beating us 4 — 3 i doubt we would have stayed up hahaha Cheers Jew Boys a club made from Jews…

    Sez it all


    😉 Bunch of Mugs

    NO Fore-skin FC (Piss of)

  129. Devonshire Delight says:

    Why retaliate to the Spud fans? Has it occurred to you that they’re probably only about nine-years-old and have their Geography projects due in for tomorrow? Seriously, just ignore them. It’s childish.

  130. Hammer Time says:

    We will never forget beating you 4-3 in a game any other club would have won.

    How funny was it watching Noble cry 😀

    Funny how you were all bouncing around and Eggy was jerking off over Bent only for him to turn you down because he wanted to join us. That says it all.

    Also, funny how you rate him, then he turns you down and all of a sudden you think he is crap :p

    Oh yes, you made a F.A.cup final and lost…..

    Millwall did that too, see the class you like to associate yourselves with 😀

    At the end of the day, your team is know as the “whores knickers” for a good reason. They are always up and down, up and down 😀

  131. Hammer Timed says:

    We will never forget beating you 4-3 in a game any other club would have won.

    How funny was it watching Noble cry 😀

    Funny how you were all bouncing around and Eggy was jerking off over Bent only for him to turn you down because he wanted to join us. That says it all.

    Also, funny how you rate him, then he turns you down and all of a sudden you think he is crap :p

    Oh yes, you made a F.A.cup final and lost…..

    Millwall did that too, see the class you like to associate yourselves with 😀

    At the end of the day, your team is know as the “whores knickers” for a good reason. They are always up and down, up and down 😀

  132. Trickywhu1 says:

    If Liverpool had of kept up their interest in Bent he would have signed for them remember that…

  133. Anonymous says:




  135. cockney boy says:

    Here Here irrrrooooons

  136. cockney boy says:

    West Ham produce pure class players then their career goes on – and Shitty Clubs poach our talent thats how the likes of chelsea get better need i say more oh and defoe for the yids

  137. Hammer Timed says:

    You think you will be fighting relegation again?

    I think we all do 🙂

  138. cockney boy says:

    🙂 Not

  139. Hammerithome says:

    I see the silly boys who should know better have been on our site again.
    They are not worthy of even thinking about.
    They are all a load of wind up merchants.
    Can’t wait till the new season to see us take them apart.

  140. Joshua says:

    I was actually cheering for West Ham when your small time club was the underdog againsts Liverpool in the FA final. I thought this was a decent club which had produced some excellent players through the years but not managed to hold on to them.
    But the Tevez controvesy and the way you try to disrupt the maket with stupid wages and transfer fees makes you a small time club that everyone loves to hate.
    If you step out of London and goes into the rest of the continent and you would know Spurs is 10 times bigger than you.
    No one cares about West Ham despite the Bobby mmores and Frank Lamparsd you have produced and you stay that way.
    Its laugbable that no players want to join you. ScoTt Parker didn’t want to come.Your lastest target Faubert wants to go to Rangers but have no choice.Defoe dreaded going back.
    You are like a old hag trying to impress chicks with money but no love.

  141. Parksey Legend says:

    ‘Joshua’… Why don’t you grow a few brain cells before you post cos at the moment your spitting out garbage.

    For a start, if you travel to Europe then you’ll realise we have big support out there. We had Belgium, German, Holland, Italian and Scandanavian Hammers fans coming to Upton Park every week even in the Championship.

    And as for the nonsense about player wages and transfer fees… Do you actually believe the NOTW and The Star… Pea brain?!?!

  142. Trickywhu1 says:

    Not much of a yid fan are you if you supported us you will always be bellow us and the gooners and dont talk to us about distorting the transfer market all you been doing for the last five or six years is throwing loads of money at players for no return you aint won nothing and until you do shut the fuck up

  143. Stand up if you hate tottenham!! says:

    Joshua Says: Spurs is 10 times bigger than you.) zzzzzzzZZZZZZZZ

    Go and get a foreskin, poor little Yiddo!

  144. Im Standing says:


  145. Trickywhu1 says:

    Tell me Im wrong

  146. Trickywhu1 says:

    Go on I dare you

  147. Trickywhu1 says:

    Hahaha cos Im not am I

  148. Trickywhu1 says:


  149. ny hammer says:

    pathetic totts timewasters ,none of whom have a life. or a future,except perhaps in a jail cell.
    you visit other clubs blogs because you have nothing better to do ,even on a weekend. same old spuds- always bitter and twisted .

  150. West Ham Fan No32 says:

    It is amazing all these Tottenham fans giving it the large one about Bent signing for them and hating us for consigning them to uefa 2005-2006 season… with regards to a very small minority of fans singing “I’d rather be a paki than a jew” I am happy to admit that this is unacceptable and 99% of WHUFC supporters will agree but I am sure some tottenham supporters anti french hate filled paedophile referencing diatribe pointed towards the gooners is equally as inflammatory. Well there is only one thing and sorry to burst your bubble but at least we are the biggest club in our part of London and you will always play second fiddle to the gooners as you have done since 1971 ! so you can stick that in your cock and smoke it !

  151. Trickywhu1 says:

    Yer YER

  152. ny hammer says:

    re west ham fan no 32

    spot on in saying that the racism is unacceptable and that most west ham fans don t approve of it. but the fact is a number of spurs “fans” ,if you can call them that ,bring on the racism themselves by the way in which they carry on. a look at the postings from the majority of spurs fans on this blog over the last day shows why people (even though it s not right) choose to play the race card. a section of spurs support makes it a very easy option . there was a time when i had a degree of sympathy for spurs fans having to endure racist taunts . i don t feel any sympathy now. even though racism is wrong ,on and off the pitch, spurs supporters have earned their poison by acting like contemptuous louts.

    what have totts achieved in the last decade? what do u have to show for giving it large ? you have no results to show for it ,despite spending slly money for years. a few good players is what you have ,which after what you ve spent years on years is no surprise,but you re no closer to challenging the top 4 ,with or without bent.

  153. Hammerithome says:

    Lads;As I said before,stop rising to their pathetic bait. Spurs fans will eventually go away and hide under their brick,Yes I did say BRICK!
    We are much wiser than them so just let them get on with it.
    We will rise above them.
    We are WEST HAM UNITED………….

  154. superyid says:

    Darren Bent I salute you, you made the right decision in not joining that pony two bob team west spam, you will be playing in the champions league next season that I am sure, spurs have so many excellent young english players, I look forward to you scroing at least 5 goals against against the spammers next season.

  155. ny hammer says:

    “superyid’-another one of life s great failures

  156. Yid til I die says:

    What a joke you spammers are. We have a bigger history, fan base, better team & are in europe for the second season coming. You want Defoe, one of you winks typed that maybe he needs a new challenge?? By returning to crapton park, perrrrrlease!

  157. ny hammer says:

    tottenham =graceless,classless,unprofessional .

    you are an embarrasment to your religion.

  158. ny hammer says:

    you even refer to yourselves using a racist ,derisory term. you have no self-respect . you allow people to refer to you in racist terms because you have no pride.

  159. Yid til I die says:

    You refer to yourselves as Irons, you oof!!! Why not try a bid for Mido? Big fish in a small pond and all that, could do welll for you….

  160. Anonymous says:

    sceond -rate tottenham

    another totts no hoper with nothing better to do with his life but post tripe on another club s blog

    low-rent,useless . money can t buy you love. never did ,never will.

    no job prospects. no promotion prospects .no prospects for a raise. because you re the type the expresson “couldn t get laid in a brothel ” comes from.

  161. Yid til I die says:

    He he hee, how bitter we are! COYS

  162. DOONSBURY says:

    PaddyHammer, the voice of reason. This sounds like an interesting conversation so as a Spurs Fan here is my opinion.
    1) Are Spurs a bigger club than West Ham? – yes just as Arsenal and Chelsea are bigger than Spurs at the moment. Being big is about attracting players not about whether you’ve got good fans (that just helps attracting players). Things can change very quickly and I am sure that West Ham will do well next year.
    2) Defoe is a great player and will do well for you if you get him. He was out of order the way he handed in his transfer request the last time he was at West Ham but don’t hold it against him. At the moment Defoe is one of the few top quality players who might consider joining you so the morons who are threatening to make his life a misery are shooting yourselves in the foot. West Ham could still be relegated so you are not the greatest draw in the world.
    3) Arsenal, Man Utd, Aston Villa, Man City, Newcastle, Sunderland, Liverpool, Fulham – all looking for a quality striker who can give them 20 goals a season. Defoe got 18 as 3rd choice at Spurs. Can you really afford to turn your noses up at him?
    4) Don’t want him to go but would rather we sell him now than see him walk on a Bosman in 2 years. You should snap him up if you can.
    5)I doubt anyone is still reading this so “they tried to make him go to West Ham, but he said no, no, no..” Daren Bent will do the business for us no doubt.

    Keep blowing those bubbles happy hammers.

  163. Yid til I die says:

    You Iron Oofs think you’re a bigger club than Spurs, can you understand why we laugh at this so much? Bunch of bells..

  164. DOONSBURY says:

    By the way My Hammer Says, you havent got a clue about racism if you think that when we sing Yid Army we have no self respect. We are claiming back the term Yid from the people who use it as an insult, celebrating the rich history of Jewish allegience and us as a multicultural club. Try looking for black or asian fans at West Ham or Chelsea and compare them to the crowds at Spurs or Arsenal. Its you eastenders who need to take a look at yourselves, not us.

  165. ny hammer says:

    you re not claiming anything back except your own ignorance . you wouldn t know what multicultural was if someone greasepainted it onto your face. you don t celebrate anything except the perpetuation of a bad stereotype. all you achieve is inviting a continuation of the racism. you re a disgrace to your religion, but thats what tottenham fans do. they meekly surrender because they have no courage,no balls ,no ambition, no vision.

    you have no ethics, you have nothing. because you don t know how to graft . you expect to be given it on a plate. you hide behind the cloak of anonymity and you depend on daddy,sugar or otherwise to look after you. weak willed pathetic excuse for a human being

  166. The Headmaster says:

    Iain – I know it’s Sunday night and you are probably otherwise engaged, but what the hell has happened to your fantastic blog site for genuine (and intelligent) Irons? It appears to have been temporarily (hopefully) infiltrated by the usual sorts of dipsticks that frequent other chat rooms usually!

    Sort out the filters old chap, eh?

  167. jumbo from the lane says:

    dream on bish bosh black cab driver boys
    egghead can have mido for 10 million thats the going rate for you lot of desperardos.
    is he for sale yeah yeah i’ll pay it i’ll pay it just sign for us i’ll pay him 80k a week and all the hob nobs he can eat!!!!

    yoyo hammers make me laff nob jockys


  168. WHUgeeza says:


  169. WHUGEEZA says:


  170. WHUGEEZA says:


  171. DOONSBURY says:

    Excuse me ny hammer but I am not Jewish I am a London born Cypriot so I probably know a bit more about multiculturalism than most. Yid was a term used by Jews to describe themselves and was later turned into a term of abuse by whites. That is quite the opposite of some terms I won’t mention, which were exclusively created as forms of abuse. We don’t hide from our history, we celebrate it. I am not in the business of slagging off other clubs or sets of fans, who we all choose to follow is as much an accident of birth and upbringing as it is choice. To say we have no courage, no balls etc shows nothing but your own ignorance. I may think you are a sad loser but I wouldn’t dream of extending that thought to the rest of the West Ham fans.

    That Eggert Magnusson, a Tottenham fan don’t you know….

  172. ny hammer says:

    nothing better to do with your time than enter other clubs blogs to insult people?
    another desperate spud with no hope, no future ,no chance of a life.
    all you ve got jumbo is your lightweight 9 to 5 and trawling other clubs sites.
    sum total of your existence . not much to show fo rit, but par for the course

  173. The Headmaster says:

    ny – as a regular, informed contributor to these pages, U am surprised you allow yourself to be dragged into these daft people’s wind-ups!

  174. MC Hammer says:

    You can’t touch this.

  175. ny hammer says:

    celebrating your history doesn t involve glorifying offensive,racist language. and making excuses for it by saying it was turned into a term of abuse later, rather than from the start IS
    hiding from your history. and as for it being YOUR history ,it isn t . did you buy it the five and dime then? Don t even go there about claiming that your ethnic background makes you an expert on multiculturalism. ignorant ,time wasting loser – whose life is summed up by making inaccurate ,infantile comments about upton park. go to a match at upton park and ,unless you re blind, you ll see there are plenty of ethnic groups represented enjoying a good day out and happy to support west ham. keep your religious sermons in your library where they belong.

  176. jumbo from the lane says:

    flick the bait and the fish will bite lmfao
    reel em in baby reel em in!
    bish bosh bish bosh guess who i had in the back of my cab the other day
    keep teddy you may need him the way its going for you lot lmfao


  177. marco boogers says:

    im not well you know
    anyone seen me caravan?

  178. ny hammer says:

    to the headmaster . it s simple . they don t belong on here . the issue isn t that they re tottenham fans , or that they have a different point of view. thats fine. but to come on to the blog solely for the purpose of insulting people and being offensive isn t fine. if they want to be offensive and insulting they can do it on their own club s sites. and additionally if they want to use racist terminology, or terminology that can be perceived as racist by some, it should be done on their own site ,not ours. and if my response involves reminding them that if they need to be insulting and derisive on other people s blogs ,that poof that they have no life , then so be it. you and i don t go on to their sites- we leave them to it. and leave them to it i m content to do,except when they persistently take the mick.

  179. DOONSBURY says:

    ny hammer I haven’t used the kind of language you have and I am not going to start. It is not a waste of time visiting other teams sites, it is a sign of an open mind. You can call me lots of names if you like but you are only embarrasing yourself and to be quite frank I think you are probably a decent bloke underneath all that big talk of yours but you think that its ok to hide behind the anonymity of the internet and give it large. Don’t bother. I came onto the site because I am interested in what West Ham fans had to say because staying in the ghetto of your own backyard is boring all the time. Try and embrace other points of view every once in a while. It will make life richer for everyone.

  180. marco boogers says:

    im not feeling well i my head.
    is gary neville ok now is my 3 match ban over now?
    can i play my 3rd game for westham now?
    anyone seen my caravan?

  181. Anonymous says:

    visting other clubs blogs solely for the purpose of insulting or offending people doesn t show an open mind. quite the opposite it shows a closed ,infantile mind. embracing other people s points of view doesn t include reading posts that are 99 percent pure insult. and 99 percent of spurs fans responses being offensive tripe enriches nobody s life. you personally maybe different ,or the exception to the rule, but the it s plain as day on this site today that most of your fellow supporters came onto the sight soley for the wrong reasons.

  182. John says:

    Some people on this site need to get a life. If the debate is about WHU signing Defoe well lets keep it on that particular subject. As a Spurs fan I would like to keep Defoe at the Lane, He will have a part to play in our clubs future. If WHU fans cant get over his way of leaving that I can understand but he was YOUNG, and ILL- ADVISED and now is much more experienced. J.Defoe would be a prolofic goalscorer if he returns to UPTON PARK, but I hope we never see him play there for the home team, he must always go there as a Spurs player.

  183. John says:

    So whats going on at WHU.??? Faubert has signed for £6.1 Mills. but his agent says he wanted to sign for Rangers last week and his heart was set on that move. Apparently , his club told him to go to West ham or nowhere.The guy has been forced to go to WHU. Now thats a warning to all WHU supporters. why sign reluctant players???. BAD vibes ahead for WHU. Call me whatever you like but when a player is told to sign for a club he isnt interested in , well thats a bad recipe.

  184. ny hammer says:

    a reasonable and intelligent response from John the spurs fan . i agree with respect to him being young and ill advised at the time he handed in the transfer request ,although i still don t think that fully excuses him for it. i think what real west ham fans have a bigger issue with is that in the 6 months he spent with us in the championship , he appeared to almost deliberately get himself red carded twice,which could have prevented us reaching the play-offs. the attitude he showed toward teh club with respect to the sendings off is what still irks a lot of west ham fans. whoever he plays for he would contribute to -it can t be argued that he s anythng less than a very good striker. the question almost turns back to him- can he cope wih potentially being the fourth choice striker at spurs? only he can decide if he can handle that , and how important it is to him to play first team football.

  185. ny hammer says:

    agree on faubert- i think bringing a player in unwillingly is a big mistake . it can t be right as the guy simply won t have his heart in it,irrespective of the money. what looks like the likely departure of benayoun has complicated things. to lose coker is one thing, as bringing parker in covers that loss. but losing the width and skill benayoun provides when he s fully motivated is a major loss. and it puts pressure on west ham to deal with that gap in the wide midfield area sooner rather than later. even more so with us looking short of one quality striker at the moment. to be one wide midfielder short , or one striker short is one thing at the start of the season- to be below full strentgh in both areas cme august 31 would be a real problem .

  186. Defoe would be a great re-signing. He scored a lot of goals for West Ham and Tottenham, and why Jol is treating him like a bit-part player is beyond me. It would be wonderful to keep Tevez but I suspect his wanker of an agent will demand too much. And despite what everyone says about Marlon, I think he’s a matchwinner who can score crucial goals, and I for one will miss him if he goes. I don’t know the behind-the-scenes stuff but, if he wants to stay, we should hold on to him.

  187. salady says:

    impressive blog! I’m first time here and I’m sort of West Ham fans, too! Not exactly THAT huge fans but I like this club when It’s under Alan Pardew! And now wuould be Boby Zamora and more! I’ll come and visit your blog here, if I’ve the free time! 🙂 Keep up the good work! And I believe West Ham won’t down with your supports along the way 🙂

  188. Hammeron says:

    Defoe would be a great signing.
    Forgive and forget…Just like the war

  189. DANNY BOY says:

    Hammeron you are spot on mate, Defoe would be great for us

  190. caravan alan says:

    ny hammer.
    so its ok for your fans to come on our blog sites and give it all the mouth but we cant.Double standards mate.

  191. ny hammer says:

    caravan my point is this-

    i think you ll find that most of the people who come on to thi sparticular westham blog are not looking to find fault with or attack other clubs supporters unless provoked. other sites may be different, but most people going to this blog are just interested in transfer news etc, perhaps an exchange of views on things at the club ,no more no less. yeah there will be a few exceptions , and yeah there will be the odd person on here who unfortunately spews racist abuse, but in my experience thats been rare, and again, only occurred when people have been provoked. that s not an excuse- the racist language shouldn t happen full stop regardless.

    there were a few posts from supporters yesterday on here that were fair , reasonable and accurate- unfortunately they were the minority.

    in terms of west ham supporters who go to spurs sites ,i can t comment on that as i don t visit other clubs blogs , but i would agree that they shouldn t be giving it the big one on your sites ,and vice -versa.

    the whole issue about what s going to happen with defoe is an interesting one and it s ashame that animosity gets in the way of a reasonable discussion about it.

    but if if you re exepecting people who regularlu use this site for the right reasons to just sit back and accept a large majority of spurs supporters taking the mick or worse ,not a chance. almost none of the tripe could even be referred to as good natured banter. in which case perhaps it could have been overlooked.

  192. Herts Hammer says:

    I’ve thought at length about Defoe’s return and I’ve come to the conclusion that I really couldn’t stomach it, regardless of his abilities. I can rationalise all sorts of parts of the deal so that it makes sense, but I really can’t find anything to placate feeling I got when he kicked us in the teeth 24 hours post relegation. Handing in his transfer request like that still rankles, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forgive and forget. Certainly nothing he’s said since has done much to quell the flames of anger still burning at the pit of my stomach.

  193. DANNY BOY says:

    Trickywhu1 thank for the show of the talent mate. Greate player. Cant wait till the season kicks off

  194. Trickywhu1 says:


  195. ny hammer says:

    re herts hammer-

    hear what you r e saying mate. even if you allow for the fact that he was young and inexperienced ,it s hard to see really having his heart in it now. how committed would he be? or would he be looking at west ham merely as temporary shelter for a possible move to one of the top 4 down the road? he bore part of the responsibility for us being relegated in 2003 , because although ne created cartloads of chances ,he converted too few of them. he hit the bar and the post plenty ,but didn t put enough in teh back of the net . the home game against villa that season was crucial and is an example of what i m talking about. i m not sure defoe is capable of committing himself to any club
    fully ,and as such i m not sure i d be keen for the club tr try to build a future that includes him. yes he s got talent- that s undeniable. but we ve run into trouble before with players who have talent, but seem either less than committed (benayoun) or to have discipline/attitude problems(coker). it s a very difficult decision with no easy answer. price is an element as well. to risk the money that s been spent on a player like bent for example to me isn t worth it . if the price were far more reasonable,that becomes a factor as well. i think another thing to consider is that to atone for teh manner in which he left th eclud, he d need to hit the ground running to win over at least some of the supporters. this would put under a bit of pressure , and it s debatable how he d cope with that added pressure.

  196. You Spammer cock suckers says:

    You shitheads can keep your second rate signings

  197. Parksey Legend says:

    Your Mum must be so very proud of you.

    Anyway, ignoring the half-wit Spud fans, I’d just like to say that I’m overjoyed that Reo-Joker is about to pack his bags and clear off… And 8 mill to boot! I feel for Villa, they’ve just signed a footballer who can’t play football!

    Two new players in before our first pre-season match… One of them could be SWP (fingers crossed).

  198. DANNY BOY says:

    This is a site were every one gets a long so why dont use Jew Boy’s Fuck off and stop muging every one of.

  199. ny hammer says:

    re parksey

    if it s finalized yeah i agree ,it s for teh best that NRC goes. it s a nice profit on teh sale,and with parker in we won t miss him. Coker s good , and he can get better ,but his attitude wasn t right for the club. as with benayoun, if a player s not committed w eshud simply sell. life is too short. we ve got ownership now that have ambition , so we r e in a position now to not hav eto put up with disgruntled, selfish, thin-skinned players. i think coker s made a mistake ,but that will be his loss ultimately.

  200. Claret Hoop says:

    We should welcome back Jermain. He will prosdper and so will we with him back at the club.

    Before he was so badly advised by his agent after we were relegated he had given a sterling effort to help us keep up in 2003 after a season when we was expected to lead the lide aged 19, 20!!

    This who pooh pooh his return are being pretty shyort-sighted.

  201. Telboy says:

    You know what, as a Hammers fan, i do like to trawl the West Ham forums. I dont look at spurs sites cause i’m just not interested. Simple. With any footbal forum your gonna get jokers from rival clubs. There not coming on here to offer worthwhile arguments (and there have been some debatable stuff that come from spurs fans). People are going on about the standard of the replys from these ‘jokers’ and why dont they just fuck off? THEY AINT GONNA FUCK OFF IF YOU KEEP FEEDING INTO THEM! Use your head for fucks sake. nyhammer your the kind thats giving them kind good reason to keep visiting West Ham sites. Your fodder to them. Surley you must know a worthwhile post to reply to when you see it? They must lov the likes of you. As you use the word ‘provoked’ in your last post, thats the problem, aint it. If you let them in, then your part of the problem. Fuck spurs fans (and WAR!) and concentrate on posting stuff about WEST HAM

  202. Telboy says:

    by the way, IF Curbs wanted Defoe, and IF Defoe wanted back in, then i would welcome it. The boy can score, and he would score there is no doubt. He himself knows how hammers fans can be. So if he did come back it would show that he has a lot of bottle. He aint gonna mug himself off is he. He is older and wiser now.

  203. Cockney Boy says:

    Off The Subject if i may ive just heard on ssn the abritration meeting the decision will be made tomorrow morning on wether points will be deduct or they will uphold the original decision

  204. ny hammer says:

    telboy , if i feel like responding to them , without using racist slogans , and without swearing at them , i ll do so til the cows come home. what encourages them , and
    “feeds” them is people hurling racist abuse at them, and people calling them various 4 letter and 6 letter words. which just makes us look and sound like racist ,illiterate
    muppets. having said all that , i do agree with you that most of the time there s no point in replying because you can t reason with people who can t see sense. it s like trying to reason with terrorists – you can t , and in the end there s no point in trying. which is why i ve let the various tripe that s been placed on here TODAY by insulting
    outsiders go by the wayside,unresponded to.

  205. ny hammer says:

    cockney boy- thanks for that

  206. Cockney Boy says:

    ny hammer, you are a first class prick

  207. WHU4EVA says:

    Takes 2, Takes 4, Takes 6, Takes 8 Men And Their Forklift Truck Couldn’t Carry Lampard!!!

  208. ny hammer says:

    and you re a diplomat and a scholar.
    and a perfect gentleman.

  209. ny hammer says:

    you can have your site. your welcome to it . you re a disgrace to westham .

  210. ? says:

    Lets stop the arging Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  211. Jeff/cockney boy says:

    ny hammer i didnt call you a prick someones using the name i typed in to start trouble

  212. ny hammer says:

    no worries mate

  213. Jeff / Cockney Boy says:

    All i come on here for is footy gossip bit of banter thats it when it starts getting silly when peeps use a diff name to stir up Shit i think the moderator should ban certain ip’s

  214. MR H Beast says:

    there you go, well thats seems to be it then. No love lost on here is there, and a bit of in fighting too. great forum and looking forward to the next spurs player being linked with West Ham and Afghanistan! that quantum leap between London football clubs and Muslim extremism that Ny Hammer only can see. see you next time. goodbye.

  215. ny hammer says:

    couldnt stay away could you ?

    yes of course i knew i could expect to see someone of your intelligence (tee hee)
    take what i saying totally out of context. that s one of your strentghs . be sure you don t show us any of the weaknesses that come with that wit by half.
    thanks for your participation h- glad to have u on board

  216. ny hammer says:

    hey h- while your at it ,there s still time for to be Blair s assistant as peace envoy to the mideast.

    what with your expert undertsanding of politics and football , and teh conenction between teh 2 ,he s surely got a place for you

  217. ny hammer says:

    oh h, sorry to bother u again mate

    any expert insights to offer us on west ham?

    or for the matter ,anything uplifting , and new interesting about totts?

    how d teh interview go to replace garry vinegar on match of the day?

    that much to report ?? wow…

    sleep tight buggy bear

  218. MR H Beast says:

    well nothing really mate, but we can all only guess what might happen. being realistic tho defoe ain’t going to west ham. i reckon he’ll stay and fight it out. as for spurs apparently a decision on the stadium will be made this week. early days for transfers, but its going to heat up as we get closer to the new season. i expect west ham will be in for quite a few players. you have your sights set on success as do we, and the spurs, west ham fixture is one i look forward too. its a proper London derby. bit of needle in that game, but even more this coming season what with the freakish game at yours. talk about highs and lows! anyway glad we had the banter.

  219. ny hammer says:

    i d be surprised to see defoe leave aa well. for a start ,if he left it would be admitting defeat in terms of not being able to win a starting place at spurs. i also doubt whether he d have the stomach to deal with some of the abuse that would come his way from those who won t forgive and forget . and i freely admit i can t forgive him for the way he left ,though i wouldn t be slating him. obvious as it is that he ll score goals wherever he plays ,and could contribute something to west ham, i m hoping he stays at spurs simply because i don t believe that he really wants to be at west ham. i don t want any player at west ham who is less than fully comitted and who doesn t relly want to play for us. i get the feeling that if he movd smewhere it s not because he would really want to be at any particular club, but because he s just frustrated at the lack of playing time at spurs. he s got a massive decision to make for himself,part of which depends on how strongly he believes in hs ability to outplay bent and and keane. big gamble for the lad .

  220. Fostie! says:

    Juan Pablo Carrizo, thats who west am should set there sights on not Defoe!

  221. PICKLE says:

    as a happy hammer and have been all my life and all of my family sadly support the spuds (scum) i would just like to comment on why we dont lke you all…….YOU ALL TALK SHIT GOT NO IDEA HOW TO HAVE A CONVERSATION ABOUT FOOTBALL BECAUSE YOU ALL THINK YOU THE BEST IN THE LAND AND YOUR HARD DONE BY WHEN YOU LOSE OH ONE MORE THING HOW MANY OF YOUS KNOW YOUR WAY TO THE SHIT HALF OF NORTH LONDON NOT MANY.

  222. we hate foul mouths says:

    and we hate foul mouths

  223. we hate racists says:

    and we hate racists

  224. 9year old geography student says:

    hey tel boy – how s your preperation for your “0” levels

    think you ll pass? we wouldn t want to see have to sit the exam again now would we?

    oh right , i m sorry. my mistake. your not sitting the exam . your teaching the course.
    that s generous of you. nice to see someone devoting their time to public service.

    sorry for the initial error on your status “el tel”…

  225. ? says:

    I would love to see Paulo back at westham helping the strikers out training, As he was a dram come true to use as he scored the goals that only top players can score like him self

  226. Danny boy says:

    Any news on Shefild united yet lads

  227. ny hammer says:

    what i had read yetserday suggested that a response to sheffield united could begin to be made at 2.00 or 2.30 ,but that it could take quite awhile after that before a “public” statement is made.

  228. Danny boy says:

    thank’s mate

  229. ny hammer says:

    case dismissed


  230. NYIdiot says:

    hahaa listen to NY hammers “justifying” racist abuse…just admit you hate jews, i would respect you more. Spurs fans scum? maybe….plenty of nasty dirty hammers fans out there….

  231. Trickywhu1 says:

    Leave this site please.. Ian please make an avitar for this site

  232. chief justice says:

    those of us who use the site regularly don t hate any ethnic group.
    what we don t respect is foul mouthed ,ill mannered people who visit the site just to cause trouble.

    and if u read his posts correctly, he didn t justify racist abuse in anyway shape or form.
    what he did say was that a ssection of spurs support(not all of it) encourage and provoke racism by acting like rude ,arrogant louts.

    if you re going to enter the court, do your homework and prepare your case

    oh, by the way ,did you forget to take your anti=depresants? better hurry. but remember,don t take too many. that may hinder your performance.

    “have a nice day”

    trickwhu1 – nice one mate- well stated.

  233. superyid says:

    Spurs have just signed the excellent french under 21 central defender Younes Kaboul for a reported 8 million from Auxerre.

  234. l.a. woman says:

    thanks for that crucial piece of info. you know how empty our lives woul d be without it.
    we re very apprecaitive of your thoughtfullness

  235. Danny boy says:

    Any more news on the bid for Defoe

  236. superyid says:

    Jermaine defoe is only going to leave spurs if the price is right, spurs don’t need the money we are loaded, 15 million might get him.

  237. Hammerithome says:

    Says on Sky Sports Defoe quite happy at Spurts.At least he’ll be playing in Europe(he hopes).
    He may live to regret that decision. Oh well.

  238. top shop says:

    i agree he may regret that as if he struggled to get a game last season ,what chnace does he have now?

    i don t think we will regret it though. good player , but not worth paying over the odds for , especially given his history

  239. hammer alliance says:

    hey soup- where d you master that subtlety? that fine art of not shwoing off what you have (or think you have)?

    have u checked your club s balance sheet recently. loaded? with what ? debt…

  240. superyid says:

    This kid spurs have just signed younes kaboul is shit hot, french under 21 captain.

    Its only been announced today, but I told all you spammers 2 days ago.

  241. fresh off the press says:

    go grab that investigative sports journalism post available at the daily mail – it s got your name written all ove rit

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